Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Red Suitcases

I was coming out of the flea market 
when I saw one of my favorite vendors
moving in.  

Cyndi's shop was the first place I had a booth.
She managed a large flea market and I 
had a small corner.  She said she really liked 
my style and wanted me to move with her
to her new shop.

I did.  It was a renovated 
men's store.  My spot was 
a small dressing room that I could 
hardly turn around it, but 
it was perfect for me.
I made it mine.  It was ideal for my all white.
Now we would be working close to each other again.

Back to my story...
In the back seat she had two suitcases.
I was unloading her trunk before she could get in.
(Don't you just hate people like me!)

I'm sure she was going to use them as props.
She does great presentations.  But being my sweet friend, she sold them to me for $11, A STEAL!  The small one for $5 and the large one for $6.  I'm sure she was going to sell for more.

Inside and out, they were in pristine condition.
She said they were her mother-in-laws.
They smelled like Chanel #5 on the inside.

Her MIL lives in Charleston, SC and is 
a true Southern Bell. Everything she 
has is first class.  She had a shop in Charleston
for several years.

I placed them atop my mama's quilt and the wooden
box that I bought recently to add to the room 
that I am working on.  I will paint it soon, I think.

Just moving them around for now. 
Please pardon the cord. 

Have you ever seen this color in vintage luggage?



  1. oh loving the red cases a lot (:)
    pretty pretty blog..hugs,patty

  2. Never have seen that color in vintage luggage! Usually they're subdued and badly worn. Looks nice. Old suitcases make such dandy storage places, don't they. ~:)

  3. Very nice and I like you mothers quilt the old flower garden I think?

  4. Bonnie, my MIL also had red suitcases but not quite like this. They were the red hardshell American Touristor from the 50's & 60's. They were more rounded on the edges. Like everything else, the hardshells have/are making a!

  5. A very pretty color! I have never seen this color luggage before.

  6. Oh I wish I had your decorating knack...let's keep it real...your decorating "gift".

    I've not seen that color in vintage luggage, but it is beautiful!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday evening, Bonnie!

  7. What a lovely addition for your room. The Red is the color that fits your style. I can't wait to see the finished room!And to think they smelled so pretty and not mothballs... Now your talking!
    Miss Roxy

  8. Bonnie, What a fabulous deal. I love them. You are the lucky one today. xoxo,Susie

  9. Those are pretty suitcases and I love the unique color.

  10. They are so neat! I have 2 vintage suitcases.. The usual colors...browns. One has stripes at the edge. I used them at the end of a chair like an end table. Of course they received many spills through the years. I don't know how to make them look better so I just use them as is. They surely are great for storing things. Mine hold craft supplies.

  11. Bonnie - they are just perfect for your room. I love them!

  12. I've never seen that color red, but it sure is beautiful! And for it to smell nice is a big plus! Enjoy your week!

  13. Those bring back memories....
    I had a perfect blue one...if I close my eyes I can see it!
    Thanks for the memory.....
    Linda :o)

  14. Ooooooh, definitely a steal! Love them!


  15. I've never seen red before, but I sure love them! Great find!

  16. See what happens when you do a good deed?! Fabulous suitcases in one of my favorite colors!

  17. I LOVE them so much. She practically GAVE them to you….geeze, she must reallllly like you. :)

  18. Beautiful color suitcase. It also has nice space inside to keep things in it. Beautiful quilt!

  19. I love those red suitcases. What fun pieces do use for vignettes.

  20. These are adorable. I love the smell of Chanel #5. It's what my mother wore. So sweet of her to share with you.

  21. I had to pin these - they are red delicious!

  22. I know you said you liked mine better but I think these are fabulous! And the price can't be beat! I think you did great. Xo Kathleen

  23. My mom had that same set of three. I used to take them to my grandparent's. Love them. Wish my sis didn't swipe them. Lol.


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