Saturday, June 28, 2014

Where is Your "Be Still" Place?

I was encouraged today by Debby's blog
My Favorite Things

God keeps reminding me to, "Be Still and Know."

My place to be still is often in my living room, 
with my Bible open and a good cup of coffee.

However, sometimes I need time away from the 
daily hub of living.

Your "Be Still" place may simply be
a chair by the pool, 
 a cabin in the woods,
or a mountain stream.

Any place that provides 
comfort, rest and quiet
whispers from the Father,
can be your "Be Still" place.

I'm going to take a virtual vacation
and give you a tour of my place my dream.

My cottage would look like this,

It would have a porch for the kiddos to do what kiddos do
and adults too.

The girls would have their own comfy room upstairs 
to share secrets, laughs and pillow fights.
The chest would be full of beach things that they can enjoy
year after year.

The boys would have their own wave to ride.

This would be our room with a view of the ocean.

Another bedroom for our children,

and another bedroom for the other children.

I could take my afternoon nap right here 
and with open windows, enjoy the sound of the sea. 

We would shower in the outside shower
before going in for a sandwich.

A simple little nook with an island/bar 
will be fine for my cottage kitchen.

A mix of these colors will be my inspiration.

I can relax just thinking about it. 

Where is your "Be Still" place?



  1. Wouldn't that be nice to have a cottage like this, Bonnie? The rooms are so charming and filled with simple pleasures. I actually just did a "be still" post, and I really think we should all try to be still once in awhile so we can notice the wonder around us.

    This is truly a wonderful message and post, Bonnie. Thank you.


  2. I feel peace and tranquility just looking at your pictures! I love it.
    I have a hard time being still, but I know it's important!

  3. Sigh..girl, I am moving right in on your dream, that is how I visualize the "good life". Usually my quiet place is at night, laying in bed, everyone asleep and at times in the early morning when I am the only one up. Thank you dear friend for your very thoughtful post. Blessings

  4. Your dream sounds wonderful! I love all of the pictures that go with your dream!

  5. Very nice dream! I enjoy being outdoors, especially in the mountains.

  6. Bonnie, It all looks so inviting, doesn't it? Yes, I miss the sound of the ocean, haven't heard it in 5 years now. Time for a nice cruise. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  7. Bonnie, yes I could find peace in such a cottage. My place of peace is by the water and in my garden. Both are where I am closest to God. I hope you are having a good weekend. B

  8. You definitely have a heart for things of the beach. I can see why. Beautiful dream...My dream place would be in the heart of the Smokey Mountains - surrounded by all things green & growing AND with a mountain stream trickling right by my big front porch!

  9. Love your dream cottage! I think I would be very happy there too. It's always good to have a place that you can retreat to for some r&r. Mine is my front porch. I love to go out there with a book, magazine or even the laptop. It's quiet and feels private.

  10. Can I come stay? Looks heavenly!

    Ox Linsey

  11. Oh I enjoyed getting away in your dream place:) I love sitting by the pool with a magazine and a cup of coffee! I also enjoy sitting on the deck at the beach first thing in the morning, listening to the ocean:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  12. I want that cottage please!? It looks so delightful and inviting, doesn't it.

    My Be Still place is that "tranquility base" with the wildly colored swing I blogged about last year. I made that area after first moving here in 1993. It's been too miserable to sit outside of late. Guess I need a Be Still place inside because I've been sadly neglectful of reading The Word or whatever.

    I hope y'all are having a peaceful, happy Sunday. ~:)

  13. Lovely inspiration. I'm a lover of the ocean, but also a lover of the mountains. I told The Man one day, "Wouldn't it be nice to have a beach cottage and a mountain cabin?" He responded quickly by saying, "You do. It's on wheels." :)

    And he's so right. I'm very blessed to be able to take my "be still" place with me, and whenever I'm not on the road, I find my "be still" place mostly in my dining room, in front of a window.

    Great post. Happy Sunday.

  14. My place is nature. That is where I can be still and quiet and be close to God. I wrote a post once about hearing the quiet and appreciating it while taking my dogs for an early morning walk.
    Farmhouse hugs!

  15. Love all those pictures!! I could almost small the sea air!!

  16. LOVE it! Think I'd be coming to your "Be Still" place often =)


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