Sunday, June 10, 2018

I've been really busy since my last post. 

Of course, I started a new job, which has challenges of its own.  The nursing population has changed in the last 5 years.  I can remember going to a nursing home as a child with my preacher-daddy.  It was scary then.  I remember residents trying to grab me and yelling for help. As I grew up, I saw all of that change and I don't think it was only through my adult eyes.  The government really began to find ways to fund and help long-term residential homes.  Now, federal funding is helping families keep their loved ones home as long as they can with assistance provided.  While I totally agree, it changes the nursing home population, and it really is end-of-life care in many places.  I am just reevaluating my life and what I feel that I can realistically do. I spent two hours sitting with 2 residents on Friday while I had a roomful waiting for the next activity.  There's so much to do, documentation, meetings, MDS, new admissions (we had 5 on Friday) and discharges (we had 3), room checks everyday which is basically doing what the aides don't do, picking up dirty diapers off the floor, changing out trash bags because housekeeping doesn't have time, filling up water pitchers with ice and water, checking call lights and this is only to name a few. I have 5 rooms and a check list of about 50 items.  I can't do it all.  The aides are frustrated.  They bring them to me to take care of.  The nurses don't have time.  They bring them to me so they can pass meds.  Administration is looking at the money and state regs and documentation, crossing all the I's and dotting the T's, it's gotta all look right on paper.  Admissions is trying to keep census up.  I haven't figured out what Social Services does because it seems I'm handling grievances, lost and stolen items, grief care.  I guess I'm gonna seem to everyone to be the person who can't be satisfied. 

May was busy.  At the facility, we had Senior Citizens Day, Mother's Day Reception (it was huge), Nursing Home week with daily activities, Community Bingo, Memorial Day Cook-out.  As a family, we went home to GA to celebrate my Y2K nephew's high school graduation. We enjoyed a great weekend with family and friends.  There was Chad's birthday, Cora's pre-school graduation, Connor's Kindergarten program. 

These are some of the photos from our Mother's Day Reception.  I'm not allowed to share photos of our residents.

A volunteer group called "Tea with Someone Special" made all the paper tea cups for the cupcakes.  We both put our decorations together.  I was afraid of tacky, but it was beautiful!

 They made hats for all the ladies.

 A local florist made floral ice cream sundaes for our tables.

There are only a few photos of the kids that would download. 

Yesterday enjoyed Connor and Cora.  We happened to run into Belle, Elsa and Mauna at Chili's.
I think this must have been the real Belle.  She was beautiful and so sweet to our Cora bug.
Everyday is filled with wonder in the eyes of this child. 
Okay, the secret is almost out.  At least, I think I can share with Blog Buddies.  This little one is going to be a big sister.  We will have two new babies before the end of this year.  Christina and Chad are having a girl, Claire Grace.  Christy and Troy are 12 weeks and we'll know in a few weeks what they are having. 
God is Good all the time.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

A Peaceful Easy Feeling

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, one deeply needed and much appreciated. I’ve missed these times. I’ve missed church. I’ve missed the family and my babies. It was good to worship with my church family this morning. And now for my nap...

But first...
It was a good week. I picked up the two oldest grands on Tuesday afternoon. We went to “Chica-lay”, saw the cow and the balloon man. It was Super-hero night so we made masks.

Then we went to the park. It was a gorgeous day!

Harper and I went another night.

Yesterday, Christy and I went to the Country Living Fair and Harper went along. 

Thanks for your prayers. I am adjusting to my new job. I love my residents and I have hired two new assistants. That will mean weekends off and a good ole Sunday afternoon nap. 

I got that peaceful, easy feeling! Nap, nap!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Once again, it’s been awhile.  Please give me the luxury of expression.

I started my new job a month ago. Not what I expected  but I am adjusting. I came into a situation. The home was under investigation by the state. I don’t know all the details. We have been cleared now, but the boss is still a bit uptight. It’s a great home but  as they say, “one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.”  

It’s hard to be the new kid on the block especially when the block is new. There’s only a few employees who will let me in, but the residents love me and I adore them. I have a 94 year old retired music teacher who still reads and writes and her roommate is a 92 year old homemaker who ambulates around the facility in her chair helping others. I have a 58 year old Vietnam Vet and a veteran who served in 3 branches of service. I learned his brother was a serial killer. I have a sweet, godly man who has been told he only has s month to live who wants to attend church services and go on to be with the Lord. 

It’s a great job even when I have to work every other Sunday for now and I hate missing church. I miss my grandchildren. I miss impromptu ice cream and tea parties. 

Christy had an embryo transfer Friday. Everything went well and we are hoping. My son and daughter in law are expecting in August. It’s a girl, Claire Grace. Hopefully we’ll have 2 new babies before and after Christmas. 

I soaked up some family time this weekend. I kep Harper on Friday night since Christy was recovering from the procedure. Yesterday we celebrated Cora’s birthday. Birthdays with grands are an all day and night party. God is good and we are blessed. 

Easter meant an egg hunt following a wonderful celebration of our risen Savior! My sister and family were here. It was a great day! 

I hope to read your posts. Thanks for dropping by and for hanging in there with me the past year.  

Sunday, March 4, 2018

It was a hard week. Saying good-bye is never easy, but especially when you don’t know if you’ll ever meet again this side of heaven. But I knew I had to let go. I also had to forgive and let go of the feelings of injustice. The person who was hired to replace me was a transfer from the other center.  He came with a complete program guide in hand that was never offered to me. It was obvious that he had been trained for the job. I asked my boss why I had not been shown thus and such and his replay was, “You never asked.” However, I had on numerous occasions. It’s all ok. I’ve let it go.
I went today to visit my new place, meet my assistant and some of the residents. There are problems that I have been made aware of. They have “cleaned house,” getting rid of some major problems. 
It’s amazing how everything looks differently now. I’ve been unable to do anything but crash when I have gotten home. This weekend I felt great. I had my family over for the first time since Christmas.
These little girls are sugar and spice. 

Thanks for the prayers. I have felt them.

Looking forward to the change.