Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Pink Lady

I call these prints,
"The Pink Lady."

I've seen this lady around.
She is always quite sophisticated.

She always wears a hat.

She wears red lipstick in every photo.

She looks French to me.
Maybe I should call her "Frenchy."
Don't you just love the pink bow on her baby.

I'm not sure what the label means. 
I think it means that it was framed in New York.

Are there any art lovers out there
who tell me more about "The Lady,"
I should say because she doesn't always wear pink.

Her permanent abode will be The Pink Room. 
I am quite fond of her. 

Silly me!



  1. Bonnie, here is a link that may give you a bit of background information about Huldah. I've seen the print you have pictured on different sites priced anywhere from $10 - $20.

  2. UMM..Yes..I do know. You have the correct title listed btw..Huldah-he has several prints/paintings..Can you tell me..is it a painting or a photo?AH..I see Dianna posted as well.--she is very beautiful. Blessings

  3. Beautiful Bonnie, so pretty, Francine.

  4. I've not heard of or seen Huldah before. It is a lovely picture. Very delicate. I'm sure it looks super in y'alls home. ~:)

  5. She sure gets around. I've seen her before, but wish I could give you more information. Her pupster is adorable.

  6. I love art but that is about it...I think you gave her the perfect name.. I love the color of the frame along with the picture.. Blessings!

  7. Bonnie, I have seen her before but don't know a thing about the painting or the artist. Only that it is pretty and will look very lovely in your pink room..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  8. I have seen those prints before but don't know anything about them. They are lovely though. xo Diana

  9. I have seen the pink lady before too. She does look French!

  10. Funny how many of us have seen that one....I've had it too in the past! Hugs, Janet

  11. Interesting to read all the comments before mine.
    Really pretty and will be perfect for your room.

  12. Oh Bonnie, that's not silly at all:) I think those are SO pretty! I will keep a lookout for that sweet Pink Lady as I shop around! Have a blessed day, BIG HUGS!

  13. The Pink Lady is GORGEOUS --and will look fantastic in you "Pink Room"....

    My parents had a photo once called the "Blue Boy"... I loved it --and always wonder what its history/info was.... SO--I looked it up online.. Found all kinds of great info about it....


  14. I definitely DO like "the pink lady"!


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