Sunday, January 26, 2014

4 Pics/1 Word

Ok, here goes. 

You know the game, right?
4 pics-1 word

I'll make it easy for you.
1.  Palm Tree
2.  The Waves of the Ocean
3.  My Daddy
4.  A Tree Planted By the Water
(HINT: remember the Bible verse)

____   ____  ____  ____  ____  ____

I'll give you another clue.
Same word.

1.  The Bible
2.  The Flag that represents a great nation
3.  A Summer Thunderstorm
4.  A church that's stood for 64 years

So, have you figured out the above???

You didn't cheat did you?

Ok, I'll give you the first letter, S
and the last letter G.

Okay, you don't have to buy letters.  



STRONGER:  Finding Hope in Fragile Places,

the name of the Ladies' Bible Study 
that I am teaching.

My prayer as we begin:

"God, I want to know you more.  
I want to learn and grow and understand
YOUR powerful words.
In so many ways, 
I desperately need to become stronger, 
so teach me about WHO YOU ARE
and the strength YOU give.
Bring your light into my dark places.
For these next weeks, 
help me to focus on YOU.
Just YOU, Lord. 
--Angela Thomas

Join Me On This Journey,


  1. Love those collages, Bonnie. STRONG is a good word to "play with". I think a lot of us have an inner strength the Lord gave us for when we need it. xo Diana

  2. That was fun! It made me think of the verse in Psalms about a tree planted by the riverside, that flourishes. I'm thinking that describes your Dad.

  3. Loved seeing your photo collages and your precious dad, especially.

  4. Wonderful, such great pictures, BLESSINGS FRANCINE.

  5. Pictures are great and I so enjoyed seeing the beach today. Take good care!

  6. I liked that post - - - something unique, fun, and uplifting! Beautiful pics, too.

  7. Loved this, Bonnie! Thank you for sharing!


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