Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Red Farmhouse Vignette

Red has always been my favorite color
to decorate with.

The color is a classic.

I consulted Pinterest 
to find a way to keep my blues
and add a touch of red.

The star was black
and was not selling in the shop.

I brought it and the window pane home,
got out the red spray, and painted it.

Spraying it just enough to cover the black,
gave it the barn red look that I was hoping for.

Topping it off with a burlap bow 
created my farmhouse favorite style.

It takes a photo to realize the depth and height
that is needed.  
I'll add some books to the lantern in the back.

I threaded the burlap through the garland,
and I absolutely love it! 

I hope you love it too!


Monday, November 25, 2013

Emanuel, God Came Near

A few months ago
a friend asked me to speak
at a Christmas dinner.

I hesitated at first.

Remembering a  promise
I made to God, 
a few days later 
I said, "Yes."

Considering the platform
and the event, 
I began to fumble through
some of my notes,

"God's Battle Stragedy"
"A Fight Worth Having"
"Thanksgiving Before the Miracle"
"Labeled: A Child of the King"
"My Own Little Retreat"

God began to whisper,

For days
I meditated on its meaning...

God With Us.

Max Lacado expressed it, 
"God Came Near."

I began to contemplate 
what if means to know and understand, 
truly get it, that


I wrote it on a small chalkboard
and continue to consider
and meditate on the profound,

God with Us

Listen and you, too, may
hear the gentle whisper, 
"God Came Near,"

And finally, 
it will echo loudly 

God Came Near!

In This, HIS season,
May You Experience the very Presence of Emanual,


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wood Pallet Turned Photo Display

I started with this...

And made this.

Turn it around and get...


I, Ms. No-crafty, 
was quite proud of myself.

Christmas Ideas Coming Soon, 


Thursday, November 7, 2013

No Secrets: Growing a Family and a New Church

It's been a few weeks since I've posted Daddy's story.  
I pick up where I left off...

Growing a church and a family is hard work and setting realistic goals is important.  

Our youngest was three and we wanted to add to our family.  After 2 years, God blessed us with another girl.  In the midst of growing the church, our family had grown.  Moving into the newly built parsonage while looking for a location to build a church was a challenge.  

We had outgrown all of our present facilities.  Should we stay or move to the larger, neighboring town?  The county seat was growing with new homes going up everywhere.  The piece of property on the corner of Highway 15 was an eyesore to the community. Although grown up with pines and brush, we saw potential.  The ability to see potential was proceeded by vision.
God allowed us to see beyond what the physical eye would see.  When faced with a challenge we must consider, obstacle or opportunity?

With anticipation, I visited the mayor of the city.  "It won't happen. The owner will not sell."  I visited the owner, "It is zoned for residential property only, but if you can get it re-zoned, for a church I will sell."  I visited the mayor and in only a few days we purchased the lot for $10,000.  Our old facility sold for exactly what we needed to buy the new property.

Parsonage family 
in front of the new church.

The Church
(photograph by Katie D. Darsey)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Cool Chevy

I don't know where my
brother-in-law has been
hiding his cool Chevy.

I don't know cars.

I know vintage.

And this is definitely vintage-
a cool vintage!

A '56-Chevy cool!

What do they say,
"It ain't cool if the chrome don't shine?"
This car definitely has its shine.

My BIL asked me where the gas tank was.

Under the tag?
No, it is under the taillight.

Look at that speedometer!

When I was growing up in the 60's we had
a push button radio.
We only got one station-
AM, no FM.

My husband asked his brother,
"Can I take it for a spin?"

His answer,
"No one's ever driven it but me."

Funny thing,
Connor was allowed in.
He pushed every button on the radio
and honked the horn and
had himself a ball!

I think the BIL is becoming a softie.

BTW, Mr. H. did get the spin:)

I'm Hitchin' a Ride next time,
by my baby's side,
Ride, ride, ride
Hitchin' a ride.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Today I Heard the Boom

Most times God speaks
in a still, small voice-
a whisper.

And other times, 
He rocks my world 
with a loud BOOM!

When I need direction, 
I must confess I want 
the BOOM-
the loud voice of God,

and He wants me still enough 
to hear the whisper.

This week I picked up an Orgami Owl locket
that I recently purchased.

My first charm, a bird.

A few months ago
a writer encouraged her readers 
to find something to look at, 
touch, hold in her hand daily
as a reminder of God's love.

The bird has become
that symbol.
"Are you not of more value than the birds?"

Today I heard the BOOM of God, 
I sensed His presence in a mighty way.

Oh, I love the sweet, gentle nudgings of His Spirit.
I love it when His peace
gently calms the storm to a whisper.
I love it when He comes in His own special way.

But today I heard and felt His thunder, 
I heard His voice echo from the pages of His Word,
and everywhere I turned 
there was a powerful reminder of WHO HE IS
and WHOSE i am. 

When I compare my self to HIM, 
I feel small.

But when I realize that I am HIS child, 
saved, loved, healed and delivered
I feel STRONG.

Today I felt the earthquake

Thank you, Lord for both,