Saturday, June 30, 2012

You Have Treasures. I Guess I'll Stick with the Trash

I must confess that I grow a little weary from reading all the pretty posts on gardening and decorating and crafting.
Now that I am managing the shop, I have little time to gather goods and turn them into beautiful treasures. Most of my finds are local and remain junk. Oh, how I wish to do what some of you do. For now, I'll just have to deal with the trash and hope someone else can turn them into treasures.
I got this cabinet for $65 at auction. I really want to transform it, but I do declare, I really like the chippy showing the green paint underneath.
The knobs look to be the originals.
Still my heart throbs when I see red and white enamelware. My old kitchen was full of it! I need a cabin to fill with all the things my small
home can not house. red handled kitchen tools.
...a juicer
..and old jello molds.
Visit Georgia where you'll find my cabinet for $175, enamelware from $5-$20, red-handled spoons $3-$5, glass juicer $5, and jello molds, all for one low price of $2!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Second Row, Piano Side: Sisters by Chance, Friends by Choice

Sisters by Chance, Best Friends by Choice
This is one of my favorite pictures because it portrays me as the kind, sweet big sister that I should have been.
I was 5 years old when my little sister was born. I loved her so first. When I realized that my position in the family had changed...that is 5 years later another little girl came to steal my daddy's heart...well things became a little different.
Beverli was the good child, the sweet child, the never-did-anything-wrong child. She seldom remembers ever getting a spanking. While there was not a day in my life that I didn't get one!
I did my best to catch her doing something wrong, and when I did no one believed me! She was perfect. Do I sound bitter???
I'm not!!!
I'll let you in on a little secret...shhhhhhh...she could LIE like a rug. But she never got caught. Me...well I was so transparent. My mama would say, "Bonnie, I can read you like a book." I do declare that woman had eyes in the back of her head!
I picked on my sister endlessly, of which I am now ashamed of. I guess she grew tired of it and moved away and went to an out of state college. When she came home, she was still the queen. Yes, I was a jealous child and young adult.
All of that changed one day. She was still single at 30. I had two children. She was home for Christmas. She was alone and weepy. That's when I realized that we needed to get this out in the open once and for all.
Beverli had seen the world. She loved to travel and she had the time to do it. No friends...
She longed to have what I had and I longed for the freedom that she enjoyed.
So one Christmas, we laid it all on the table. I said, "Let's call a truce! I love my children. Sure I'd love to travel, but I wouldn't trade what I have for anything and you wouldn't trade your freedom. So let's put this behind us."
And we did.
My parents sickness and death, taught me much...
Friends come and go...usually go...but

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Second Row, Piano Side: The Firstborn

On June 27, 1959, my mama and daddy welcomed their firstborn son into the world.
There are several theories on birth order, one disputing the other. I'm not sure where my family fits into this. Most dysfunctional families don't fit the typical scenerio. I've learned that all families have dysfunction to some degree.
I do, however, agree with the one that suggest that the big brother is often dominant and organized and the older sister is usually bossy, confident and aggressive.
My brother is definitely the more organized. He was organized from the model airplanes on his shelf that he dreamed of one day flying, down to his underware drawer.
I was the 2nd born and the older sister-yes, bossy and agressive. I don't know about the confident. My confidence was usually a cover-up for my insecurities.
Did you know that almost all US Presidents were firstborns or first born sons?
Did you know that two of the first astronauts sent into space were firstborns and the other two were only children? Maybe my brother was born to be an astronaunt. He sure loves to fly!
Bruce was the most talented of us all (sorry Beverli, you got the brains!). Mama tells the story in her own handwriting...
"I was taking music when I got preganat with Bruce. Ms. Baldree taught me the fundamentals. After I learned to play every song in the hymnal, she taught me how to "run" the different chords. Although I was sometimes too sick to play and wanted to quit, my teacher encouraged me to continue. She said that she had seen it time and time again that when a mother played the piano during pregnancy, the child would be naturally musical. Bruce had a natural ear for music."
My brother was a 12 year old Floyd Cramer. He is today still my favorite musician. I'd rather hear him play and sing than anyone else. He just doesn't do it often enough!
What I remember most about my brother growing up..
Every year for Christmas, he got a cowboy suit with cap gun and holster and a guitar.
He liked model airplanes and cars.
He read and kept every magazine about the astranauts.
When he got mad, he either chopped wood or played the piano.
I socked him in the nose one time for scaring me, but he protected me from the neighborhood boys. One day, he picked a boy up by the collar for making fun of me. (But I in turn made fun of the boy and daddy picked me up by the seat of my pants and a belt!)
He was the funny one in the family, a clown, and could make the funniest faces. He could make us all laugh. (He still can!)
He was good looking (He still is!) and all the girls liked him.
Bruce was mama's pride and joy. He says he was the black sheep of the family. We know better! Mama loved her some Bruce.
Bruce was with her the early morning that she died. He was her firstborn. She was the first one with him when he came into the world and he was the last one with her when she left this world. I think that's pretty special.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Second Row, Piano Side: Mama's Baby Brother

