Saturday, March 31, 2012

Auctions, Pickin's and Rusty/Crusty Finds!

Had an absolute ball today!  Missed the door to door pickin', but found myself a new auction and made some new friends...enemies???

Auctions bring out the best and the worst in some people.  I can remember a time when I slapped my leg and stomped my feet when I missed my favorite item-either overlooked or too late.

I hated being overlooked.  You know... you're sitting there and you're hand is up and down and you are sure you won only to have the auctioneer call out another number and the person is sitting right behind you???

Been in this long enough to know that what goes around once will probably come around again.  So when I lose, I lose graciously.

Some folks have yet to learn.  People say that women are the ones with all the rage.  Well, I'm here to tell you, I've seen some men pure show-out at an auction.  Like today.  My friend was bidding on some shoes molds.  She won!  I thought the man behind was gonna have a conniption fit!  You gotta be in the south to know what a conniption fit is.  He looked like a gentleman, dressed like a gentleman, but I can tell you one thing...he was NOT a gentleman.  Could not believe how he talked to a lady. My friend surrendered her bid after an almost knock-down-drag-out between him and the auctioneer.  And wouldn't you know it, he refused to bid.  The poor dealer, got $10 less on the second go-round. 

Next item up for bid-a bread tray.  We didn't even attempt.  He was dog-gone determined to get that one and we just let him have it.  We passed it to him and he said, "Get your hands off of my tray."  Whew!  ONLY IN THE SOUTH!

I did find a few sweet items on a pickin' trip yesterday.

The chippy, patina shutters made the perfect backdrop for the rusty wire and tin eggs.

Just love the shape of this rusty, crusty wire.

Don't know which I like best, the rusty, crusty plant stand or the chippy, terracotta pot.

 Love, love, love the close up!

Brought it in the shop-SOLD immediately.

This was just my day for the rusty, crusty finds!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Ok, so I'll admit yesterday's post was not exactly what we like to see-the bad and the ugly.

Today I've feeling a bit sunny:)  I'm doing a little spring cleaning.  Yesterday was a different kind of cleaning-cleaning up the wounds and the scrapes and the scares of days gone by.

Today, I cleaned out a closet or two, uncluttered some of the clutter, took some junk and some pieces that didn't sell to the Salvation Army, stripped some beds, aired out some quilts and pillows and other linen-enough dirty laundry, huh?

In my cleaning, I happened upon some doilies that I had stuck back.  Each piece a little different-each piece the color of Spring.

Doesn't yellow make you think of Easter eggs?  This yellow doilie is a favorite of mine.  The yellow throw was made by my grandmother, a treaure I hold dear.

Isn't the texture fabulous?

Can't imagine the hands that held the thread to create this beautiful piece.

I'm not a photographer so I can't fully capture the beauty of this discolored, crackled ironstone pitcher. 
Oh yeah, I added a little burlap wreath and a wire cloche to my new corner. 

Hope you'll visit again soon.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

When You're Up You're Up, and When You're Down You're Down

There are so many things you will learn about me as you follow me.  I am an out-there kind of person, a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of gal.  This at times hasn't always been a good thing, nevertheless, I am REAL.

My mama was a fun person.  She sang silly songs to us all the time.  As a pastor's wife and children's director of Sunday School, she taught us songs that most people had never heard of nor since have I heard again.

When  you're up, you're up,
And when you're down, you're down,
But when you're only half-way up,
You're neither up nor down.

I wish you could hear me now..

It was one of those fun songs where you stood up and down and half-way up and down:)

And there was another song..

I'm in, right out, right up, right down
Right happy all the time.
I'm in, right out, right up, right down
Right happy all the time.

Since Jesus Christ came in
And cleansed my heart from sin,
I'm in, right out, right up, right down
Right happy all the time:)

I guess you can imagine how the motions went with this one! Whew!  We'd had our exercise for the day.

Well, long story short, I wasn't happy all the time.  I was a "when you're up, you're up and when you're down your down!" 

I can remember my first trip to the "doctor" (psychologist) to find out "what is wrong."  I was 9 years old.  My life was lived on an emotional roller coaster that I will share more with you in future posts.  After many, many years of antidepressants, counseling, medications for panic attacks, job changes, etc., etc., etc., I finally crashed.  My medical doctor shook his head and said, "Bonnie, I don't know what to do with you."  He took me off my blood pressure medicine, antidepressant, antianxiety medication-BAM!  Cold Turkey! And I hit rock bottom.  I was physically ill...could not pull myself out of bed.  Throwing up sick, dizzy, chest pains, as an addict or alchoholic in detox. 

That was a Friday and I endured the weekend with my husband taking me to a different doctor on Monday.  I was put back on my medication and told to take the week off and wait for him to get me an appointment with yet another "doctor."  The dreaded...."shrink."

