Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Shower Ideas for $1

Worked with teenagers
for 35 years, 
affords my husband and I 
 the opportunity 
to watch many kids grow up, 
get married and have babies. 

We have gone full circle now, 
having taught the children of our youth.
Now they are having babies!
Yikes, we are getting old!

I love hosting their bridal and baby showers-
like the baby adoption party 
that I shared last month. 

This bridal shower 
was for one of my girls.

I'm so NOT a photographer, 
but you get the picture.

Her colors were purple
I used a wreath around the bowl-
an easy way to pretty-up the serving table.

Added gumballs to a glass
with a peppermint stick
to look like a straw.

Buckets can be used to hold
forks and spoons 
or candles.

Everything $1 from 
The Dollar Tree.

Key Lime cake, my favorite!
I love to decorate with my Southern Living pieces!

My First Banner
Scrapbook paper $1.
I already had the rope and clothespins.

 The Corsage

I taught Mom and Daughter.
The mom was one of my 12-year-olds
that I taught in Sunday School 38 years ago.
I was only 15 when I started teaching.


Never use shredded paper around your candles!
Paper will start a fire! Duh!
We turned around and the tablecloth was up in flames!
(See the lady in the background moving the tree?
A few more seconds and it would have been gone too!)

One we'll never forget, for sure!

Laughing at yourself will keep you sane!


  1. You did a lovely job! Everything is beautiful and colorful.

    I was church pianist during my college years and I played for the children's choirs too. All those kids now have kids of their own!!!

  2. You did an amazing job! Everything was beautiful! Yay you!

  3. It was truly a "hot" shower that will be remembered! Everything looks so pretty. What a special thing you did for that sweet girl.


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