Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Finds From the Flea Market and Old Finds From Storage

As you know, we got the promised snow
and it's another wet, cold day
but warming up with sunshine.

My kids have sent me word not to drive.
(They know I'm hopeless even in perfect weather.)

So, I'll share with you a few of my finds
and adds from my storage.

I found the wicker mirror and the doilie 
at our local flea market.  
I talked my buddy down to $3 (1/2 price)
for the mirror 
and $1 (1/2 price)
for the doilie.

The hankie was my granny's
and my daughter carried it in her wedding bouquet.

The cup and saucer is my sister's, 
inherited from her husband's
great, great grandmother. 

She said, "Keep it."
I say, "No."
Her daughter, my niece will want it one day.
So, I'm borrowing it.

Perfect stitching.
Isn't it delicate and pretty?

Another of my sister's cups.
These crossed the Atlantic 
when his ancestors made their 
way from England.

This was an extra cup to her OLD English transfer ware. 

This ladies' hankie I found at the flea market.

My daddy, The Preacher Man, 
carried the other in his pocket. 
It still smells like him.

They all need ironing.
They are going back to the chest anyway,
so, oh well!

Here's To a Cool, Sunshiny Day,



  1. I was going through my dresser the other day and found some sweet things from the past.
    Love the cups and saucer's.

  2. I love all the subtle pretty pinks. I must visit the flea. Right now I am not moving though. xo, olive

  3. Such sweet treasures you have shared today. The cups/saucers are very nice and I love the embroidered doily. We are warming up today, so the snow is melting. I have one of my dad's handkerchiefs too.

  4. Such lovely pretties! Your tea cups are so beautiful and I love the linens and mirror. Have a warm, cozy day - hugs!

  5. Wonderful treasures you have to enjoy! The cups and saucers are beautiful1

  6. Love your treasures! The cups and saucers are beautiful!!

  7. Well, we sure got the COOL part of the day-but no sunshine- white out snow conditions here on the bay- wahoooo!

    I love the sweet cups from your SIL. They are beautiful! xo Diana

  8. Afternoon, love your finds, way to go!!!! Francine.

  9. Oh so lovely! I collect doiles (sp?) as well & antiques (mainly dishware). Such pretty things you have. Blessings (ps I love flea markets and thrift stores too.)

  10. Beautiful items and amazingly low prices you paid, too. It is really special to have such history on the cups. I have a couple of things that date back at least to grandparents and one thing older. I know hankies and men's handkerchiefs were necessary before Kleenex but disposable tissues are so much more sanitary. I don't have hang-ups about too many things but cloth handerkerchiefs are one. Don't know why cuz they are less nasty than cloth diapers and I washed plenty of those years ago.

  11. Love your finds and that gorgeous cup! SO pretty! I LOVE hankies! I just pulled out my Valentine hanky today:) Enjoy your evening dear friend, HUGS! (We still have SOME snow at our house, the roads are pretty clear)

  12. So pretty! I love the teacups. Those old ones are so delicate beautiful!

  13. Your linens are so lovely.

    I have a few sweet pieces from my mother and grandmother. I buy pieces whenever I can find them reasonably priced - but that isn't often.

    I am a new follower.


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