Monday, July 8, 2013

An Old Milk Stool?

Leaving the flea market on Saturday, 
I spotted IT!

An old milking stool???

Not the typical one that's for sure. 

My mama's job as a child
was to milk the cow before walking the two miles to school.

My mama, the storyteller.

We laughed that she would 
"go all around her elbow to get to her thumb,"
while telling a tale.

"Every morning my job was to milk the cows.
The stool had to be far enough away 
from the cow's kick."

Daddy used to say, 
"If you tied Mama's hands behind her back,
she wouldn't be able to say a word."

Using her hands with vivid 
recollection, she'd proceed 
to show and tell us how to milk a cow.

"Now you'd have to start at the top of the tit."

We'd be laughing hysterically at this point
and so would she.

She'd say, 
 "Well, that's what they are!"

"And you'd pull down and squeeze at the same time.
Sometimes the milk would squirt the wrong way
and I'd get a mouthful.
The warm milk was soooo good."

You'd have to know my mama to understand
what I'm talking about.
She never left out one detail
and we'd roll our eyes 
knowing this was gonna go on fooooeeeeeveeer.

Much to my dismay, 
I discovered a crack in the stool.

While I was trying to pull it together, 
it popped.

Maybe gorilla glue???

Don't think I'll be milking any cows on this one, 
but I sure did hope to use it as 
display in my booth. 

Well, I got a good story out of it anyway.

Mama, thank you for the stories
and the memories. 



  1. Oh- I so remember milking cows but I have never seen a milking stool like that one. 'What a find- xo Diana

  2. Hi Bonnie,

    Your old milk stool is so adorable! What a wonderful treasure.


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