This was the turning point in my life-a good one!  I was diagnosed with Bi-polar depression Type II.  Can you believe I was grateful to find something-anything that made sense.  I had lived up and down with more downs than ups.  Oh, the ups were WONDERFUL, but I always knew I'd crash. 

It took six months to give the medication right.  I ask God for healing.  I believe for healing.  I believe in the power of the resurrection and the power of God to heal, but I also know that God gives wisdom to doctors.  For that I am grateful. 

Eight years later, I am normal.  Well, almost...hehehe!  There are still times when I know that something is going on. When I've pushed myself too much, tried to please people, and have not taken care of myself, I can go there in spite of myself.  This has been one of those weeks.

So, I read your posts and find my happy place, and lean hard on Jesus, and enjoy your wonderful creativity and surround myself with all the things I love.... like some of these!
 Don't you just love a sale!

A sweet, little corner in Cornerstone Treasures, my shop.

Memories from my teenager years of the 70's:)  (They weren't all so bad!)
My two girls
(the guys I will share later)

So thankful, that my days are more up now than down.  I've learned how to pace myself and thank God for the precious gifts that I am blessed with.

You, my friends, are included in that blessing. 


Friday, March 23, 2012

Giveaway Winners for 50 plus followers

I am soooo excited!  I now have 56 followers...that is +8! 

I do love meeting new people with shared interests!

Seeing what others create spurs my creativity.  I'm learning and you guys are teaching me so much!

For the drumroll..........
First drawing.  The winner is.........JUDY at GOLD COUNTRY COTTAGE.

Second drawing.  The winner is.....LAURA at TOP THIS TOP THAT.

Both of these were NEW FOLLOWERS.  YEY.  Both I have come to enjoy visiting and chatting with. 

Congratulations for me and you guys!

Judy will decide if she wants the apron or the tureen.  Laura will get the other.

Guys, don't forget to send your snail mail address by email to:

Just thought you may like to visit me at Cornerstone Treasures on facebook.  This is the old header that I simply adore, my hometown.  If you're passing through Middle Georgia stop in and see me:)


Thursday, March 22, 2012

My $10 Thrifty Find

A year of so ago I closed my booth at the local flea market...couldn't manage two places.

I sold everything in my booth for $30 because I may have had 5 itmes including an old door:) that held my Christmas wreath.

Well, I've been seeing these great doors on everyone's blog and I thought, I have got to see if they still have my door.

There she was!  Same exact place...right there...standing in my old booth:)


"What will you sell me my door for?"

"Your door?"

"Yeah, the one I sold you that you sold me."

"What did you pay for it?"


"How 'bout $10?"

"DEAL!"   (and I'm screaming about jumping up and down right now!)

I cleaned with Greased Lightning and then sanded and cleaned some more and sanded some more.  I tried my best to get the knob off.  It's a weird size so I wonder if it came out of an old house?  But the knob looked too new.  Tried to get it out.  My husband will try later.

A closer look to see the distressing and my children:)  I may paint the middle pane with chalkboard paint and make write, "I Believe," for some of those things I pray for everyday!

I like it heavily distressed.

I did this table a few months ago.  It didn't sell at the shop so I brought it home and I love it.  Vignette not complete, but almost....

My Favorite Thrifty Find-not bad huh?

I'm gonna try to link to
savycityfarmer and Thriftin on Thursday

Last Chance for Give-away Drawing for 50

I'M SO EXCITED!   I now have over 50 followers!!!

Thank you so much, my friendly followers for sharing me with your friends!  This is a great life and I'm meeting new people everyday that I feel like I've known forever.  Yes, I guess I'm a little over the top, but that's just me.  You'll learn that more as you follow my blog. 

I'll draw for the apron and tureen tomorrow evening.  If I draw your name first, you'll get to decide which you want, tureen or apron.  You may not get your choice of apron.  Keith's Korner may have sold the one you like.  But, here's hoping...

There's still time.  Follow me, leave a comment, share me with a friend and get two chances to win! 
I just love giving things away.  Ask my customers:) But don't ask my boss! YIKES!

Thanks for sharing:)))))

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


My garage is full of junk...Ugh....

This should make me happy, but I seem to have accumulated more than my 1000 sq ft house can accomodate.


I'm having a YARD SALE!!!!!  (Can you hear me screaming!)
This would at any other time excite me, but NOT THIS TIME!

It's a necessity.  I've somehow obtained more junk than I know what to do with...mama's junk, my junk, (can you believe I still have my kid's junk after 10 years of empty nest???), and my junk that did not sale at the shop! So, ughhhhhh!

I can't look at it any longer today.  My back aches, my head hurts from pricing stuff outside in this Middle Georgia pollen (Did I mention that everything is yellow?  Again the pollen!), my neck and shoulders hurt from loading a large armoir, a chair, and 4 large boxes of no-sale stuff from the shop.  Did I mention I'm tired???

