Monday, December 22, 2014

Wrapped in Love

Today feels like the day after Christmas,
you know those feelings you get when it's all over,
the mully-grubs as my mama would call it,

you know,

the house is empty and in complete dissaray, 
dishes need washing, 
wrapping paper litters the floor, 
the kids are gone 
and you're missing those babies.

Yet, I am filled with a deep sense of peace
and satisfaction that God is Emmanuel,
He indeed has come very near. 

So, until I can get the house in order, 
wrap the presents, and get ready for the next few days, 
I'll share some of the wrappings from Nashville. 

Sometimes all you need is a simple bowl of ornaments
and the lights on the tree to stir the emotions of Christmas.

Vintage ornaments take me back to a much
simpler day when trees were filled with
bulbs lights, Shiney brites, and icicles.

There was always something special about
sitting beside a lighted tree at bedtime.

Glass ornaments reflecting the lights adds more twinkle
to an already glistening ornament.

Both of my girls enjoy the vintage-like bulbs.

It's amazing how the tree changes when little ones are added.

I think we would all agree that
the sweetest wrappings come not in paper packages
but are wrapped in love from above.

These are our joy and delight.

I thank the Lord above,
for sending these loves to us.

Even sick with fever,
these little munchkins were full of joy.

Thanks for sharing our joy!

Merry Christmas,


  1. Your little muchkins are precious. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  2. Precious!!! Loved the pics and post!

  3. Aww...such preciousness! I love all of those sweet memories from days gone by...vintage ornaments are the best. That last photo of Harper is a new one...OMGosh...aDORable!

  4. Your tree is beautiful - but not as beautiful as the little ones! Happy Christmas! xx

  5. You my dear friend...are blessed. Precious, precious, precious. Thank you for making me smile. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  6. Truly we are blessed! Hugs! Bonnie

  7. They are the best! I love the pictures!

  8. Children, whether they are ours or not, certainly fill our hearts with Joy! Enjoy those babes when you see them! Blessings for a wonderful Christmas!

  9. Beautiful post. Your pictures capture the beauty of this season. Hope your little gets to come home soon. She's beautiful .

  10. Sweetest little ones:) So true, the most precious gifts come wrapped in LOVE! Enjoy your Christmas dear Bonnie! HUGS!

  11. So very happy for your beautiful Family!
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas filled with His Love

  12. You got me tearing up here, girl. Precious, hearfelt post, my friend :) Merry Christmas! Looking forward to meeting up with you in the New Year :)


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