Monday, December 1, 2014

Preview of The Pink Table

Yes, I've found that a little dab of pink will do.

I decorated a small table top tree that I already had
and sat it atop the milkglass cake plate.
Myy daughter gave it to me one Christmas
and I rarely get to use it.

I am super excited about this event,
so I'm giving you a preview. 

I added a table top tree skirt, vintage pink ball ornaments
and a string of silver beaded garland. 

This is just a small glimpse of what you will see on Saturday.

I can hardly wait!



  1. I love it, Bonnie! Looking forward to Saturday! :) Hugs!

  2. I love what I can see! Cannot wait to see more.

  3. So pretty and feminine! Love it!!

  4. This is definitely 'pretty in pink'! :)

  5. It is beautiful!!! SO looking forward to seeing more!!

  6. Awww...I wanna come! Sooo pretty!

  7. Oh Bonnie ~ that is the sweetest corner. I love what you did. I have that little piece of milk glass and never thought to use it for Christmas...You have just given me an idea....Thanks doll.

  8. I LOVE it!!! Ooohh pink is my color!
    I love how you used the cake plate to put the tree on, excellent idea.
    I use pink and sage green colors on the tree I put in our master bedroom.
    Of course there are lace ornaments as well.
    I just purchased some gorgeous hand painted heart ornaments from Celestina Marie Design. Celestina has an etsy shop with some beautiful items.
    I will be putting the ornaments on the tree in our bedroom.
    I look forward to seeing what else you are going to have for us.
    Sweet blessings to you, Bonnie.
    Joy! Debbie


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