Monday, January 20, 2014

God is Stronger

It's been over a year since I've been involved in ministry at our local church.

My parents started the church 64 years ago and it has been home for as long as I can remember.  I started helping in Children's church when I was only 13.  It helped to transition from being a pre-teen to being in the Teen Department.  After my brother died it was hard to be around the children, so before I turned 15, I started teaching a 12 year old Sunday School class.  I taught Jr. Highers for...oh, I don't remember how long. I've been a Preacher's Kid, a Youth Director's wife, Preacher Lindsey's daughter...and then I didn't know who I was.

Mama was gone first-September was 3 years.  Daddy died 6 months later-March will be 3 years.  It seems forever since I've talked to them and yet, it feels like yesterday.  Some of you know that feeling.

The past year has been spent trying to find my way back.  It has been a slow process, one that not everyone can understand.  I was so connected to them.  After their death, I continued to go through the motions. That's just it, I was simply gooooing thrrrrrrough the mooooootions.  Then, I couldn't do it anymore, I just couldn't. It would take a book to share with you this journey and one day there may be one, but you don't have the time to read as I ramble. So I want to introduce you to the Bible Study that I am starting...

STRONGER:  Finding Hope in Fragile Places by Angela Thomas

Whatever you are facing, the Bible promises our God is stronger.

stronger than your greatest weakness
stronger than your deepest need
stronger than your past mistakes
stronger than your present stumblings
stronger than sickness, physical sufferings, and death
stronger than your doubts
stronger than your bad attitude
stronger than your broken relationships
stronger than your leaders, authorities, kings, and nations
stronger than loneliness and depression
stronger than anxiety and worry
stronger than sin
stronger than unforgiveness 
stronger than anger, bitterness and rage

God is stronger than everything.  And everybody. And every circumstance.  Oh hallelujah!

I thought about so many of you.

If you're a young woman,
balancing the responsibilities
of being a wife and a mother
and you grow tired at times
(we all did)...

God is Stronger

If you're a single woman 
with an aching heart, 
waiting for someone to come home to...

God is Stronger

If your arms are aching
to hold one of your own...

God is Stronger

If you miss those you've lost 
and wonder how you'll ever go on
without them...

God is Stronger

If you're a sick mommy
trying to take care of two babies
and you long to be well
and can't hide the pain...

God is Stronger

If you're a mommy
with teenagers who are struggling
to find their way,
and you're weak from having cried a bucket of tears...

God is Stronger

If you're exhausted from
caring for those who have cared for you,

God is Stronger

If you are just tired from the struggles of life,
a broken marriage, without a job,
financially and emotionally spent,

God is Stronger

I invite you to grab a chair and slide up to the table with a Bible and a pen in hand and find that God is Stronger...than _____________.

The people above are real people
with real problems
who are not always sure that 

I look forward to renewed hope
and restoration for you who need to know
God is Stronger,



  1. You have given me a starting place for renewed faith. I know my journal tonight will include ways God is stronger in my life. Thanks, Bonnie.

  2. Bonnie, Oh what a great Bible Study. This is truly the answer to all our hurts and problems. Are you going to be sharing your lessons on line?

    I didn't realize you had lost your parents so recently. My Dad died very young at 57, back in 1968, and my mom was 79 and passed in 1991. I still miss them both but now I'm getting close to my mom's age when she died. Sometimes the thought of that shocks me.

    I truly love reading your words, Bonnie.

    Sending love and hugs

  3. It's okay to take a break to rest and renew. Sometimes HE will lead us in a different direction when we return. I retired from church ministry one year ago and felt God telling me to do nothing - - - not to commit to any specific thing for one year. When I give myself to a "job" or activity, I give it my all so always want to make sure I am not out of HIS will - - - as I probably have been in many church teachings posts in the past. So glad you get to do an Angela Thomas study. She is phenomenal. Praying for great renewal in HIM for you!

  4. I love that poem - great reminder that God is stronger than anything that's bothering us!

  5. What a beautiful and encouraging word! God is everything and all that we need, and I'm so thankful he gave his all! Blessings and a wonderful week~~~prayers, Roxie

  6. Bonnie, reading here about the loss of your parents three years ago brought back memories of when my daddy passed away. It is a hard place to be, even though we know they are with the Lord, it is our own loss that we grieve. But I can attest, as you have here, that God is stronger. A beautifully written post, my new blogging friend.

  7. God is stronger than the pain we carry in our hearts. His love can fill the hole that was put there by others.

    Good lesson.

    I do understand dealing with loss. I guess the best way to get through it is remember we will see them again. We only say a temporary goodbye to those who also believe in Jesus Christ. He promises that and He never lies. :)

    BTW, are you a native Sandersville-ian then? Very cool. My husband's family (Hudson-Cain) are from the Washington / Jefferson County area. You know where Grange is of course. It used to be called Hudsonia and his gr-gr-great grandfather, Elijah Hudson, was Postmaster. They started a church too. The farm was lost during the War of Northern Aggression. This is his family if interested:

  8. My deepest sympathy to you in your losses. Both my parents are in Heaven and I miss them very much. Also, my sis (Karen) lost her 4 yr old son. We know we will be reunited in Heaven but we do miss them very much. The blessing of blogging is to lean on one another; share each others burdens and pray.

  9. Oh aunt bonnie thank you. I needed to hear this today.


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