Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Jesus and a Giveaway

I can't pick a favorite table. I loved them all, 
but this one made me smile.

I'm so excited to look at Christmas once again 
through the eyes of my three year old grandson.
When he gets excited, it's like seeing Christmas for the first time.  

Jesus said that our faith should be like that of a child.
Children know how to celebrate birthdays
and so it is easy for them to sing 
"Happy Birthday" to Jesus. 

There's no way I would ever leave Jesus out of Christmas.
He IS Christmas!
I hate to see X-mas.  It even makes me mad.
However, I think Jesus enjoys our joy-
whether we are telling His story or Santa's story.

Can't we all remember when visions of sugar plums danced in our heads?

I know The Star "shined brightly" but I just imagine 
Jesus likes sparkles too. I kinda think the star sparkled.

Let me tell you, I believe Jesus lives even in the heart of Santa.

Read another less familiar Christmas story.

The sleigh was all packed,
The reindeer were fed,
But Santa still knelt
By the side of the bed.
"Dear Father," he prayed,
"Be with me tonight,
There's much work to do,
And my schedule is tight."
"I must jump in my sleigh
And streak through the sky,
Knowing full well
That a reindeer can't fly."
Santa Prays On Christmas Eve
"I will visit each household,
Before the first light,
I'll cover the world,
And all in one night."
"With sleigh bells a-ringing,
I'll land on each roof,
Amid the soft clatter
Of each little hoof."
"To get in the house
Is the difficult part,
So I'll slide down the chimney
Of each child's heart."
Santa Prays On Christmas Eve
"My sack will hold toys
To grant all their wishes,
The supply will be endless,
Like the loaves and the fishes."
"I will fill all the stockings
And not leave a track,
I'll eat every cookie
That is left for my snack."
"I can do all these things Lord,
Only through You,
I just need your blessing,
Then it's easy to do."
Santa Prays On Christmas Eve
"All this is to honor
The birth of the One,
That was sent to redeem us ...
Your most Holy Son."
"So to all of my friends,
Least Your glory I rob,
Please Lord, remind them
Who gave me this job."
~ Warren D. Jennings ~

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I'm looking forward to seeing Jesus and Santa.

I Believe, 



  1. Your excitement is contagious, Bonnie! This is a fun table!

  2. I believe too! What a sweet, fun table. Hope you are enjoying the holiday season!

  3. Beautiful tables and I love that story! I had never heard it! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. Oh...I love it, my friend!
    I had never heard that story, but I love it.
    The table is perfect!
    I too believe in combining the true reason for this season...Jesus...with Santa. : )
    In one of our favorite Christmas specials...Santa Claus Is Coming To Town...Santa explains why he chose Christmas Eve to be the one night to deliver his presents. It is the holiest night of the year, the night our Jesus was born. : )
    Have a wonderful Christmas season!!!

  5. What a fun table, Bonnie. I love it. Not signing up for the giveaway though- I am already blessed beyond measure. xo Diana

    ps. You do know you have word verification on-right?

  6. The table looks like so much fun I would enjoy sitting there! Great story! Happy Birthday Jesus! xxDazee

  7. Morning, i love the table, looks so beautiful... Wonderful story, thanks for sharing, Hugs Francine.

  8. Good to talk about Jesus to our little children and the table and story is lovely.

  9. What a beautiful post and yes, Jesus IS Christmas. Your table is decorated so pretty and I never heard of that Christmas story before, but I sure enjoyed it. Have a blessed week... :)

  10. That is the first time I've ever read that..and it got me a little teary..I also like that we/I should see things are children do..

  11. What a fun table!! And love that Christmas story.

  12. Hi Bonnie, Thanks for visiting me.. I have missed hearing from you. Love your 'Santa Story'--from Santa's perspective... I'm one who believes that Santa does have the love of Jesus within himself... Why can't we celebrate both Jesus and Santa during this special holiday?

    Please don't include me in your Giveaway. I don't participate in them anymore. Thanks.

  13. Oh I love this so much! I am going to borrow that Santa poem too! I agree with you 100% of what you said in this post. Have you see Kirk Cameron's new movie, Saving Christmas? I haven't seen it yet but it's about it being OK to celebrate with Santa and other so-called secular Christmas traditions and keeping Christ as the center and how the two can really go hand in hand. I hope to see it soon. Great post, freind.

  14. What a sweet story!! Neither of my kids believe in Santa anymore...but when they used to ask me how Santa knew just what they wanted, I used to tell them "I'm pretty sure Santa prays about it and God tells him" :)
    Fun table!!

  15. What a fun post! I love the table and the poem. You're right about a childs joy. We had Alaina and were driving to a party. She was so excited about the Christmas lights. "My favorite things are colors" she said. Fun times!

  16. That is a great poem Bonnie! Another great table too! xx

  17. Wow!! I love the poem. The tables are beautiful as well. :)


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