Friday, November 25, 2011

Simply Shabby Chic

This is my favorite corner in my sweet little home. This is my daughter's-turned-my-room. In this room is where I display my collection of Fenton white hobnail milk glass. The cabinet was handmade from old windows and distressed by a local vender. I bought everything in the corner locally. The mirror is heavy beveled and the glass is worn off in spots. I love it simply as it is. The chair is comfy. I wanted to paint the arms white and distress but it was so perfect I just decided to keep it as it is. Pink and white-my favorites!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Vintage Blue and White

I'm feeling a little "blue" today, as my mama would say, so I decided to do something with the blue. White always make me smile...white ironstone...white linen...white rooms...white slipcovers. All shades of white...ivory, country white, antique white. I'm dreaming of a White Christmas. Yes, even in the south and I'll be so blue without you...