Sunday, June 1, 2014

"Don't Stick Your Finger in There, It'll Bite it Off"

"Don't stick your finger in there;
 it'll bite it off."

Mama nearly scared the life out of us. 

About the old wringer washer,
she'd say,

"Don't stick your hand in there;
it'll pull your arm off."

She'd go on to tell horrific stories 
of how Great Aunt so-in-so  
 lost her arm in the old washer
and never was the same again.

The reason I didn't learn to sew...

I'm sure glad we've found other uses for the old sewing machine cabinets.
"Don't put your finger under there;
it will sew it off."

There were many,
"Don't do this...."

I still have nightmares today about
the old station wagon,

This looks just like the one we rode in to church
in the 70's.

"Don't open that door or let down that window;
 you'll fall out and we'll have to bury you 
in a deep, deep hole."

The biggest fear she instilled in me, 
"Honor thy Father and thy Mother that they days
may be long upon the land that the Lord
thy God giveth thee."

Talk about the fear of God.  

Me and my smart mouth, 
shoot I wouldn't live to be 30.
(I thought 30 was old!)

Whew!  Glad God didn't honor that one!

Big Smiles, 


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with Depression or Brokenness.

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  1. I call that a good healthy dose of fright..LOL... my mom did that stuff too. Too funny. I do say, if you can think it, it can happen. xoxo,Susie
    p.s. now don't be running with the scissors, you know what'll happen.

  2. (giggling) Are you sure we're not related? wink--Blessings

  3. I have no memories of my parents saying things like that, but they probably did. My Dad's favorite was "If don't quit [insert offense here] I'm going to give you back to the Indians!" I used to pray he would. ~:)

  4. I didn't listen to my Mom much as a kid. HA, don't tell her that. I said really crazy stuff to my kids on occasion.....but they never listened to me either. :)

  5. When I was in college, the girl next door came over with a sewing machine needle stuck through her thumb and wanted me to pull it out. took hr to the ER. I am now very careful when I sew :)


  6. I heard some of those as a kid too! When Laura was little, one day we told her to quit winding a string around her finger or it would cut off circulation. It freaked her out, that night she was crying, afraid her finger was going to come off. We thought we said something matter of fact, but it sure scared her.

  7. Funny ,But I remember the same things my mother said.

  8. Ha! So funny :-) yes, I heard some of those same things! Such a funny and sweet post.. Thank you for the chuckle!!!

    Hope your week is SUPER BLESSED...


  9. Dear Bonnie, You cracked me up!!
    I remember the fan one for sure and the sewing machine. But the station wagon one I don't remember...
    But the washing machine scared the daylights out of me!
    I like the header you have now!
    But maybe start working on a new one for when you just have to change things around.
    You are so special, sorry for the ups and downs. But you always make me smile and I am so glad to know you and pray for you!
    Blessings. Miss Roxy

  10. My grandma was bad to scare us with horror stories!!!!!

  11. That was a lot of don't's to throw at a small child.

  12. LOL- Yes-and don't cross your eyes or they will stay that way. I can remember those fans. We actually know a man whose arm went through one of those wringers when he was a kid and it completely destroyed the tissue in his arm. It is about 2/3 the size of his other arm and almost useless....Mom was right on that one! xo Diana

  13. Good Luck, Bonnie, with the new blog. I'm sure you can HELP others SO much...People need each other ---and people need places to talk about their situations... God Bless You for this.

    My mother used to say, when i was a teen and dating, not to EVER sit with my boyfriend in front of our house... I always wondered if she would have preferred us to sit somewhere in a secluded place--instead of home. But she always had the fear of "What will the neighbors say????" HELLO---who cares!!!!


  14. My mom had a lot of saying, but none that you mentioned. Those were so funny!!

    Mom would say if you drop a fork a woman is coming to visit, a knife, a man, a spoon a child.

    If you saw a spider coming down a'd get a letter.

    Wonder where those all came from.

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  16. Yep, I heard most of those and believed them:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  17. Yes, I did sew my finger...twice!Ouch.
    There was a healthy fear built into me about the wringer washer. Was happy when Mom got a washer and dryer!!
    Enjoy your day!

  18. How about "you better not cross your eyes or they will stay that way!"! I could go on and on...many more where that came from, including some of the ones you mentioned. be 30 again..... :)

  19. Reading this post brought back so many childhood memories, Bonnie! I lived in the same house as my grandparents, so what my mama didn't think of to scare me with, my grandma did! :)



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