Mama and her brother, Robert
I don't exactly know when my mama's brother and his family moved to our hometown. I assume it was when he married. Mama and Daddy had already started the church and had moved to the new location.
I always knew how much mama loved my Uncle Robert. She often told stories about the games they played. She was the baby girl and he was the baby boy in a family of 9. She said he was the clown in the family and he made them all laugh. She said he could mimic anyone.
Mama tells her story...
"I think the earliest thing I remember is when my little brother, Robert was born. I was three years old. When it was time, Daddy went for the doctor leaving me and my older sister with Pa. My Aunt Eva came to stay with mama while she waited for the doctor to arrive. The baby didn't want to wait and Aunt Eva delivered my baby brother. I was swinging in a tire under a china berry tree when I heard the baby's first cry. I was so proud of my little brother and as soon as he was big enough, I was allowed to hold him as much as I wanted. As he grew, everyone teased me that I was going to carry him on my hip until his feet dragged the ground and my hip would grow crooked.
One day Mama had picked a bucket of cucumbers and sat them on a shelf on the back porch. Robert wanted a cucumber but was too small to reach the bucket. Pulling the bucket down, he spilled cucumbers everywhere and the bucket was the first thing he felt. Robert let out a loud scream and Mama and 4 sisters came running. The broken edge of the bucket cut his lip all the way into the edge of his nose. A neighbor took him to the town doctor for stitches. I disappeared behind the old log kitchen to cry. I thought my little brother was going to die.
Robert and I grew up together and mama made him go everywhere with me. On my second date with your daddy, Robert caught us kissing. I was scared for weeks that he would tell mama. He teased me and made me do his share of the chores. After weeks of the teasing and taunting, I finally confessed. Mama said, "Oh shoot, I kissed your daddy more before we married than I have since."
Our families remained close through the years getting together during the Holidays, weekends and Summer--that is before the accident. Every thing in our life was "before the accident" or "after the accident."
Uncle Robert was by our side when the doctor told us that Brian was gone. At the funeral, he and Aunt Shirley sang, "I Don't Need to Understand," and he sobbed afterwards. My cousins cried with us, but we seldom got together as before.
The Family on the Second Row, Piano Side was forever changed, but we never forgot how our uncle, mama's brother stood by our family through the greatest crisis of our life.

Vintage Fans

Hot blooded, check it and see,
Got a fever of a hundred and three...

Whew! Sure is Hot here in the city!

Today I check and it was 99!

Remember these fans???

Mama always said, "Don't stick your finger in there. It'll cut it off." I didn't try! They terrified me!

As vintage-cool as they are, I wouldn't trade in my AC for anything!

Looking forward to Fall already and still haven't had my beach vacation! After July 22, I think I'm done with summer.
"To everything there is a season..." Ecclesiastes 3:1

Friday, June 22, 2012

Wire Baskets

I shopped Home Goods and Hobby Lobby while in Nashville and found some amazing baskets. My favorite was the locker basket. They were all new but made to look old.
While I love the new, I am still captivated with the truly vintage baskets.
Again, I asked Mr. Pickrell if I could pick around and take some photos.
I'm guessing this was a grocery store display/basket. It had the old ad on it and was truly vintage. Maybe it held veggies. I don't think I've ever seen one of these before. I'd love to have one of these in my shop for holding pillows. LOVE IT!
This basket is great for holding magazines.
This was not the typical basket for canning, but I think it displayed these canning jars well.
My favorites all together-canning jars, wire basket, and a wooden crate.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Coca Cola, The Pause that Refreshes

Coke: It's the Real Thing
One of my favorite Coke commercials, "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony...."
Spent this week in Nashville with my children and GRANDson. It was much needed and long overdue!
I'm a Coke kinda girl-not a Pepsi girl (although I do love Mt. Dew!).
Coke once had the slogan "The Pause that Refreshes."
That was my kind of week-a pause and certainly refreshing.
Nothing more refreshing than being with your children.
East Town Antiques, "Chattanooga's oldest and largest antique mall"
The manager, Mr. Bob Pickrell, allowed me to take a few photos.
The traffic from Nashville today was horrific-took me almost 8 hours to get home!
Bumper-to-bumper traffic in Chattanooga and I almost fall asleep.
A sign reads, "Antique Mall next exit."
A wake-up call for sure!!!
Better than caffiene!
By all means, The Pause that Refreshes!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

They Call Him Daddy

These two call him Daddy-sometimes Diddy (being quite southern), seldom Dad. I think "Daddy" is more simple, childlike and adoring. In their eyes, he is just that!

