Saturday, January 25, 2014

Painting with Pals

Painting with Pals

It's that thang we do!

And it's popping up everywhere.

I have a niece who teaches classes.

In Nashville they have a group,
"Sips and Strokes."
Sip a little, Stroke a little, 
as in wine and brush.

I promise I wasn't drinking!

Even if it looks like I might have been:)

May have been better if I had been.
Teasing, teasing!

This was our teacher.
And these were some of her students.

Ever heard of the Southern Gospel Group
Brian Free and Assurance?
These two belong to the baritone, Mike Rogers. 
He's awesome!
Did I say he was good looking awesome!
That's another blog post!

These sweet girls lost their mom and nanny
a few weeks ago. 
She was one of my classmates.  
They dedicated their hearts to her.

This is one of the girls in our youth group.

This is her mom's masterpiece.

Hey, I thought this was amateur's night!
A photographer/artist!

I loved this!

 A mama and her big girl 
enjoying a night out!

Just so you can see how uniquely wonderful
we all are...

Yes, the knees ain't made for squatting.
Somebody had to help my up
while I rolled around on the floor.
I know you're laughing.
Should have seen it!

The Pastor's wife and hostess are the two on the front row.

Ok, ok, we'll cut her some slack.
 She missed the memo!
We ARE GA girls.

It was a fun night enjoyed by all!

I'll show you what I did with mine.

I'm Staying in Today,


  1. Very fun pictures. I look forward to seeing what you do with yours. I'm under the weather today. Fever, cough etc. Just finished a cuppa tea!

  2. Afternoon, oh what fun that is, great pictures....Francine.

  3. looks like a wonderful time. the image in my mind of you rolling on the floor really perked up the day!

  4. Great pictures. Love all of the hearts!

  5. What a fun night! I'm anxious to see what you did with yours.

  6. That is so cute, Bonnie. What a fun class. I am staying inside today, too. xo Diana

  7. Bonnie, it sounds like a fun way to spend time with friends! Hugs!

  8. This looks like so much fun! We need more of this kinda stuff!
    Happy weekend!

  9. Those all turned out so pretty! I bet that was a lot of fun. It's got to be a fun time when women get together and craft.

  10. It looks like you all had so much fun. I laughed when you said you had to have help getting up after rolling on the floor...I could 'so' see myself in your exact place. :)

    Thanks for visiting and following me. I am now following you too on Bloglovin. xo

  11. What a great idea! I should do something like this at our ladies outreach luncheon for Valentine's Day! Thanks for sharing those great pics!

  12. We have that here; Masterpiece mixers, and I always do better with wine. :) SO much fun.
    I love all the hearts!
    The girls who lost their Mom and Nanny….took my breath away. Prayers for them both.


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