Sunday, June 17, 2012

They Call Him Daddy

These two call him Daddy-sometimes Diddy (being quite southern), seldom Dad. I think "Daddy" is more simple, childlike and adoring. In their eyes, he is just that!

A kid at heart, he plays!
Already teaching him tricks.
Some think he's quiet and serious. This is the more serious side of them both.
Father's Day brings with it so many emotions, so many thoughts, so many memories, and so much joy.
I miss my Daddy, but I have wonderful memories of a man who taught me how to live, how to love, how to give.
Today I want to focus on Mr. H, the greatest dad a kid could have.
I found a note the other day from my son to his dad nominating him for "Father of the Year." I couldn't find it to share with you, but the part I remember said, "I think my daddy should be Father of the Year because he throws with me everyday. He works hard but he is never too tired to play baseball with me."
He went on to say other things that a 7 year old kid would say. It is priceless. When I find it, I intend to frame it!
Although my dad was a great man, he like many other dads, was so busy working 3 jobs that there was little time for play.
My daughter wrote about her dad on facebook last year, "I am proud to say that I had a dad that I was never ashamed to call daddy. I will never forget the backyard baseball games, the bus trips to Nasvhille, lockins and all the other youth activites."
Mr. H was the youth director of our church for 30 years. Our children benefited greatly by unlimited fun with their dad. He never sacrificed time with our children even though he had many kids who looked to him as a dad.
Mr. H played ball with our children every afternoon after work. While I was busy getting dinner ready, he was with the kids. When I was overwhelmed with the simple tasks of being a mother, he was always playing and entertaining the kids. Our backyard resembled a baseball diamond. There was a permanent path from first base, to second, to third, to home that remained for years. The grass has now grown and the path is gone, but the memories remain.
He answers to many names, David, Day-Day (the name the youth gave him when they found out he was going to be a grandad), Gee (a name his friends call him), and Dave. Of course, there are sweet names I call him:)
He is now "Grandy." I'm sure he will wear out the road to Nashville to play with a little man we call Connor.
At the end of the day, this is what he does best:)


  1. A loving tribute to your husband. I suspect the baseball diamond may reappear in your yard one the little begins playing the game. Nashville is one of my favorite cities. My parents were from Nashville and I lived there nine years as an adult. It is a wonderful place to live and visit. I hope you have had a lovely weekend. Bonnie

  2. So very sweet. I truly enjoyed reading what your heart just poured forth.

    Blessings to your husband (and to you all)

  3. lovely photos!
    I'll be happy if you check out my blog too:)


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