White Lace and Promises

White Lace and Promises

Monday, August 3, 2015

Harper Sees the Beach

Our children grew up riding bikes, playing war
with china berries and sticks,
backyard baseball and 
swimming in the neighbor's backyard pool.

We weren't video game people.
Well, I think the kids did have a nintendo
and one game of Pac-man.

Each summer we took several day trips 
to Savannah, GA and Tybee Island Beach,
just 2 1/2 hours from our home.
They loved the sand and the sea
and they love it now.

This was Christy and Troy's home away from home this week

I could enjoy a one-bedroom cottage for a week
if I had sand and water between my toes.

I asked if they rocked on the porch.

The beach at sunrise may have
lured me away, but
I think I would have enjoyed my evenings right here. 

They love to cook and enjoyed their meals 
in this darling kitchen.

With a baby, it's different, no doubt,
and most of their evenings were spent at the cottage.

This was Harper's first trip to the beach 
and she loved it!

The wind and the waves must have rocked her to sleep.

Our little blue eyed baby is growing, growing. 

She's adorable whether asleep or awake.

She is now sitting up perfectly in a high chair.
This morning they saw a first little tooth about to break through.

Gone a week and she's already a big girl.

Thankful once again, that we are here to see each new thing.

Hope your Monday was a happy one. 


Friday, July 31, 2015

Another Giveaway

Another Giveaway.

I am giving away a FREE bottle of Nerium.
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I look forward to hearing from you. 

I'm going home this weekend. 
Will share when I get back.  
Just a short trip to see the folks. 

A photos of the changes my friend experienced. 

Don't forget
about my other giveaway,

Meet Lindsay Huggins

Monday, July 27, 2015

Remembering Again that God Takes Care of the Little Birds

My home now is completely different 
from our old home place. 

I'm trying to just feel like it's a clean slate
and not mourn what was.

I still keep bringing out the birds to remind me 
of God's care for me.

I was so heartbroken today to hear that 
a young wife and mother with a four year old little boy
has cancer.  It has metastasized to her lymph nodes 
and the doctors are trying to find out where it started.

I am so burdened for her.  She is the niece of my best friend
growing up.  I still believe in God's healing.

When my son-in-law had cancer, 
the Lord gave me a song, 

I am the God that healeth thee
I am the Lord your healer.
I send my Word and heal your disease, 
I am the Lord your healer.

The same day, 7 hours away, 
the Lord gave him the same song. 

Seven years later, he is cancer-free.

Please join me in praying for Emerald.
Emerald was born without a cornea in one eye.
She was an honor student and has done great in life
despite the challenges. 

No, this doesn't seem fair. 
I am hurting for her. 

Please join me in praying for Emerald.

With a heavy heart, 

I Won! I Won! I Won!

I Won! I Won! I Won!

Thank you, Mari

I'm listening to it even as I write.
It is truly a message of Hope. 
If there's one thing we need in our world today,
It's Hope.

What an awesome place this must be to visit.
Christian music with a meal.
This today is my inspiration.

Thanks my friend, Mari. 
Visit Mari and you will always find encouragement!

Our little miracle baby is growing so fast.
Be still my heart!
Those eyes have me!

This is one little mess right here. 
She has come into her own.
She makes funny faces that make us laugh,
loves being a little mommy, 
loves jewelry and babies, 
and is a doll.  

This little man whirls by in a blur. 
He's so busy and so funny. 
He had us in stitches at dinner the other night. 
He was the first to capture our hearts. 

Our hearts are full to overflowing!

Loving Life,