Sunday, May 1, 2016

Choices Made:???Did We Get It Right???

The house is coming along. There are already some things I wish I'd chosen differently, but I'm happy.

I love the light over the garage.

I think the gray siding brings out the gray in the brick. I'm just wondering. Should I have chosen a lighter gray?

Here's a bigger view from the other side.

We now have front door steps and the concrete is set for the driveway. The blue door is still my favorite but I recently almost changed it because I wondered if there was too much contrast.

I'm glad to have white cabinets again and the tile is another favorite. I think I did good there.

Here's a closer view.
This is not the chandelier that I picked out. It looks too big to me but the designer said we would need the light.

I'm looking forward to a covered deck. Although small, it's enough for us and the  kids have the whole back yard. I'll post the yard when it's nearer completion. It's a mess right now.

This is the view from the road. The finishing touches will come. I'm scared that the shutters are going to be too dark. They are a deeper gray than the siding. Do you think I got a little carried away with the gray? Is the blue door too much of a contrast? Should we have gone with the other house plan so I'd have a front porch? I liked the inside layout better on this one and that's our living space. I don't think we'll be camping out on the sidewalk. I just hope we'll love it when it's all done. We've never done this before and so many decisions had to be made in a day. Whew! No wonder the gut is in spasms. I'm one big spasm. Guess I need some reassurance that my choices are good ones.  After all, unless something big changes, this is our forever earthly dwelling. Glad our heavenly home has already been designed by the Great Designer of the universe.


  1. I LOVE ALL OF IT!!! I especially love the light in the kitchen, beautiful and very New Orleansy. You did good Bonnie...smiles

  2. Don't change a thing!
    Don't question your choices!!!
    It is beautiful!!!!

  3. It will be just right and beautiful!

  4. It looks fabulous! Don't second guess your choices.


  5. Your choices are wonderful! I love the blue door! I think the dark grey shutters will add the POP to the outside that you will love! It's all GOOD!

  6. I am sure you will appreciate the cool gray when the summer heat sets in. A deeper gray for the shutters sounds perfect. You know what Southerners say about blue doors and windows - keeps the haints out! Love the kitchen.

  7. I think your choices are good ones! I like the blue door but to really give it a wow factor, it would look fabulous painted Aqua against the brick!!

  8. Looks good to me. As for lighting, door color, and such, that's easy to change later if so desired. I'd leave it alone and just be content. What a blessing that you'll have such a lovely house. May there always be joy, prosperity and good fortune there.
    Luv ~:)

  9. I'd be second, third, fourth guessing, too, if I ever had to build a home.....because that's how I am, sigh. Bless you. But, I'm with your other did good! I'm sure you will love it!

  10. IF it was me I'd be rethinking everything too. But - I think everything looks great!

  11. Don't change the door - it's perfect! In fact, everything is wonderful! I agree with the other's, don't second guess yourself! You are going to LOVE your forever (earthly) home! Happy Mother's Day weekend, Bonnie! Many Blessings, Cindy xo

  12. Your choices are amazing. I've gone through building 2 homes here on earth, and it isn't easy, and yes, I was wishing I had done things differently, especially in my kitchen. But like you, we have a much nicer place to go to one day, and that's all that matters. Love your blog!!


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