Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Second Row, Piano Side: The Firstborn

On June 27, 1959, my mama and daddy welcomed their firstborn son into the world.
There are several theories on birth order, one disputing the other. I'm not sure where my family fits into this. Most dysfunctional families don't fit the typical scenerio. I've learned that all families have dysfunction to some degree.
I do, however, agree with the one that suggest that the big brother is often dominant and organized and the older sister is usually bossy, confident and aggressive.
My brother is definitely the more organized. He was organized from the model airplanes on his shelf that he dreamed of one day flying, down to his underware drawer.
I was the 2nd born and the older sister-yes, bossy and agressive. I don't know about the confident. My confidence was usually a cover-up for my insecurities.
Did you know that almost all US Presidents were firstborns or first born sons?
Did you know that two of the first astronauts sent into space were firstborns and the other two were only children? Maybe my brother was born to be an astronaunt. He sure loves to fly!
Bruce was the most talented of us all (sorry Beverli, you got the brains!). Mama tells the story in her own handwriting...
"I was taking music when I got preganat with Bruce. Ms. Baldree taught me the fundamentals. After I learned to play every song in the hymnal, she taught me how to "run" the different chords. Although I was sometimes too sick to play and wanted to quit, my teacher encouraged me to continue. She said that she had seen it time and time again that when a mother played the piano during pregnancy, the child would be naturally musical. Bruce had a natural ear for music."
My brother was a 12 year old Floyd Cramer. He is today still my favorite musician. I'd rather hear him play and sing than anyone else. He just doesn't do it often enough!
What I remember most about my brother growing up..
Every year for Christmas, he got a cowboy suit with cap gun and holster and a guitar.
He liked model airplanes and cars.
He read and kept every magazine about the astranauts.
When he got mad, he either chopped wood or played the piano.
I socked him in the nose one time for scaring me, but he protected me from the neighborhood boys. One day, he picked a boy up by the collar for making fun of me. (But I in turn made fun of the boy and daddy picked me up by the seat of my pants and a belt!)
He was the funny one in the family, a clown, and could make the funniest faces. He could make us all laugh. (He still can!)
He was good looking (He still is!) and all the girls liked him.
Bruce was mama's pride and joy. He says he was the black sheep of the family. We know better! Mama loved her some Bruce.
Bruce was with her the early morning that she died. He was her firstborn. She was the first one with him when he came into the world and he was the last one with her when she left this world. I think that's pretty special.


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