Saturday, March 10, 2012

Peaches to Beaches

Had no idea that this was the weekend for Peaches to Beaches, the GA Hwy 341 Yard Sale to St. Simons Island. 
My friend Olive informed me on Thursday and I became manic...but there was no one to mind the shop:(
Had taken last weekend off to be with the children in Nashville and just couldn't afford to let our shop owner down-NOT!  Ummmm....she's sick... she'll never know:))))

Last minute call.   Deal...Her best friend will cover:))))

A slow day anyway with our mutual friendly shops heading to the Beach-NOT!
My phone was ringing off the hook.  Yay! Making money while I shop!

First stop, I found this cutie. NFS- For Display Only!

First Purchase-Frames to Distress!

UGA-everything!  These were the cutest garden art flowers made from tin cans.

Stop Light Birdhouses made from tin cans.  The young man was adorable and quite a cute, country boy.  "Made 'em myself mam.  Already got a bird in one of 'em." 

"You know you're a redneck if....."

Broken down, antebellum house...could only dream of what it looked like before...turned garbage (oops, garage) sale.
"I laughed so hard the tears ran down my legs."  Not to worry, I had my loaf of bread on!

One read, "Free Breast Exams, Inquire Inside."  We were laughing hysterically!

Crazy 'bout me some wire baskets-$25 each???  No, can do!  But did love them and the little locker numbers on them-just fabulous!

Can you guess What this is? 

Open and pull!  Cool, huh?

What is my fascination with wooden boxes, crates, or trunks.  The price??? Try $75.  Oh My! 

We didn't quite make it to the beach.  But by the time we got home, our truck looked like Jed Clampet's and we were The Beverly Hillbillies...
"take yor shoes off...Ya'll come back now, ya here?"

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  1. Oh wowzers! You've shared some great things!!!

    We went out today and junked and slummed and found some amazing things as well. I don't know what it is with boxes. I'm sooo taken with them, too. But...I'd have passed on that $75 thingy. WOW!

    If I ever find the source for the wire cloches I'll let you know!



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