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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Festival: We Let the Sonshine IN!

The last fall festival I attended 
was when my children were at 
Elder Primary and Sandersville Elementary Schools.

I remembered tonight how it felt to be a kid again. 

Yes, that's me with the big mouth.

Someone said, "Where's your nose?"
I realized she thought I was a witch.
LOL!  "Not tonight, Sweetie."

I always wanted to be a hippie.
Don't laugh.  Seriously.
I just couldn't and be a preacher's kid.
I had the fear of God and my daddy.

I was a child of the 60's and a teen of the 70's.
When I was 12, I attended my first boy/girl hayride.
I dressed up as a flower child
with blue eye shadow, white lip gloss, 
beads, maxi and flip flops. 
I already had the straight, blond hair down my back.

When I was in the 5th grade, I wore a maxi dress to school.
It was blue with yellow flowers and a yellow ribbon tied in the back
from the empire waistline.
 A boy stepped on the hem and it ripped down the front.

 The teacher said, "Well, you knew better than to wear 
that to school." I never did like that teacher.

I wore clogs and flip flops, smocks and scooter skirts, 
maxi and mini dresses.
I listened to good music on 45's and LP albums,
8 Tracks and cassettes.
I had the best of both worlds.

Shoot, tonight we had it all too!
The cool girl playing the guitar and singing, 
"Leaving on a Jet Plane,"
feeling the love and offering peace.

I'm wondering, 
"Where Have All the Flowers Gone."

she's high on JESUS!
He's the only real PEACE!

Grace snatched the cool decor from her bedroom. 
Beth brought the incense and the music 
and we "Let the SONshine in."

It was GROOVY!

Feeling the Love, 


More festival photos to follow.  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pump It UP

I'm so embarrassed by how my last post looked.

It was posted from my Iphone and Instagram. 
The boys were busy and my photography skills
are poor so the photos were blurry.

Please humor me as I share the weekend. 

The birthday boy's party was at Pump It Up.
I don't know that I have ever seen a group 
of little boys play so hard and get along so well.

The slides were huge and fast, 
but it didn't seem to bother the little ones. 

Bonbon and Maymay
went down the slide too. 
My hip is still sore.  

After about an hour of play,
the boys were ready to chow down.

I've been to some parties where the birthday boy 
tears open the presents without as much as 
a thought for each gift. 
Connor was so precious.  He took the time to inspect each
one and offer a thank-you.

Thank God, for parents who still teach manners. 

We were able to enjoy Cora Joy
while the other little ones played.

Grandma, Connor and Cora's GREAT GRAND is 83 years old.
She was the oldest kid there 
and got lots of love and attention from her little ones. 

Sunday morning we all enjoyed a little time 
together before heading home.

These babies hold my heart in their hands. 

I am still pumped!


Monday, October 27, 2014

"The Lure of the Label"

When my nest became empty, 
I had to fill it with something. 
My present-day fill, 

It is often at an auction that I get
the best deals on
crates and wooden boxes.

My daddy's first cousin lived 
in Florida so we got a cardboard box 
or a nylon bag of oranges for Christmas every year-
no wooden box in my day.

In antique stores and flea markets.
a crate like this may sell in range from $35-$50.

Wooden crates are collected now and are often 
found in sheds, under junk, under the house, 
in storage or in the attic.

Dusted off they are used as bedside tables, 
book cases, toy chests, storage and 
of course, displays in antique stores, 
booths and flea markets. 

I recently read an article entitled, 
"The Lure of the Label."

In early years, fruits and vegetables 
were shipped in large quantities by railroad.
Labels with colorful art
attracted buyers and boosted growth.

Around 1955, the wooden box
was replaced with cardboard.

Nothing can replace the character of aged-old wood, 
loose nails and water stains

unless it's the natural wood grain and holes or the label.

Now crates are produced in mass production
and sold in home good stores and 
leading retail craft stores.

Will have fun using my crate 
for display this weekend.
This is the time of year 
to get busy in the booth. 

Have a Happy Week, 


Sorry that I've been absent these days. 
I've been burning up 1-20, I-75. amd I-24.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Anne, I'm Finding a New Normal Too!

I want to share with you, my friends
a recent post by Anne at 
Fiona  and Twig: A New Normal.

Click here to read her story.

I was overwhelmed with compassion
and empathy because I can so relate
to all she is feeling.

I know what it's like to want to pull the covers 
over my head and stay in bed.

Comments on her blog have been turned off
but I somehow want to 
convey to Anne that I understand
what she is feeling.

Anne is an incredibly successful woman.
Her photographs are featured in 
magazines like Romantic Homes
and Flea Market Decor'.
However successful, none of us 
are without pain.

Losing her mom, she has sought
to find a new normal.
Success does not shield one from trouble.
None of us are exempt.

This lady right here taught me how to live,
how to love life,
how to act like a lady in public,
and how to act wild and crazy in our home. 

She taught me how to laugh.
Mama said, "Every day you need to have a good "belly" laugh."
Most of our laughs ended with puddles on the floor.
Most people would not consider that lady-like.
But mama was every bit a lady.

I lost her to dementia three years before she left.
She lost those tears of emotion. 
She lost the ability to feel, laugh or cry.

I just want Anne to know that I sympathize 
with her pain. 
There is not a day that goes by that I don't 
think of my mama and miss her.

When my grandchildren were born, 
I wanted to call Mama. 

When we got the news that my daughter 
was pregnant, my first thought was, 
"I need to call Mama."

Every time I'm sick I'm want my mama.
Don't we all?
When I'm incredibly lonely 
or ecstatically happy, 
I want to share it with my mama.

I feel like when I lost my mama
I lost my family.

I, too have had to find a new normal.
Thanks Anne, for sharing.

After four years, I am still missing my mama.