Sunday, January 19, 2014

Meet Charlie, the GRANDdog

Meet Charlie, 
our second GRANDdog.

Is this not the sweetest face you have ever seen?

This is our daughter's first baby.
She and her husband adopted him 
from the shelter the week that our grandson was born.
Having this baby has helped:)

This baby has taken up residence
in what will be his brother or sister's room.

He's such a sweet boy.
He's surely loved!
Of course not:)

He's got us all wrapped around his little paw!

He's helping his mommy finish her Master's degree.

Can't you tell his mommy loves him?
Oh, his daddy?
He has his daddy's heart.

I don't know if they can love a child
any more than they do Charlie.

They say he's a "human canine."

I've never been a dog person, 
but we sure do love our GRANDdogs.

I'll share Bennie another time. 

Do you have a GRANDdog or 
"puppy baby,"
that you'd like to share?

Please do,


  1. I had a granddog for several years. A golden retriever named Molly. She was much loved but went to the rainbow bridge in 2007. Your granddog is beautiful.

  2. We have a grand dog too! Out sixteen year old has a shih tzu named Chord. He is very loved and spoiled. -Carla

  3. He is adorable! U have 2 granddogs - a boxer and a little "mutt". They were spoiled babies and very loved. Now that they have a human baby, the dog babies are still loved, but a little less spoiled. :)

  4. We have two terrier mixes who are spoiled beyond reason. Adorable puppy!

  5. Makes me want a sweet little dog like that.
    I came over from Mildred to be a follower.

  6. HELLO CHARLIE!!!:)--

    Oh grand baby nothing here, Liam is only 16! (chuckling at that thought of babies, lol-although, I will be 47)--we do have a loveable German Shep who thinks he is a puppy, he is near 100 lbs, who I think he is species confused, lol. That is another story for another time. LOL--Thanks for sharing.

  7. Such an adorable face!

  8. He certainly is a cutie!!!
    Mary Alice

  9. Charlie is adorable! I have a darling fur baby. A cat named, Peeka. She brings lots of love and joy to our lives, too. Enjoy the grand!

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  12. Oh, my! Charlie is just so darn cute!

  13. LOVE our sweet little grand-dogs. :)

    Girlfriend...your prayers have meant so much to me. Steve was out of work for almost 7 months and even though our faith never wavered there were moments when we were very discouraged and sad. Somehow, through God's grace and goodness, we survived financially and didn't have to get into our 401K. We are so grateful. He starts his job at Oklahoma City Community College on the 27th....

    Bless you and thank you for your prayers. I have so much catching up to do...outta the bloggie loop. Baby coming????


  14. What a sweet little face, adorable, Francine.

  15. Charlie is a doll. Is he Shih Tzu? He looks like our Molly, but dark and Molly is white and tan.

    They are such lovable dogs, and I can see he is in the right family.

  16. I am a dog person and, take it from me, Charlie's adorable. I'm a sucker for fuzzy faces.

  17. Precious!!! Dogs give such unconditional love that it is difficult not to get attached.

  18. Nope- No puppies for us. We have kids/grands with allergies and so we haven't had a dog in about 15 years is a long time now that I think about it.

    He is very, very cute! o Diana

  19. What a cutie Charlie is! My mom has two Yorkies and they both have the sweetest dispositions!


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