Sunday, June 15, 2014

Living Out in the Country

We don't call this 
"Country Living."
We call this "living out in the country."

We were welcomed to the Sander's home

by a rusty, crusty bike 

a wagon wheel and a birdhouse. 

Several posts with farm equipment lined the property.

A galvanized bucket made a great planter.

Every piece had a story behind it. 
I should have taken notes. 

Is this rust and crust not wonderful!
The bob wire came from the property
around their land. 

A closer look.

I've seen them use this washstand for ice and drinks too.

This birdhouse was made 
from wood and tin from the old home place,
and the blue birds find their home here every year. 

A cement bench

and an old wooden wheelbarrow are touches of country living.

Birdhouses on posts are found on every corner.

And simple elements create a feeling of living in another era.

"Come on and let me show you the chickens."

I was more interested in the bridge and the creek.

"You raise chickens for the eggs or to eat?"


 "Do you wring their necks?"
(that's what my granny did)

"No we chop their heads off and let the blood run out."

I'm certainly not a country girl.

I prefer chickens in a pen.

The guys love to coon hunt.
The guys and the dogs!

There's plenty of fish in the pond.

Chicken and Fish, and Coon???
Yes, the Beverly Hillbillies weren't the only ones who eat racoon.

Thank God, there was AC on the inside.

I went inside to cool off and took a picture of the 
woods behind the house.  

Do you see what I see?

God's Country for Sure!



  1. Nice to see all the thing around. Love the bird house with the wheel. Great support for it!

  2. Country living is the best! (But no coon for me!)
    I see the cross - is that what you see?

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  4. Not sure how many people can see beyond the appearance to realize that those pieces do tell a story. I love it! (Except the chickens getting their heads cut off. ) :)

  5. What a sweet post, Bonnie! Everything has a purpose and meaning there, doesn't it? Truly God's country! And we say, "living in the country" also. :)

  6. Love love love it all right up my ally. Everything looks prim perfect, thanks for sharing, Francine.

  7. What a great post! I loved living in the country when my girls were young.

  8. That last picture is amazing! Love the country living but you can keep the coon there-no takers here! xo Diana

  9. Thank you for making me smile..sure need that. Blessings

  10. Hi Bonnie. I enjoyed my visit. I came by from Denise's noticed your comment and was intrigued by your name! I loved the pics. I love having chickens too but for eggs. My son raises them to eat. I would rather go to store. I very much enjoyed visiting you. I am following you now so I can come back.
    Have a good week.

  11. So many fun and interesting things to look at, a little like a store in the country. Thanks for sharing.

  12. You just posted almost every reason why I love living here (in Georgia and in the country)! We have some of the most beautiful landscapes and views in the country. Fantastic sunrises and sunsets too. Also, I wish my yard was landscaped that pretty. ~:)

  13. Love country living, but not killing chickens or coon for me. :)

  14. Hi Bonnie...
    Thanks for visiting me and leaving such sweet comments!
    That looks like you had a wonderful day in the country!
    Enjoy your week!
    Linda :o)

  15. I love settings like this Bonnie. I love living in the country and wouldn't have it any other way.

  16. I'm not a country girl either --but remember watching one of my Great Aunts wring the neck of a chicken... Yipes!!!!

    I do love being out in the country though --and every time I see an old barn or farm equipment, I think about the life that must have gone on there.


  17. Great post.
    We raise chickens for eggs and dinner.
    We don't name what we eat.
    Says granny boy.
    I so love the old country life.
    Woolie Blessings

  18. I love the rusty old things...but I have to be sure hubby doesn't throw them out...he threw some 'treasures' out again this year. No one will steal your barbed wire wreath. :-)

  19. I loved seeing all of this "rusty, crusty" stuff! I love to imagine the people and their lives that owned all of these things...a simpler time for sure!

  20. SO cool!! Love it all..well, all except the thing about the chickens. Yuck!

  21. Such a cute post. Love seeing all the cute items and critters…those chickens?!?!


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