Friday, June 6, 2014

Glassware from the 70's

Remember the colors of the 70's,
 gold, avocado green and orange?
And ughhhh, appliance in gold, green and brown.

I suppose some of our 70's girls are downsizing
and getting rid of their glassware
because it sure is popping up everywhere.

The gold Fenton pitcher above, I would keep.
The rest I would sell, but
right now I"m not sure you can even give it away.

The two pieces above are carnival glass.
I like the way the light reflects the prisms
within this glassware but still can't stomach the gold.

I don't believe this is the green from the 70's.
I think this is a little older.
I'm not a green glass fan, but I could do
something with this green.

I've been seeing green paired with yellow these days.

I found this great blue that I've never seen before.
One is more turqouise and the other is more aqua.
The aqua pitcher resembles Fenton.

I'm combining some yellow and turquoise in my newest vignette.
I'll share in a day or two.

Any 60's and 70's girls out there who remember these colors?
I had the gold glasses above.
What did you have?

Have a Great Weekend,



  1. My aunt has the gold..I grew up with the green firestone, I think it is called that. I'll have to ask my mother, she still has it all. I love the blue and green dishes. Blessings

  2. Yes, I sure do remember those things. One of my favorites from that time is the Frankoma Pottery dinnerware. My MIL had a complete set. I always found it so "cozy" looking. Loved that stuff!

  3. Oh, yeah, I remember the funky appliance colors. Ick. I like looking at the glassware with all the pretty colors, though. I collected the pink (was that 70s too?) for awhile but ran out of room. I need a bigger house just for the glassware.
    Gosh, it was hot today. Hope it rains.
    Y'all have a great weekend. ~:)

  4. My grandma redecorated her 1940's home in the 70's. I remember all the green and gold! ugh! She had the green appliances.

  5. Hey, don't be knocking those gold glasses...we got the whole set for a wedding gift and used them for! I had a set of brown and gold stoneware (or is it Ironstone?) dishes that matched them well! I see quite a lot of them in the Goodwill Stores! They were a classic, weren't they? I also had a terracotta fridge and stove... :O

  6. My MIL had a bunch of that gold. I have one piece, a platter she gave me when they downsized. It's been sitting in my cupboard, but not been used!

  7. Oh- Yes- I remember those colors and I had ORANGE in my kitchen in the 70's. lol I never really liked avocado green or the gold much either- xo Diana

  8. I grew up with the gold, yuck, yuck, yuck! They weren't even tasteful, but, that was in then. I see it at our thrift store often, and NO,I do not purchase it for old time sake. :-)
    Fun post Bonnie!
    Happy week end to you.

  9. HA! I actually HAD the pitcher to the right of the gold Fenton pitcher. Unfortunately, glass and Dianna don't always do well together. ;)

    Fenton glass is from dear old state! I never toured the actual plant, but I have been in their showroom! Exquisite!

    Have you ever seen any of the earrings made by Fenton Glass? A close friend of mine has several pair of them...and her husband and her son just gave her two more pair for her birthday this week! They are really pretty.

    Hugs to you!

  10. As a young bride in 1973, I LOVED avocado green =) Now, not so much, haha! We do use some gold glasses...they belonged to my DIL's Grandmother.
    Ahh, the 70's, such a weird era!

  11. When I got married.....34 years ago today actually I picked out the green glasses like the gold ones you showed. They were fostoria and I still use them today! My mom had the gold, and in the fall I bring out her pieces. I am glad I kept them.

  12. I remember seeing these colorful items during my childhood. Ughhhh….if I never seen another avocado appliance in my life that will be just fine. :)

  13. I'll be honest...I see this stuff everywhere and I want a set!! I've been tempted a few times to buy the tea glasses. I love them!


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