Monday, June 30, 2014

I Find Inspiration From Blogging

I look for inspiration
among other bloggers.

I love all the many shades of white. 

As much as I love white,
I looked all around and I don't 
have one single white room.

My kitchen cabinets are white
and I love my glass tile.
It makes me think of the ocean.

Our small space bedroom is next on my list.
Not much you can get in there.

This is my inspiration.
I paid $4 for each at Walmart.

The blue and gray will be the "pop" colors
and most everything else will be white.

I have this great chest.
It is solid and I paid $60 for it
a few years ago.

It will be some kind of white.
The wall is a blue gray.

The board art has to go!
I just don't like it.
Maybe somebody else will.
I'll distress it to make it booth-worthy.

I'll use a mirror about the chest
and another small one on one wall.
Of course, a lamp will help.

I'll take any ideas.


Sunday, June 29, 2014

More Gray, Less Red

The gray and red is turning in to more gray
and less red.  

Choices are limited when the closest real store 
is 30 minutes away. 

I do like these.
They are really pillow covers.
I had a couple of pillows in my booth 
that hadn't sold.

I took the 30-minute trail to Hobby Lobby and 
bought these pillow covers for $7 each!

They didn't have a red that worked so 
I added the pillow cases from Walmart for $5.

 I got two pillows and pillow cases for less than $20.

For now, this works. 

Now I'm looking for a mirror, lamp and rug.

These will have to wait on the next check 
or some extra sitting this week. 

Have a Great Week!


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Where is Your "Be Still" Place?

I was encouraged today by Debby's blog
My Favorite Things

God keeps reminding me to, "Be Still and Know."

My place to be still is often in my living room, 
with my Bible open and a good cup of coffee.

However, sometimes I need time away from the 
daily hub of living.

Your "Be Still" place may simply be
a chair by the pool, 
 a cabin in the woods,
or a mountain stream.

Any place that provides 
comfort, rest and quiet
whispers from the Father,
can be your "Be Still" place.

I'm going to take a virtual vacation
and give you a tour of my place my dream.

My cottage would look like this,

It would have a porch for the kiddos to do what kiddos do
and adults too.

The girls would have their own comfy room upstairs 
to share secrets, laughs and pillow fights.
The chest would be full of beach things that they can enjoy
year after year.

The boys would have their own wave to ride.

This would be our room with a view of the ocean.

Another bedroom for our children,

and another bedroom for the other children.

I could take my afternoon nap right here 
and with open windows, enjoy the sound of the sea. 

We would shower in the outside shower
before going in for a sandwich.

A simple little nook with an island/bar 
will be fine for my cottage kitchen.

A mix of these colors will be my inspiration.

I can relax just thinking about it. 

Where is your "Be Still" place?


Friday, June 27, 2014

Red, White and Blue and Sunflowers Too

I'm a little late in getting ready for The 4th.

Today I did a little cleaning and 
moving things around.

So, it's red, white and blue and sunflowers too.

I have a friend who has a large field of sunflowers.
Too hot for this flashy girl to get out 
thus I improvise with plastic silk flowers. 

Now you see why I don't do crafts
and SHOULDN'T photograph.

The paint peeled off when I
pulled off the painter's tape. 

The can of white was 
almost empty so we got polka dots.
I covered some of it up with rope and fabric
and left the big one with no white. 

Do I get an A for attempt?

At least the dots let the light shine through.

Didn't make it to Nashville and 
nothing planned for the 4th. 
Another holiday without my babies.

Can't say anything now, 
but please keep my baby girl in your prayers.  

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How Do Take this Rusty, Crusty Pitcher and Make it Elegant?

I'm just a junkie.
There's just no other word for it.

I love the rusty, crusty
but I declare I have no idea how to make it elegant.
In my home it looks like JUNK.

And still I want to take this barn door and make it work.
I really do.
I could make it work in the right house.
I just need a farmhouse.

Why did it take me 50 years to appreciate
the character of the old.

The watering can, I think I can work with.
I'm going back and get it this weekend if it's still there.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Awake My Soul Wall Art

Don't tell me a woman don't need a man!
(Pardon the poor grammar)

This thang (pardon the drawl) kicked my behind!
(pardon the slang)

It's kinda like cooking a big meal.
You work so hard and when you're done,
 you're not even hungry.

I'm so exhausted over this, 
I don't even know if I like it. 

Try to visualize red
and gray pillows.

