Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pink Sunday

So, I keep reading about "linking"
and I see all these blog parties
and I just haven't figured out
how to do it.

Can anyone help?

I know it's "Pink Sunday" somewhere.
I'd sure like to know where 
and how to "link,"

Since it's Sunday
and I'm all about some PINK
I'm gonna post some of my earlier photos 
of my favorite pinks.

A pink clock, a shabby chic pink frame, 
a pink mirror, and a decoupaged pink tray.

Pink Kisses on Ironstone

Dried PINK roses on a milk glass tray

My Pink Room at Christmas

A Little Corner in my PINK room everyday

Old Pink ornaments in a Hobnail Milkglass basket

A sign with Pink Roses purchased
from A Gathering Place

These are a few of my favorite Pink things. 

Happy Pink Sunday,


Trying to link to Marie Arden Pink Living.Pink Sunday


  1. Oh Bonnie- You have beautiful pink things. I don't know how to link up either but I know there are instructions on how to do it somewhere. If I find them I will come back and let you know- xo Diana

  2. Looks like you do have some pretty pink things to share with that party. Looks like you linked to one successfully? I know how to link to parties if you need help. My sister taught me how when I started blogging. I love your pink and cream Christmas decorations.

  3. Such lovely "pinks". I love all the milk glass too. I love the "pink" Sunday idea. Blessings!


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