Monday, July 29, 2013

Practical and Pretty

I adore objects of romance
atop a white dresser or vanity-
a brush, a comb, a mirror, 
a bottle of perfume.

In my pickin', 
I hunt for items
with many uses.

Display is 99% of the sale.

Last week at the shop, 
I sold an ironstone tray
with two custard cups.

Serving pieces
filled with cotton swabs 
and cotton balls, 
make a delightful vanity tray.

A vase is both
pretty and practical.

The pink depression glass
tray, cream and sugar
would make a great vanity set.

I may have to try that one.

Sorry for the repeat photo above.
It's just one of my favorites.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Burlap "H" Flag and a Polka Dot Bow

Love my New Burlap Flag 
and a Polka Dot Bow

A view with the bench.

A better view of the flag and bow.


Summer Fun: Flip Flops, a Bucket, Hair Bows, and a Burlap Flag

I am blessed
with talented family.

My niece is very creative.

I know I'm a flip flop girl.
How about you?

Making wreathes keeps her very busy.
And owls are most popular this year.

With 8 great-grands and nieces in the family, 
her hands are always busy. 

This is my favorite piece of art. 
I have one with an "H". 
It is in the pot beside 
my front door bench.

I'll share when I can get my 
phone camera to download.  

Thanks Dawn for letting me share your talent, 


Saturday, July 27, 2013

A New Wall Display and a Kitchen Renovation

Everything I know
about vignettes and wall art,
I learned from my daughter
(and her husband:)

This is their newest project.

A kitchen fire in January
and it all could have gone up in smoke.

A complete kitchen renovation
was started.

The range, refrigerator, and dishwasher
were completely relocated
from one side of the room to the other.

Living without a kitchen sink, ordering take-out, 
and living in boxes for months 
finally paid off.

The finished product was well worth the wait.

Home Sweet Home, 
my sweet girl, 


Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Girlie Birthday Party

Birthday parties for my children
were few and far between.
I think we may have celebrated 
1, 5, 10, and 13.
Other than those, 
it was cake and ice cream

These sweet mommies 
and their babies 
have Pinterest today.

Some little girls get the salon.
I helped do make-up and nails 
at a local shop
a year or so ago.

I'm glad this mommy
brought the goodies home.

Are these not the cutest
little buckets full
of pedi goodies???

Yummy Nail Polish
or Cake Pops???

Cucumber slices for puffy eyes.

I think the mommy 
may need these 
in the morning.
Looks like it's gonna be a loooong night.

What fun!

Thanks Anna, for letting me share:)

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice, 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Memories of Summer Camp

This week is Children's Camp
for our church.

Last week was Family Camp.

Feelings of nostalgia
overwhelm me.

I have treasured memories 
of growing up at
church camp.

Daddy was the night watchman and
we had the luxury of 
attending every camp,

Can I really call it a luxury
when we bathed in this...

or took cold showers in the shower house, 
fearing snakes and roaches and spiders??

There was morning chapel after breakfast, 
chapel before lunch,
and chapel after dinner.

I got saved 
every year at camp:)

I hated the old pews then.
I'd love to have one now:(

We owned our own cabin.
Mama always brought her rejects 
from home
to stock the cabin kitchen.
(I never called them rejects.)

It was a treat to drink 
iced-cold sweet tea 
from a tin glass,

and eat tomato sandwiches 
with lots of mayo, salt and pepper.

The Snack Shack was open 3 times a day.

Daddy gave us 25 cents to buy a snow cone

or a TAB cola.

Spanish moss hung on every tree.

It was at this place
that I held hands with a boy for the first time,
got my first kiss
in spite of the no PDA rule, 
learned how to short sheet a bed, 
learned to swim, 
learned how to get clean 
in a cooooold shower
in less than 5 minutes.

But more than this, 
I learned to follow Jesus.

It was in June, 1973
that I accepted Jesus.

It was in July, 1976
that I gave Him my all.

It was in September, 1987
that I answered His call.

I haven't been in years,
today those memories 
are etched in my mind
and the commitments 
are deep in my heart.

Georgia gnats, mosquito bites, 
red bugs, bee strings, 
I had them all 
and I wouldn't trade my experiences for a thing.  

Thanks for the Memories,


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Wicker Chair and a Galvanized Watering Can for the Front Porch

A New Add to My Front Porch

I can go junkn' without 
ever leaving the Flea Market.

