Sunday, January 12, 2014

"Pretty IS as Pretty DOES"

I can't tell you 
how many times
I have been told, 
"Pretty IS as Pretty DOES!"

Well, that had to mean
that I surely wasn't 
the "Pretty IS,"
because I couldn't do, 
the "Pretty DOES."

Before beating the crap out of me, 
Mama would say, 
"You always think you have to have the last word."

In the middle of the first pop,
I'd start to say something
and she'd say,
"See, what I'm telling you."

I mean, what can be wrong with
explaining the why of what 
I was saying

So, I always tried to find the "pretty,"
and never did.

The world, our parents, mean girls-
everywhere we go
we find ourselves wishing for
someone to make us feel pretty.

No, this is not my daughter.
But she could pass for mine.

It's my niece before her

She's my spittin' image-
inside and out!

My sister said, 
"How did I get YOU, and you got ME."

My daughter is just like my sister (sweet and mild-mannered), 
my niece just like me (strong-willed and bossy)!

Look at that wrinkled brow!
When she's having a fit, 
they say, 
"She's having a Bonnie-fit."

I think she's beautiful, 
fits and all!

I wish I had gotten that message.

Who can resist that smile?

Oh, the pains we go through
to "feel" beautiful.

We turn this way...

and that way
to try to catch a glimpse of our true beauty.

We put on pretty dresses
and parade up and down...

and turn around, 
hoping to win a prize that will 
validate our beauty,
our worth.

We compare ourselves
with others
in an attempt to find worth.

When each one of us is beautiful-
as the song says-
in her own way.

Take away all the glitz and glamour,
add a smile

Mandisa says it this way
in True Beauty, 

It doesn't come in a bottle, doesn't come in a box,
You can't spray it on, can't wash it off,
You can't nip and tuck, you can't sew it up,
So, don't waste your time.

It's the love in your heart, the peace in your soul,
The hope in your smile, let's the whole world know...

Your True Beauty!

Wish I had gotten this message years ago!
Maybe it's not too late to believe...

You are Beautiful!


  1. WOW! How right on you are. Hmm..did we have the same mothers? ---Thank you for a beautiful post. Blessings

  2. Such a good and true post. My daughter is grown and I spent her childhood hoping to avoid the emphasis on physical beauty with which I was raised. I think I succeeded, and she is a confident, beautiful woman, now raising her own daughter. Your niece is so very pretty, physically. I'll bet she's just as pretty on the inside.

  3. Oh Bonnie...I had never seen this post...maybe we hadn't "found" each other yet. WOW, you are right! She looks just like you....and she is BEAUTIFUL! I love it how you have used this one and only pageant of hers to bring such truth to light. Such a touching and heartfelt glad you shared it on facebook today! And girl, you ARE beautiful! Love you...HUGS!♥♥♥


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