I'll probably use the white bedding in 
another room LATER.
It will work for now.

I saw "awake my soul," on Pinterest.
I love to worship with Chris Tomlin.
"Awake my Soul," is one of my favorites.

I really do want to awaken every morning
with praise on my lips to Our God who is stronger
than all we will face that day.

I have a secret I will share soon.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Any Ideas on How to Hang Wood Slats?

I had this vision, as you know.

This is as far as I've gotten. 

I'm certainly not done.  
I want horizontal and not vertical
because I need it to serve as a headboard. 

These were wood slats from an oak floor.
They are heaaaaavy!

I'm thinking I'm gonna repaint and distress the white 
and use only the 4 slats.

We'll see. 

I got very discouraged because the glue got 

Ugh!  One big mess!
Could only get the four to adhere.
I'm certainly not a woodworker.  

Will keep trying. 

Any ideas on how to hang this
massive chunk of wood?

Hope your day has been a day of rest.
I sat with my little lady today 
and she had a stroke.  

Not sure if she's gonna make it.  
Makes me sad.

Prayers for this Sweet Family, 


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Our Joy and Our Delight

Not much going on here. 

Hoping to make a trip to
Nashville next weekend.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Our little man is growing up.

Instagram is the best for getting photos.
My daughter-in-law posts some
almost everyday.

This week I called and he said, 
"I watching tales."
That's Veggie Tales!

This is "Toy Story" come to life.
He's such a orderly little fellow, 
just like his Dad.

Our baby girl is changing everyday.

I think she looks like her mommy.

She's such a happy baby. 
Her middle name is "Joy."

Having fun again with PicMonkey
with photos of "Little Man."

 "Baby Girl."

They are both pure joy!

These make me smile.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Project for the Gray and Red Room

I bought a stool from the thrift store
for $5.99.

I thought,
"If everybody else can do it, so can I."

This is how it turned out.

I was tickled pink.

The gray was a little darker than I had anticipated,
but I don't like everything matchy-matchy anyway.

I still don't have the desired look that 
I hope to have when I'm finished.

I will drop the photo board down
or replace it with a mirror.
I'm thinking mirror right now.  

This was the cushion before.  
I pulled the tacks and removed the fabric
and batting.

I found another layer of fabric and batting.

It was gross!

I pulled it all off,
cut a piece of foam the size of the stool,
cut the fabric, pulled it tight around the wood, and stapled.
Then I screwed the cushion into the wooden bottom.


Honest opinion.

Do I keep the photo board or put a mirror over the vanity?

Thanks for your input!


Sitting with my little lady tomorrow.
That's why I'm posting tonight.
See ya Saturday!

Sweet and Sassy

The Country Living house
was not just country.

The little lady of the house
has her own space.

And she created it.

KK made the canvas art

Kaylee Faith, aka KK
is one of my sweet girls in our career class.
She is taking the summer off from classes
at Georgia Southern University.

Let me tell you, 
she is one tough cookie!

The cabinet is handmade and painted by her mom.

A mix of sweet and sassy:)

Her Aunt Brenda made the curtains.

And precious to the core!

Just like her mama!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Red Suitcases

I was coming out of the flea market 
when I saw one of my favorite vendors
moving in.  

Cyndi's shop was the first place I had a booth.
She managed a large flea market and I 
had a small corner.  She said she really liked 
my style and wanted me to move with her
to her new shop.

I did.  It was a renovated 
men's store.  My spot was 
a small dressing room that I could 
hardly turn around it, but 
it was perfect for me.
I made it mine.  It was ideal for my all white.
Now we would be working close to each other again.

Back to my story...
In the back seat she had two suitcases.
I was unloading her trunk before she could get in.
(Don't you just hate people like me!)

I'm sure she was going to use them as props.
She does great presentations.  But being my sweet friend, she sold them to me for $11, A STEAL!  The small one for $5 and the large one for $6.  I'm sure she was going to sell for more.

Inside and out, they were in pristine condition.
She said they were her mother-in-laws.
They smelled like Chanel #5 on the inside.

Her MIL lives in Charleston, SC and is 
a true Southern Bell. Everything she 
has is first class.  She had a shop in Charleston
for several years.

I placed them atop my mama's quilt and the wooden
box that I bought recently to add to the room 
that I am working on.  I will paint it soon, I think.

Just moving them around for now. 
Please pardon the cord. 

Have you ever seen this color in vintage luggage?