Sunday, December 7, 2014

LIFT Banquet and A Give-Away (Everyone Wins Something): Table #1

Last night was our LIFT Christmas banquet.
It stands for Ladies In Fellowship Together.

 I have decided to do a giveaway.

I started to say that I'm in the Christmas spirit, 
but really I'm just enjoying the Joy of Jesus.
I have been to Bethlehem.

I'm giving away an ornament 
made by one of our ladies.
(I hope she'll make me another, HINT-HINT)

I will feature one or two tables every day for a week.

1.  Be a follower of White Lace and Promises
2. Visit and leave a comment on Facebook 
or White Lace and Promises. 
(any suggestions or comments are welcomed)

3.  Share my blog with a friend. Let me know you shared.
Your name will be entered twice.
If your friend follows me and comments, she will be entered too.
She must be a new follower.

4.  On the last day, vote for your favorite table.
Everyone who enters, comments, shares or invites a friend
will get a special little (I say little) gift from me
just to say thanks and Merry Christmas, 
so be sure to send your address by email.

Our speaker tonight is a close friend of mine. 
Oh my goodness, she is so full of Jesus.
HE just oozes out all over her and gets me gooey too.
Do you hear me?

She talked to us about The Table of Jesus.
We are all invited to the table.
At His table, there is more than enough.
As Bob Benson would say, 
enough fried chicken for everyone,
and still we hold on to our balony sandwich on stale bread
and say, "No, I'm fine."

Table #1
Blue Christmas

Sparkly, blue bows for napkins holders.

The hostess of this table gave each of her guests a cross.

Hilda asked if we had met Jesus at the cross.
I know my need to go to the cross daily.

The cross...
The place where we find
redemption and restoration.
Some call it the GREAT exchange,
the place where we exchange
our sorrow for joy,
our hurt and resentment for forgiveness,
our pain for peace, 
our rejection for His acceptance, 
our sin for HIS grace and mercy.

She asked that we meet Jesus at the manger,
the place of worship where we may sing as the angels.
"Glory to God in the Highest and on earth, peace, goodwill to men."

It takes my breath away to understand that He loved me 
enough to give up Royalty, and to become a servant,
that I may be adopted into His family.
He is the King and that makes me a princess.

To me Thanksgiving should be every day.
So, I think it's perfectly alright if we put up our trees in November. 
Jesus died on a tree.  He is what Christmas is all about anyway.

This is a busy time of year.
Many people have more on their plates than they can digest. 

During this season, I pray for you, my dear sister 
that you will not let the hustle and bustle make you miss Jesus.

Tonight I noticed as each lady tried to decide where she wanted to sit.  
So many pretties, but ladies who didn't feel pretty.
Ladies who came not feeling that they belonged at any table. 
I too have felt isolation at times.
We ladies are like that aren't we?

I invite you to just pull up a chair and sit at HIS table. 
There's room enough for all and as Bob Benson would say
there's plenty of potato salad, mashed potatoes, and fried chicken.
Just throw the baloney sandwich in the garbage
and let's ask the blessing and EAT.

God's table is full and He always has enough for everyone, 
enough grace, enough peace, enough love, enough joy.
He has more than enough.

Join me at the table. 


Don't forget to enter.  Everyone wins!

I am linking up the Cozy Little House this week
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  1. Oooooo and awwwwww's...very pretty. Love the ornament, I don't have FB anymore, sad to say. Blessings

  2. I love the ornament. It reminds me so much of the beach and that is where my heart truly sings!!

  3. I love that beautiful blue color.

  4. I'm not on facebook, so I'm not entering, but I just wanted to say what a beautiful table setting and what beautiful words from you too Bonnie. xx

  5. Such a beautiful post, my image and in word. Can't wait to see the rest! Oh, can count me in :)

  6. Bonnie, I like all the things you showed us today. I am excited to one day, when I leave this earth, to sit at the Lord's heavenly table. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  7. Thank you for the message. I have been feeling like I don't fit in. Nice to be reminded that the invitation is for all of us.
    P.S. I will share.

  8. Beautiful table.....loved the post, we all needed to be reminded. I am a new follower (boopnut shared with me).

  9. Beautiful table. I am always partial to blue and white. Loved the post!

  10. I love that blue table, those dishes remind me of my grandmothers. Love your Christmas message. Yes I would love to be in! Di@Cottage-wishes

  11. Oh my goodness, I love the decorations, I AM a follower and would love to win:) Have a blessed day dear Bonnie, HUGS!

  12. I am a follower and I LOVE that pewter nativity! I have a smaller set (not as many pieces) but love it anyway!!

  13. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.....and pictures...

  14. Your beachy aqua ornament is very pretty!

  15. Beautiful tables for a beautiful event. The first table is my favorite but I enjoyed them all. Thank you for sharing your heart with us - I'm touched!

  16. What a beautiful beach-themed ornament!
    Something cute to give to beach lovers :)


  17. So much beauty. God is so very good!!

    Praying your Christmas is blessed...

  18. I love how everyone is sharing the real meaning of Christmas this year. Your post is beautiful, words and pictures. Sweet ornament. Love the beach.

  19. I hate Xmas too! I see more and more that liberals and non-believers are trying to remove Christ from Christmas ~ makes me sick. Life is hard but what do these people do without our Lord??? I cannot imagine.

    It's been crazy around here but I have thought of you. Hope you're enjoying all the festivities and your women's group. The tables are gorgeous! You always share such beautiful photos.


  20. P.S. I forgot to say how very beautiful the photos are in your blog header. Is this your decor this year? Love the colors and yes, the ornament is beautiful too! I'd love to be included in the giveaway.


  21. This was a beautiful post, and your words should give us all pause, a time to remember what's most important in our lives.


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