Today I found a new add 
for my front porch.

This is the first year I've tried flowers.
I'm proud of my pot of geraniums. 

It was old wicker.

The watering can is not old, 
but I sprayed it with Clorox 
and left out in the rain
to give it that rusty, crusty look
that I love!

It worked!

It may go in the booth.
My galvanized bucket sold:)

Enjoy a Sabbath Day Rest, 


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sprucing up the Booth on another Rainy Day in Georgia

Another rainy day
and I'm stuck inside, 
unable to paint.

I added some items to
White Lace and Promises 
and spruced it up a bit. 

My sister found these while junkin' 
in the North GA Mountains.
They were already painted and distressed
and  PERFECT for our booth.

I sure wish I could rotate the rest of my photos. 
Trying to figure out this new phone
and this illiterate incompetent rookie
can't figure it out.
The rotate icon is not highlighted.

Anyway, the white shelf was red.
You know I had to put my signature on it. 

The Yarn Wreath was made by my daughter.
It's one of my favorites.
I almost kept it for myself
and will if it doesn't sell soon:)

I purchased the Chevron homemade pillow from ebay.
It didn't work for me.
With a booth, there's always a home for 
the misfits.

Yes, I've found my groove again:)

It's a work in progress,


Friday, July 12, 2013

Romantic French Kitchen

Enjoyed time with 
my family a few weeks ago
at my brother and sister in law's home-
My brother's birthday dinner. 

They have a beautiful home.  

The kitchen redo is my favorite room.

A romantic french look that I love.  

Mama's cast iron frying pan
hangs on the stone fireplace mantle.

The lantern belonged to our grandmother
and the plate belonged to my sister in law's family.
History records that General Sherman 
ate from this plate. 

I love tarnished silver.

We enjoyed homemade pickles made by my niece.

This, one of two night stands, 
was actually made from 
a vanity dresser.
It's a distressed aqua blue.  

My SIL was thinking of stripping it.
Can you believe that???

Her daughter and I both said, 
Love, love, love it!

So thankful for my family heritage.
This says it all. 

Thanks, Vickie, for letting me share. 

Hope you all enjoy,

Monday, July 8, 2013

An Old Milk Stool?

Leaving the flea market on Saturday, 
I spotted IT!

An old milking stool???

Not the typical one that's for sure. 

My mama's job as a child
was to milk the cow before walking the two miles to school.

My mama, the storyteller.

We laughed that she would 
"go all around her elbow to get to her thumb,"
while telling a tale.

"Every morning my job was to milk the cows.
The stool had to be far enough away 
from the cow's kick."

Daddy used to say, 
"If you tied Mama's hands behind her back,
she wouldn't be able to say a word."

Using her hands with vivid 
recollection, she'd proceed 
to show and tell us how to milk a cow.

"Now you'd have to start at the top of the tit."

We'd be laughing hysterically at this point
and so would she.

She'd say, 
 "Well, that's what they are!"

"And you'd pull down and squeeze at the same time.
Sometimes the milk would squirt the wrong way
and I'd get a mouthful.
The warm milk was soooo good."

You'd have to know my mama to understand
what I'm talking about.
She never left out one detail
and we'd roll our eyes 
knowing this was gonna go on fooooeeeeeveeer.

Much to my dismay, 
I discovered a crack in the stool.

While I was trying to pull it together, 
it popped.

Maybe gorilla glue???

Don't think I'll be milking any cows on this one, 
but I sure did hope to use it as 
display in my booth. 

Well, I got a good story out of it anyway.

Mama, thank you for the stories
and the memories. 


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pink Sunday

So, I keep reading about "linking"
and I see all these blog parties
and I just haven't figured out
how to do it.

Can anyone help?

I know it's "Pink Sunday" somewhere.
I'd sure like to know where 
and how to "link,"

Since it's Sunday
and I'm all about some PINK
I'm gonna post some of my earlier photos 
of my favorite pinks.

A pink clock, a shabby chic pink frame, 
a pink mirror, and a decoupaged pink tray.

Pink Kisses on Ironstone

Dried PINK roses on a milk glass tray

My Pink Room at Christmas

A Little Corner in my PINK room everyday

Old Pink ornaments in a Hobnail Milkglass basket

A sign with Pink Roses purchased
from A Gathering Place

These are a few of my favorite Pink things. 

Happy Pink Sunday,


Trying to link to Marie Arden Pink Living.Pink Sunday