Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Wedding and a Sentimental Journey

I think my fog is lifting.
Although not much has changed, 
at least we are moving some. 

David's surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. 
We're done with pre-op, pre-aurthorization, 
and more prepared for what is ahead...I guess.

I've taken a sentimental journey. 
It started Saturday at the wedding of one of the girls in our church.
We have prayed for a godly man for this sweet girl for years.
I wrote on her photo frame, 
"Prayers were prayed, dreams came true."

Such a beautiful bride and a handsome man.
That smile.  So happy.  So beautiful!

She wanted my daddy to marry her.
The last thing he said to her was,
"I'm still praying for ya, gal."
"Gal."  That's what he called all the girls.
I found out Saturday that he told her
she would get married after the new building was finished.

It is finished. 

Just thinking about him and all the prayers 
he prayed, made me shed a few tears. 

Easter weekend and the theme was Spring time and bunnies.
Walk with me through the reception venue.

The Pringle Building is one of the oldest buildings in Washington County.

The colors turquoise and pink were absolutely gorgeous. 
I think some of the prettiest bridesmaids I have ever seen.
The gentlemen weren't so bad looking either:)

These girls have been best friends to the bride forever
and in our youth choir as teenagers.
Two of them have teenagers of their own!

The bride's cake was one of my favorites.
A princess who found her prince. 

The last tier of the cake was a replica of her dress.

The mother of the bride was beautiful.

But as always, the bride was the most beautiful there.
His children were apart of the ceremony
and the cutting of his cake. 

Children are always a delight.
The baby ringbearer was picking up 
petals as the flower girl was dropping them.

When my daughter got married,
my nephew twisted the ribbon on the pillow
during the entire ceremony.

These babies made friends. 

Will is the Bride's other nephew.

These two will make a family of four.

These two are my sister's children.

For the first time since we decided to move, I cried
realizing how much I will be missing.

Our children grew up together.
Youth activites, Six Flags, retreats, ice skating,
drama and musicals.
Sometimes we think we have no friends,
but when it comes down to it,
there are some people who have stood the test of time
and will be forever friends.

That evening David and I went to find the old skating rink
where we learned to roller skate to
"I've got a brand new pair of roller skates and you've got a brand new key."

"Oh, tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree,
it's been three long years.  Do you still want me?"

"I'm the happiest girl in the whole USA."

Memories and a tearful journey home.
Good tears.  Fond memories.

The wedding was one of the sweetest I have ever attended.
For this I prayed.

Thanks for joining me!


Friday, April 3, 2015

Catching Up

I had a minute and thought I'd catch up a bit.
The truth is, I'm absolutely bored out of my mind.

Mr. H is home now and I think everyday is Saturday.
Isn't it Saturday?
I almost sent my oldest baby girl a birthday wish
a day early when I realized it would have been 
two days early.  

I'll share with you anyway.

I can't believe she's already 1!
The year has flown.
Cora Joy is such a joy. 
She's a happy baby, smiles all the time.

Her party is next Saturday.

She's walking.  

The cousins got together for Good Friday.
I'm gonna miss Easter with them and Cora's 1st Birthday.
Breaks my heart.  

David's surgery is tentatively scheduled for Thursday.
They have pre approved 5 hospital days so I will have to be with him. 

Our smallest baby girl was home a couple of weekends ago.
It's so hard to believe that she will soon be 4 months old.

There's more to my story, but it would take a few pages. 
Will catch up soon. 

Thank you for your prayers. 
Please keep sending them our way.