A kid at heart, he plays!
Already teaching him tricks.
Some think he's quiet and serious. This is the more serious side of them both.
Father's Day brings with it so many emotions, so many thoughts, so many memories, and so much joy.
I miss my Daddy, but I have wonderful memories of a man who taught me how to live, how to love, how to give.
Today I want to focus on Mr. H, the greatest dad a kid could have.
I found a note the other day from my son to his dad nominating him for "Father of the Year." I couldn't find it to share with you, but the part I remember said, "I think my daddy should be Father of the Year because he throws with me everyday. He works hard but he is never too tired to play baseball with me."
He went on to say other things that a 7 year old kid would say. It is priceless. When I find it, I intend to frame it!
Although my dad was a great man, he like many other dads, was so busy working 3 jobs that there was little time for play.
My daughter wrote about her dad on facebook last year, "I am proud to say that I had a dad that I was never ashamed to call daddy. I will never forget the backyard baseball games, the bus trips to Nasvhille, lockins and all the other youth activites."
Mr. H was the youth director of our church for 30 years. Our children benefited greatly by unlimited fun with their dad. He never sacrificed time with our children even though he had many kids who looked to him as a dad.
Mr. H played ball with our children every afternoon after work. While I was busy getting dinner ready, he was with the kids. When I was overwhelmed with the simple tasks of being a mother, he was always playing and entertaining the kids. Our backyard resembled a baseball diamond. There was a permanent path from first base, to second, to third, to home that remained for years. The grass has now grown and the path is gone, but the memories remain.
He answers to many names, David, Day-Day (the name the youth gave him when they found out he was going to be a grandad), Gee (a name his friends call him), and Dave. Of course, there are sweet names I call him:)
He is now "Grandy." I'm sure he will wear out the road to Nashville to play with a little man we call Connor.
At the end of the day, this is what he does best:)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Hankie and a Haeger Pitcher

I do love a hankie with hand-crocheted lace.

And I am drawn to pitchers. I can't believe we have not sold this one! It was an estate find, a Haeger, and tagged at $30. I bought it for $15. It's been on the shelf for 6 months so I marked it down to $15 just to get rid of it and I haven't gotten one bite. Not even a nibble!
I love 'em all. It doesn't matter what kind. Ironstone and porcelain are my favorite.
I added the hankie. Don't you just love the old hankies.
The owner of The Shed, the Antique Barn beside my little shop, brought me in a milk glass pitcher that I must save lots of pennies to buy. It's not as if I need one more! It was heaaaaaveeeeey! It was $35. Because she knows how much I heart them, she said she'd let me have it for $22, A STEAL!
However, I'm Nasvhille bound, so no-can-do!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Painting with Pals: 100 Followers Giveaway

I have been Painting with Pals.
There seems to be some craze with painting these days. You know, pals get together to paint and chat. My daughter says in the Big City they call it "Sips and Strokes." You know, friends get together to sip a little wine and paint a few strokes:) I felt like I needed a little wine before it was over!
I was about to nut-up. I have bad memories of craft time during Vacation Bible School. The teacher or my mom had to always finish my craft. Crafty I'm not and have never been.
My pear was far from perfect, but has there ever been a perfect pear?
Whew, I needed patience and self-control. Felt a few times like slinging the brush across the room.
The next time, I rather enjoyed myself. I just slapped in on there and mixed and mingled the colors and just had a good ole time!
For the flower, I chose the verse, "I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made."
Psalm 139:14
Thank God, he sees my imperfections and loves me anyway.
I'm getting close to 100 followers and I'm gonna take a chance that someone will want a painting of the pear or flower (you specify the color).
Here's the deal:
1. If you are not a follower, follow me.
2. Post a comment.
3. Invite a friend to follow me. Have them post your blog and you will be entered twice.
Deadline is 6/30/12
I'm so happy to be back again! I've missed my blogging buddies.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Second Row, Piano Side: What My Daddy Taught Me About Fishing

