Monday, January 13, 2014

I Long For Simplicity

I feel like the world is moving forward 
and I'm being left behind.

The past 13 years of my life 
have been fruitful years, 
years of helping others.

We often had photography and art exhibits.

While I loved what I did,
the mind was on hold.
You can love without a brain.
Loving others comes naturally for me, 
I don't have to think about it.

The residents continued to feel like they were a part of the community.

As an activity director, 
I planned activities for a 65-bed 
long-term care facility.

I enjoyed the hub of activity
that allowed the residents to experience 
some good quality of life 
through continued involvement with the community.

I made scrapbooks of their activities.
They enjoyed looking at themselves.

I loved my job,
but in a small town we had not 
yet begun electronic documentation
and most of what I did 
was done by hand.

Now, I'm computer-illiterate
in a world of passwords, security codes,
http and stuff I don't understand.

Just take me back to my little shop
and let me find simplicity again.

This I prefer!

Why am I longing for the good old days?
I sound like my parents.
When did this happen?

I'm missing the days on the dock.
My daughter and my niece at the homeplace
that is long gone.

My daughter and husband are looking at a job
opportunity in Nebraska.
They are already 6 hours away
add 9 more!
I'm crying!!!!

She said tonight, 
"Mama, I will want our children to come to Georgia 
two or three weeks out of the year
to go fishing, to ballgames, and to musicals
like we did when we were growing up."

The college years!

My son's high school team!
We spent almost every night at a ball field or a court
from the early years when
 Mr. H played softball, basketball and volleyball
until our son started playing baseball-
T-ball all the way to 4 years of college ball.

My daughter as Sandy in GREASE.
Many nights my husband and I met each other
exchanging places so we could be there for them both.

Traveling the southeast 
listening to my girl sing!

When I was managing the shop,
we were recording sales in a composition book.

Maybe it's time to just relax 
and enjoy these,

ore of this,

and time with this little one and 
all the other little ones who will follow.

Please pardon my ramblings
and my run-on sentences. 

I don't feel like editing...



  1. What a wonderful post, Bonnie. Sounds like some self-realizations there and some mulling over of things that used to be and are no more. Life just keeps moving us along, doesn't it?

    I can never go home again--my old homestead burned down-my parents are gone and my only sibling is gone. It is an odd feeling to be leaving my old young life behind an being at the part of my life where my children have left and have their own lives, too. It is a type of disconnect in some ways-not bad-just different.

    Well, now you got ME rambling, too! Blessings to you, Bonnie. You are gonna be just fine! xoDiana

  2. Nice to learn more about you and your family. I enjoy your vignettes you create with your pretties.
    We don't have children but I have many nieces/nephews. It is hard to get used to them being adults and having children of their own in faraway places.
    Like Nana Diana, I lost both parents and my sis is far away.
    I'm thankful for sweet memories from childhood.

  3. Bonnie l loved this post and it really hit a chord with me as my children are grown and my only girl lives 7 hrs away. Our lives change so much don't they, but it's mostly subtle so we don't always notice. Then we wake up one day and EVERYTHINGS changed and wonder how that happened.
    l too had to learn computers in my job. Nursing used to be only nursing and now half my day is spent recording what l did in the morning....and yes you're right passwords and security codes and so on and on...upskilling has been challenging and frustrating for an oldish chook like me.
    Anyway Bonnie it looks like you have grandchildren...what a blessing and a joy. Wishing you caring thoughts and happiness across the miles:-)
    Also Bonnie l do apologise for the hastily written comment l left you on my blog...l've changed it and hope it's more helpful:-)

  4. Technology has a way of speeding everything up doesn't it? Sometimes, we miss the simpler times. However, I'm caught up in the world of computers now and don't know how we ever lived without them. I guess it's all about finding balance.

  5. you are so right...change is hard and I don't know why we can't just drag and place everything(computer wise)...I want simple too...beginning with 1/2 time at the superbowl!

  6. You sound like many of the rest of us - - - where did time go soooo very fast?!!! I love this post. We lived in GA many years and my mom was in NY - - always - - - a long trip. My in-laws were anywhere from four to eight hours away depending on where the job took us. It was heart-wrenching and we now wish we had gone "home" more - - - but it was so far - - and expensive - - and time-consuming travel. It was a blessing when they came to see us - - - a real treat.
    You are a special person of compassion and patience to love "facility-bound" seniors and improve their quality of life.


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