Can't believe the run-ons here!  My ADD is really here, there and everywhere!

Ever see Happy Gilmore???  I think I'm gonna go find my Happy Place.

Just love my family.  This is my daughter, Christy and my son-in-law, Troy.

This is my son, Chad, GRANDson, Connor, and daughter-in-law, Christina.

Can you tell that they make me very happy:)  No, these are not for sale!  PRICELESS!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring and New Beginnings

Sunshine....ahhhh.....Spring has arrived. 

Another friend asked, "What does Spring mean to you?"

My answer, "New beginnings.  Pomise of sunshine and life after a long, barren winter."

I anticipate with eager expectation for what awaits.

I'm a definitely not a gardner.  I have only one dogwood tree that was damaged in a storm some 25 years ago and yet it still stands.  Though bent and somewhat deformed, it holds the beauty of fresh buds. Isn't that just like Spring?

I chose to bring a bit of springtime inside.

The dogwood holds the promise  that God makes beauty out of brokenness, brings joy after sorrow and peace after pain.

I love the promise that if God so cares for the little sparrow that falls to the ground, how much more  will He take care of me (and you).

I 'm loving my sister's shutters.  I move them from room to room.  My hubby never knows what will end up where.  White is alway springtime to me!  Ironstone, of course, is a must for any new creation-whatever the season!

Don't forget to follow me and enter into the give-away drawing!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Close-to-50 Giveaway-Porcelain tureen and apron

So I really don't know how this works.  I am so terribly green at this, but I'm almost at 50 followers! 

To me, it's about making real connections, but I must confess I do adore the comments.  We all need a little encouragement and I appreciate my faithful few who alllllways comment!  That means so much to this newbie.

So I've decided to do a giveaway.  Guys, tell me if I'm doing this all wrong, deal?

The porcelain soup tureen is an absolute beauty.  It was an estate find that I just HAD to have. It's made by Limoges.  It is in pristine condition.  Since I have narrowed my collection to all whites-ironstone and milkglass, I decided to use it for my Close-to-50-Followers Giveaway as well as one of Keith's Korner's aprons.  So I will actually be having 2 giveaways. 

Follow the Rules:

1.  Become a follower.

2.  Read my apron post and tell me which apron is your favorite and why.  Post your comment on this blog.

3.  Mention my name to a friend and have them mention your name and both of you will be entered twice.

4.  Leave email address so I may contact you.

The deadline for entry is March 23.  Look forward to meeting you!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mama's Apron

I once read a poem entitled "Mama's Apron."  I stumbled across some fabulous aprons today.  Actually, a friendly vendor, "Keith's Korner," brought them by for me to examine.  Loved every last detail.  I was so excited, I honestly "squealed," as my mom would say, hooped and hollered and jumped up and down.  (not very lady-like, I know)
I hate to have my picture made, but these aprons were big-mama size, just like me.  Just wanted to show that they actually made it around my waist!

Oh yeah, back to "Mama's aprons."  Did you ever stop to think about how precious an apron is?  An apron was used for many things.  My granny and mama always had a kleenex or hankie in the pocket for wiping a kids' nose, drying a tear, or brushing a sweated brow after a hot day in the kitchen.  (Ooh, just think if that same hankie did all three!  Yikes!  And we survived!)
It was used for picking vegetables from the garden and bringing in shucked corn to be cleaned, scraped, cut off the cob, blanched and bagged.  An apron was used when a drying cloth was not to be found.  It help a hot handle from a cast iron frying pan.  It shooed the flies away from the food and fanned a child who was hot from a day of play. 

Notice the detail in the one I modeled.  Hand-stitched.  The gathering is fabulous!  I think this is my favorite.

This looks like it was made from a pillow case that was ready to be embroidered or painted.  During the 60's oil painting on was done on fabric. 

How totally 60's retro is this?

Is this just not adorable.  Look at those cross-stitches!  Miss Pretty-in-Pink:)  Deep pocket for holding that hankie!

Love the small rick-rack around the pocket and hem.  Such femininity!

These were from an estate sell and Keith met the lady who made all of these treasures.

I was just fascinated by all the detail that went into each one.  I love the way the pocket hang on this one.  Had to show a green one for St. Patty's Day!

Just could not resist the red one! Makes me miss my country kitchen!

Thanks, Keith from The Shed for sharing your treasures with me!  Nothing like a Mama's apron!

Friday, March 16, 2012

A Spring Day at Cornerstone Treasures

Yesterday was a great day at Cornerstone Treasures.  Today was a good day at Cornerstone. 
What's the difference between a great day and a good day?
  I love to see people doing what I love to do-hunting for a bargain. 
I love to see happy people leave with a bargain.  I've been told by the other vendors that I price my junk so low that I make them look bad.  What can I say??? I do love to make people smile.  A small discount means a happy customer.  A happy customer makes for more happy customers.  And more happy customers mean more happy customers....

