Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Love Affair That Began with Mr. Raggedy Andy

I talk about my children all the time.
They are my heart.

They are here, 
because two people fell in love.  

I'm becoming sentimental 
the older I get.
It seems that the two of us
are enjoying
our days of young love again.

Our journey began with 
a Youth Christmas Party, 
a White Elephant Exchange,
and a Raggedy Andy.

If I've shared this story before,
please forgive me:),
older, sentimental, and demented?

This baby is 37 years old!

The game is to accept and open the gift
you are given or take someone else's.

The Raggedy Andy was THE one.

Andy exchanged hands many times.
We played with no limited exchanges.

David decided that it would be mine
and he and I kept getting and losing him.

In the end we lost.

We were not dating at the time
so imagine my surprise
when the next day he showed up
with a gift in hand
from the local 5 and 10.

Guess what?
A much larger Andy
and a smile that stole my heart.

The game continued and we were married
two years later.
This high school love affair
has lasted 35 years.

Callie thinks she's found a new friend.
Oh, no.
She belongs only to me!

Do you have a story to tell about how it began for you?
Please share.



  1. what a sweet story! You two have been together a very long time. That is always nice to hear in these days of high divorce rates. My husband and I met while in highschool too. We didn't begin to date until afterwards though. We were friends first. We are still going strong 26 years later! Do they even make Raggedy Ann/Andy dolls anymore? You better hang on to that one!

  2. What a beautiful story Bonnie.. And what a legacy of marriage. Me and my hubby have been together for 35 years. No beautiful story here...Just a testimony to God's grace... I love wonderful beginnings like yours...What a blessing. Raggedy Andy will always be a wonderful reminder of true love if Callie does not eat him.... lol Blessings!

  3. What a sweet story. I loved to read it.
    The Great Dane and I met over 43 years ago and have now been married over 40 years. We met in a swimming pool. I was the lifeguard. He will never hear the end of it!

  4. What a lovely story. You have such a beautiful blog. Thanks for stopping by and joining my blog. Blessings

  5. Thank you for coming by my blog - I will definitely be looking for more here!

  6. Hello there! Visiting from Linda's today.
    Such a beautiful space you have here.
    You brought back some sweet memories today.
    My grandmother made the most beautiful Raggedy Ann costume for me for Halloween. I was so excited to wear it! On party day at school, a boy in my class dressed as Raggedy Andy...and my teacher thought it would be cute if we marched in the Halloween parade together!!!
    I have never forgotten that!
    Have a cozy afternoon. : )

  7. I loved reading your story. Raggedy Andy was the theme for our first baby's nursery almost 40 years ago! I am Mildred's sister. I'm so happy she led me to your blog!

  8. We have been married 37 years as of last September. My husband is wonderful. He and I met on a blind date arranged by friends in our early twenties.
    I had Raggedy Ann & Andy when I was in older elementary school. We "found" or were given a LARGE Raggedy Ann when our girls were younger. It is the height of an older toddler child!

  9. Vim lá do blog Maple Lane para te conhecer. Gostei do que li e vi! Beijos do Brasil, chica

  10. A beautiful love story. I've always thought that when the kids left the nest was when the dh and I truly began to know each other!

  11. Visiting your blog today!! Love your love story! I have been married 37 years and it gets sweeter everyday!

  12. Bonnie, I'm visiting from Mildren's blog. And totally loved your "Love Story" and Mr. Andy. I quite a bit older than you, and my dearest and I will celebrate 53 in June. We met at Biola College and I immediately gave my heart to this young preacher, and we spend 50 years pastoring churches and loving on congregations. Retire 6 years ago and move to South CA to be close to kids and grandkids.
    Glad Mildred introduced me to you. I'll be back. I also have a Raggedy Ann and Andy story, but I'll share that with you another time. I don't need to write a book on my first visit... HaHa.

  13. how very sweet. came over from mildred's blog this afternoon to say hello. :)

  14. Evening, paying a visit, meet you through Mildred.....Sweet story.....blessings Francine.

  15. Hi, new to your blog. What a neat story. Hubby and I met at the A&W and have been married 49 years, whoa, scary huh... A whole lifetime. Glad to have found you.

  16. What a sweet story! I'm stopping by to say hello and add you to my blog roll! I have taken a bit of a hiatus from my blog, but hope to get back to it soon! Stop by sometime, we seem to have a lot in common. I met my husband when we were 19 and this year we will celebrate our 33 wedding anniversary! We were set up by our roommates who were dating. They broke up shortly after our first date, but we are still going strong since April Fool's Day 1978! I'm no fool! Ann

  17. What a sweet story! Hello, I'm visiting here from Mildred's blog. :)

  18. That is a sweet story. Visiting from Mildred's.

  19. I picked the right day to visit your blog for the first time! I LOVE Raggedy Andy. He was my favorite doll from the time I was about 2 years old until he literally wore out and fell apart when I was in my early 20's. I only have a tiny fragment of his face now, but he will always have a special place in my heart.

  20. That is very sweet. Stopping by. ..Mildred sent me!

  21. I am visiting from Mildred's blog.
    I loved reading this story. My daughter was about 6 years old when I made her a raggedy ann and andy. She still has them some 50 add years later.

  22. May you be blessed for many more precious years of love!

  23. Oh dear, I'm sure I wrote a comment...from my phone....but it didn't make it through the web, so it seems!
    I'm a friend of Mildred and she pointed the way to your blog. I'm so glad she did!I love your post and am anxious to read more about what make you you.
    Bless you today! Please feel free to visit me at

  24. What a sweet story!
    Mildred recommended your blog, glad she did.
    Marie :)

  25. Hi there, SWEET story! I have a story to tell about a Raggedy Andy! My Daughter just turned 40! She was just a week old on her first Christmas! I sent her Daddy out to get her a doll for Christmas! He brought home a Raggedy Andy! At the time, it didn't seem like such an appropriate gift for a little GIRL! But looking back, it was perfect! I am happy I found you thru my precious friend Mildred! Have a blessed evening, HUGS!

  26. My friend Mildred sent me your way. I LOVE the Andy story. (I had Raggedy Ann as a child; loved her)!
    My husband and I met on a blind date; we went to a concert to see Robert Plant (from Led Zepplin) That was 29 years ago.
    Great to meet you!


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