(Daddy standing behind the pulpit in the early years. He was always a fisher of men.)
Daddy tried his best, but I am not a fisherman.
But there were some things he taught me about fishing...
1. Be quiet while you're fishing. (I never got that one!)
2. You can smell the fish.
3. Get off the bank.
4. When casting, release and let it go!
5. Be still and wait for the cork to go completely under.
6. Reel, pull with all your might.
7. Keep the fish in a bucket of water until you're ready to clean them.
Daddy was also a fisher of men. Maybe there's a greater lesson here. When fishing for men...
1. You don't always have to talk. Daddy was a friend to all men. He led quietly and spoke when necessary. He was all about building relationships. He led many to Jesus by taking them fishing. One of his best friends came to know Jesus after many years of simply fishing. There's much to say in the Word about being quiet.
"Be still and know that I am God." (Psalm 46:10) "Cease striving"
In other words, Quit all your nervous workings. Daddy would say, "Shhh. Be quiet."
2. Watch for signs. Ask the Holy Spirit to awaken your senses when fishing for men. He'd say, "Can't you just smell 'em?" Daddy has a sense about people. He was always sensitive to what others were going through. He looked for signs of discouragement and waited for the opportunity to encourage.
3. Launch out into deeper waters. I was always scared to get in the boat. I preferred to fish off the bank or the dock. Daddy caught many fish because he was willing to go as deep as necessary to catch the big one. He sat on milk crates in the home of the poor and sat at the table of the elite and ate on fine linen and china. He loved all people.
4. Let it go. I can just see my daddy throwing that line. He did it with such precision-such grace. I think he would say, "Don't hold back. There are fish out there to catch." Another thing about casting..."Cast all your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you." Psalm 55:22
"Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7
5. Be still and wait. "Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him." Psalm 37:7
I always wanted to pull in the line with just a nibble. I can hear Daddy whisper, "Wait." He'd often touch my hand to still me from yanking the whole line.
I grew tired of waiting. I still do. The old proverb, "Good things come to those who wait."
An old prophet knew the secret of waiting,
"They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint." Isaiah 40:31
Teach me, Lord, to wait.
6. Bring them in. Keep reeling. Don't stop. Never give up.
"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Galations 6:9
Daddy never gave up. A week before God called him home, he was still fishing for men. He walked in the nursing home on Monday before he died on Saturday with his Bible and notebook in his hand, ready to teach his Bible class.
7. When we've brought them in, don't let them dry out! Daddy knew what it meant to disciple people-to teach them-to keep them in the water.
I don't know about you but I hate those dark, dry times in my life when God seems distant. Ever been there? We, too, must stay in the water, in the flow of God's Spirit.
Daddy often repeated, "I want to stay under the spout where the glory comes out."
He did and he is now enjoying the eternal glory with Jesus.
Daddy was truly a fisherman and a fisher of men. I have much to learn.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Red, White and Blue

During all the craziness, I'm not sure if this got posted or not.
I'm going nautical.
I just love the ocean and I am so ready to hear the roar of the waves and feel the wind and sun on my face.
When we took the red out of our kitchen and living area, I missed it so much. Had to find a way to put some red back in my life.
So, here we go.
I love old picnic baskets and this one had the right colors. The star I got on my Peaches to Beaches yard sale trail. It was rusty and crusty like I like, but spray painted it red for this room. The cabinet is Mr. H's great grandfather's hand made pie safe. I recovered it from the junk pile in Grandma's garage.
The lantern was my inspiration. Just started me thinking about what I could do with this room.
The books are my some of my favorites.
I bought the dresser for $35 at auction and painted it navy. I love it-lots of storage space. The mirror was free from a friend. I painted it blue and red-not so sure I like it!
Added the thread spool (I love!), my favorite books, and shells. The stacked boxes added some height. Of course, a picture of my daughter and me at our favorite vacation spot made it perfect!
Can't wait til July 16. Ahhhh, I'm feeling it already!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Depression Hurts

Still trying to figure out what is happening in blogland and I'm mad because I paid $45 for a suggestion that allowed me to post with the new interface, but when I look for my posts they aren't there and I no longer have any followers and I have no idea if anyone will even see this post so I guess I can vent and say what I want to without fear of being exposed.
Wow, I think that's a run-on sentence.
I seem to be doing a lot of run-ons, run-offs, run-ins, and run-outs.
I make a financial over-the-phone mistake and then I run-off at the mouth to some phone rep who has no idea what I'm talking about. I ask for forgiveness.
I have a run-in with a person who I'm looking to avoid because of past conflict.
I have run-out of groceries and pay day is another 5 days away.
I'm once again struggling to keep my head above water.
Like the commercial says, "Depression hurts."
I ache all over like I have the flu. I can hardly talk. My mind and eyes are foggy.
My prayers are many. My feelings are few. My faith still holds.
Kinda like modpodge, I have feelings plastered on top of each other. It would be impossible to peel them all off. They are stuck. I feel stuck.
And still I continue to put layer upon layer.
Knowing that went it's all said and done, He will make something beautiful of my mess.