So, why was today just a good day and not a great day???
Because there were few people junking.
Where did everyone go?  To the lake?  To the ballgame?  To the beach?

So, I spent the time creating Spring displays.  Upon close inspection, I realize I need to add some height to this vignette.  I'll lift the potted spring flowers to be the focal point.  I love the wire cloche with the rooster on top, but it's a bit too tall for its placement.  Any ideas to make it better???

This old trunk just came in so I filled it with things that remind me of Spring, a hat and sunglasses, a pot filled with garden tools, a basket of clay pots for planting herbs, a vase for fresh flowers, a birdhouse, a wreath with bright florals, a picnic basket, a car to go in a boy's Easter basket, an urn with potted ivy...all reminders that Spring is here!

My sister and brother-in-law brought this piece in early morning.  It's an old, solid re-do.  It's cream with a walnut glaze.  I absolutely love it! I WANT IT!  I always do. 

I can't believe I'm parting with this piece-my very first shabby chic plant stand bought from my very favorite local vendor, The White Rabbit.  I bought an old shabby chic door to replace it.  Great thing about resale-out with the old, in with the new or is it re-newed?

So how did my day at Cornerstone end?  Relaxing and enjoying the beautiful sunshine here-in front of Cornerstone! 

Hope you'll join me tomorrow:) 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Coloradolady: Vintage Thingies Thursday: Information

The parakeets were my grandmother's.  They are marked "Ceramics Japan." 
A few years ago, I found these in a collectibles book.  They listed for $75.  Not bad for a hand-me-down:)  I am linking with VTT and the friends of the Colorado Lady.

Coloradolady: Vintage Thingies Thursday: Information

Spring Fever

Okay, what's going on???

I'm having a surge of something-hormones or not?

It is too hot in Middle-town, GA for this time of year.

Haven't slept in three nights and the full-moon was last week!  Hot flashes, mind racing at night and plain worn-out during the day.

My mama called it "Spring Fever."  You know, you're not quite ready to "spring-forward" with the clock so your body lags behind.  Or is it my "behind" is lagging?  Either way,

My creative energy is at an all time low.  I went to the shop today to try to create a couple of vignettes for Easter.  It looked like the church Easter Egg Hunt.  You know, where you have so many kids and not enough grass, so you just go and randomly throw the egss out all over the place and let the kids have at it? (Now that was a run-on sentence if I've ever seen one.  Sorry! Just not gonna bother to correct it!)

Since I couldn't get any inspiration from the shop, I tried to bring the spirit of Spring into my home.  The birds are a special treasure passed on to me by my mom. They were my grandmother's.  I love to bird watch.  Just don't like them flying over my head.  My nephew has a pair of parakeets that he lets go once in awhile just to watch me run.  But waking up to the sound of birds singing is music to my ears.  The tree house, I found during the Peaches-to-Beaches hunt.  The books are some of my favorites-especially Garden Style

My mom was also a collector of pitchers and bowls.  I bought this one for her about 35 years ago.  The flower reminds me of Spring.  I do love yellow.

This is as far as I got with my creations at the shop.  Need another hunt to get me in the mood!

Just wondering...Is Spring Fever a good thing?  The verdict is still out for me:)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vintage Doll and Baby Clothes

Maybe I'm just missing my grandbaby or maybe I'm just crazy about me a baby doll and baby clothes.

The only thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a mommy.  While most girls my age were playing with barbies, I was still playing "baby dolls."  My mom made all our dolls' clothes so we could dress and undress them as many times as we wanted. 
When I had my first child, a girl, my mama always said that I acted like I was playing "dolls." 
I did!  My daughter had an entire wardrobe at birth.  I changed her two or three times a day whether she needed it or not.

I loved the "diaper shirts" as my mama called them.  I don't think they make those anymore.

  This was my grandmother's doll.  Her son brought it back to her from Germany after WWII.  She wanted my little girl to have it.  It is a real treasure.  I keep it at the shop for display only-NFS-NEVER!  She hand crocheted the sweater and a bonnet to match.  She made the dress and the pantiloons??? underneath.  Is that what you call them??? I wish I had made a picture of those!

On our Peaches-to-Beaches excursion, I found these adroable dresses.  The seller said they were her mother-in-laws.  How old does that make them???
Look at this sweet lace.
Hand-stitched and embroidery! Even the little pleats or "puckers" as my mama would call them-all done by hand.
Baby shoe planter.  I couldn't resist!

Another one, made in Japan, displayed with lace on a pretty plate.

Who could resist that sweet face???  She looks like the Gerber baby, don't you think?

Every little girl longs to be a mommy and every mommy still loves to play with dolls!  I guess that's what is so much fun about being a grandmother-we get to do it all over again:)