Monday, July 15, 2013

Memories of Summer Camp

This week is Children's Camp
for our church.

Last week was Family Camp.

Feelings of nostalgia
overwhelm me.

I have treasured memories 
of growing up at
church camp.

Daddy was the night watchman and
we had the luxury of 
attending every camp,

Can I really call it a luxury
when we bathed in this...

or took cold showers in the shower house, 
fearing snakes and roaches and spiders??

There was morning chapel after breakfast, 
chapel before lunch,
and chapel after dinner.

I got saved 
every year at camp:)

I hated the old pews then.
I'd love to have one now:(

We owned our own cabin.
Mama always brought her rejects 
from home
to stock the cabin kitchen.
(I never called them rejects.)

It was a treat to drink 
iced-cold sweet tea 
from a tin glass,

and eat tomato sandwiches 
with lots of mayo, salt and pepper.

The Snack Shack was open 3 times a day.

Daddy gave us 25 cents to buy a snow cone

or a TAB cola.

Spanish moss hung on every tree.

It was at this place
that I held hands with a boy for the first time,
got my first kiss
in spite of the no PDA rule, 
learned how to short sheet a bed, 
learned to swim, 
learned how to get clean 
in a cooooold shower
in less than 5 minutes.

But more than this, 
I learned to follow Jesus.

It was in June, 1973
that I accepted Jesus.

It was in July, 1976
that I gave Him my all.

It was in September, 1987
that I answered His call.

I haven't been in years,
today those memories 
are etched in my mind
and the commitments 
are deep in my heart.

Georgia gnats, mosquito bites, 
red bugs, bee strings, 
I had them all 
and I wouldn't trade my experiences for a thing.  

Thanks for the Memories,



  1. Bonnie- What wonderful, wonderful memories of church camp. I was only ever able to go one time and I was 14. I was the only "outsider" there and it was an odd feeling. But- I loved the camp and the feeling that permeated the meeting hall. xo Diana

  2. Oh Bonnie, what wonderful memories! I just had to laugh at your statement of "getting saved each Summer" I was just thinking when I saw the pic of the pews how I would like to have one....boy, how we grow up and things of the past are precious! So greatful for camp and your truly meeting Jesus and answering His call. So glad Church camp is still available for kids! Love this post! Blessings!


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