Friday, January 31, 2014

Snow in the Country

Around our neck of the woods, 
you either live in the town or the country.

Just a few of my favorites 
from the country.
Thanks, Kim Roberson for the photo of your grandparents smokehouse. 

Makes me think of The Shack.
I'd like to have a visit beside the fire with PaPa.
(A great read!)

The home of Keith and Robin McDonald

I sure would like a home in the country. 

It feels like Christmas.
Yes, I got my Winter Wonderland.
Even if it was for only a day!

Made by Elizabeth and Ethan Daniel

I love a Lady in Red.

Weather man says to expect more next week!

Happy Weekend, 



  1. What fun pictures. Love the first ones in the snow. And the berry bush with snow...Does look like Christmas. The snowman is adorable...

    Your post made me off to bed. Sweet dreams.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your photos and the snow-lady is simply lovely :) Enjoy your weekend - hugs!

  3. Morning Bonnie, I love your tours around your neck of the woods, so much fun to see. Love the wee smokehouse, so cute, I would also love to live in the country, Blessings Francine.

  4. Looking through you photos I am reminded of the area in Louisiana where I grew up. They had their two is unheard of. Enjoy and stay warm! Bonnie

  5. Beautiful pictures:) LOVE the snowlady ALL dressed up in red! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  6. Love your pictures. Yes, we are expecting a monster storm next week, so the weatherman says. Have a great weekend. Blessings

  7. Beautiful winter photos! Perfect snow lady, too! Enjoy the weekend.

  8. I can smell the ham and bacon hanging in that smokehouse! Your pictures are lovely. Enjoy your snow while it lasts. xoxo

  9. Great pics!
    We're expecting more!? Well, maybe this time it'll travel just a click or so further south. All our area received last storm were flurries and a few teeny icicles on the roof. I sure would like to see real snow this year. Guess the Fat Lady hasn't sung yet so it's not over. [lol] ~:)

  10. i love the snowlady - too cute. ( :
    really enjoy the little cabin as well. hope you are having a good weekend!!

  11. I loved reading "The Shack", too. Not everyone likes it though. I told them if they would go online and listen to the man's biography, then they would understand the book more. It's really a miracle he has such a strong faith considering some of the things he endured.


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