Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Winds of Kansas on the Journey to Oz

My dear friends, 
I feel like I'm caught up in the winds of  Kansas
on my journey to Oz.

I don't know that I have ever been more totally exhausted.
I guess in all seasons there are periods of pure fatique that
we feel is beyond anything we have experienced before. 

Being a new mommy...
Running after toddlers...
School activities and car pools...
Teenagers and youth activities.
The pressure from releasing our grown children...
Raising our parents...

There were always whirlwinds on each journey
and in every season.

I guess the fatique on this journey is the result of getting older, 
not taking care of my body, and the emotional pull 
of letting go of the familiar to embark on the beauty of the unfamiliar. 

Our small apartment is beginning to look like home. 

Old things look new in a new place.
Some of my milkglass is still in boxes
and will remain until we get a bigger place.
Our lease is for one year so for now I'm resting. 

This table was in our small bathroom at home. 
I painted it gray and it works perfectly in our new place. 

The bedroom is actually larger than ours at home.
I still have to hang a few plates and the mirror.
I had saved $250 for a dresser to replace my old one. 
I got this one at the flea market before I left for $95.

The family pics are up. 

We're almost done.
Pray for Mr. H.
He's had more hip pain and recovery
has been slower than expected. 
I'm sure the move didn't help.

I have larngitis which happens to me two or three times a year.
The apartment manager said, 
"Welcome to Tennessee."

Love all you blogging buddies. 
Love all my friends back home. 
Miss my Nerium partners. 
In some ways, I'm starting over. 
Still prayers for a job with insurance and/or new Nerium customers 
to pay for insurance and to suplement our income. 

My newest Brand Partner is loving her Nerium. 

We're both loving her results.
Notice the lift in eye, less puffiness under eye, 
fewer lines around and under eye.

Everyone will see a difference.
Some will see results sooner.
Some will see more results, 
but everyone will see results. 

Thanks for dropping by Oz.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Farewell to Friends and Family

There's a memory in every room.
There's laughter in the walls,
and tears in every corner.

Right now, half of my heart is filled with joy
and a bit of my heart is sad.

My emotions fluctuate between peace
and anxiety.

My daughter called this weekend.
I didn't expect this and didn't anticipate 
the feelings that would follow.

"Mama, where will we go home to?"

Oh my!  The thought had not crossed my mind. 

Mama and Daddy and the home place-gone.
My sister's house is small (but we'll make room).
My mother in law's home is full with family.

Where is home?

Some of our friends threw us a party.

Old Friends

Prayer Partners


Career Youth

Maybe among these we will find our home away from home. 

Prayers Appreciated Much, 


Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Busy Weekend

Last weekend was almost a blur-
a whirlwind of activity...

Christy received her Masters with a 4.0 in Organizational Leadership.
She was right in the middle of her program when she started IVF.
Not wanting to see her stressed, I begged her to finish later.
However, she pressed on.  
Between testing and procedures, injections and IVF, 
she finished strong. 

This mommy and daddy were all smiles!

It was scorching hot, and our little angel slept through the whole thing.

This little doll baby is absolutely as sweet as sugar. 
There's was too much going on for her to sleep. 

Is this not a Kodak moment?
Connor-man found himself a much cooler spot by the fountain.
Look how big my baby boy has gotten. 
He's not even 4 and he looks 5 here.
Makes me want to cry.

We celebrated my boy's birthday, Chad's Big 3-0!
Has it really been 30 years???

Our miracle baby was baptized on Sunday.

And we celebrated our mommies. 

We tried our best to get a picture with all three.

Connor man was too busy so we posed with our girls.

Oh, I forgot to tell you,  THE HOUSE SOLD!
Cash sale! Beyond what we imagined!
We found an apartment in Labanon, TN, 15 minutes from each.
This time next week we will be residents of another state.

Hope to slow down enough to catch up soon. 


Saturday, May 2, 2015

In His Time

In His time, In His Time
He makes all things beautiful,
In His Time.

As I frantically run here and there, 
back and forth to physical therapy, 
deal with repairmen in getting the house ready to sell, 
look for housing (via the www ain't easy),
nurse, bathe and clothe a very cooperative patient
( believe it or not),
call on customers, drop off testers,
encourage a team, host events, 
anxiously wait,
at times in peace, at times not,

the Lord gently reminds me that 
it's in HIS time.  

So this is what has happened since we last talked.

Mr. H is post-op 3 weeks now.
He has converted from a walker to a cane.
He has advanced from home therapy to out patient physical therapy.
He is completely off the pain meds.
He has transitioned from the recliner to the bed
from a sponge bath to a shower.

Mr. H has decided to take a job
with a company that he purchased from
expanding the company business from GA
to the Middle TN and North GA areas.

We hope we have someone interested enough
to purchase our home.

We are still concerned about insurance,
both life and health.
Any suggestions would help.
We have received compensation for Cobra
for only one more month.

God is blessing my Nerium business beyond anything I had imagined.

I made DIRECTOR this month.
That means higher compensation and
one step away from driving a Lexus!
I might add, one GIGANTIC step!

This one will require a little more work!
This is the most fun I have ever had in any job!
No, it's not work.
It's called making a difference.

This is using Nerium Firm for 1 week!

This is using Nerium AD night for 10 days.

These are not random photos from Pinterest.

These are my friends.

This sweet girl signed as a Brand Partner
and told her story with tears.
She had always struggled with her weight.
She lost 100 pounds with diet and exercise and had loose skin
that would forever be there without surgery.
Then she tried, Nerium Firm.

This is for REAL!

Yes, that's right, baby girl.
Soon, very soon.

We will celebrate this baby girl this weekend.
She will be baptized (dedicated) and
her mommy will graduate from graduate school.

This little man's daddy will turn the big 30!

And we will celebrate our girls as mommies
and the ones we have here

and remember...

the ones who are not.

In His Time,
the house will sell,
we will find THE house there,
I will make enough money to pay for insurance,
because God makes everything beautiful