Monday, March 31, 2014


Probably won't be checking in for a few days. 

Sitting on ready for a baby 
and waiting...

for the call.

Probably won't get there before the baby 
is born, our son says WAIT.
I'm sitting on pins and needles.

May leave tomorrow without the hubby!
My daughter says I can come;)

It's strange how roles change 
when they are grown 
and who tells who what to do.

Kinda melancholy today.

Thinking of the home place.

Thinking that probably mama's amaryllises 
and azaleas are blooming.

Thinking that soon the grass will be green
around the pond. 

Sweet memories of Daddy fishing 
with the grand kids 
and Mama in the kitchen making 
hushpuppies, slaw and french fries to go with the catch
while she waits.

Knowing that  gloom will turn to joy at the sight of new life!



Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Friend of Youth

It seems like yesterday,
almost 36 years ago, 
I started life with this crazy man.

Yes, he's a goof ball.
He still makes me laugh.

Thirty-five years of loving me,
loving youth, 
loving the church,
and 32 years of loving our children
and he's still funny.

From the first moment David laid eyes
on this little girl, he was "Daddy."

Christy enjoyed special time with her daddy on youth trips.

Whatever the role, 

A husband, a daddy...
(ooo.  He looked so young!)

A friend...

 a Grandy...

He is the best!

On his 50th birthday,
we surprised him with a reunion
with all the youth he had taught.

There was a full house.

Some of our former youth now have children of their own,
  second-generation youth.

Some of these guys stayed with us
more than they did at home.

We laughed.

And we cried.

It was this man's dream, my daddy's,
to have a building of outreach for the youth of our community
a place to belong, a safe place to have fun.

For a few years, we had a house, The Naz Shack.

This came after our children were grown.

The wall in the game room was the youth Wall of Fame.

And not one youth came through the doors
without leaving their mark-
on the wall,

and on his life.

Then it was time to tear it all down.

From the top to the bottom.

And raise a new building,
The J. Emory Lindsey Outreach Building,
in memory of my parents who started the
church 60 years earlier.

The ground-breaking was an emotional time.

It all began because one man
made an impact on another man.

(David on the left and my daddy on the right)

The building is now completed.
Daddy is gone and David is taking a lesser role.
However, the legacy continues.

(New Building and Photos to follow.)

Both men,
A Friend of Youth,


Friday, March 28, 2014

Making the Experience an Event

At an annual convention for Activity Directors, 
we had an incredible speaker who was 
an event planner for NBC.
His motto was, "Every event is an experience.  
In our business, we need to make every experience an EVENT!"

A shower is no longer just cake and punch.
It is an event to remember.

I asked this sweet girl if I could share her big event.

Anne Brantley, Emily's mom
Elizabeth, Emily's sister
Emily Brantley Taylor is having a baby girl.   

She and her husband John are expecting 
Mary Elizabeth 
on June 17, 2014.

Come in and celebrate,


Doesn't this look like 
"Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice?"

Everything was so pretty and pink.

I love getting new ideas. 

Emily's grandmother was a resident
at the nursing home where I worked. 

Her dad, the pastor of Mt. Gilead Baptist Church,
volunteered to preach one Sunday out of each month.

As an active member of the Anchor Club, 
Emily and several of her classmates
volunteered to give back to the community
by serving the local nursing home.

The students had a car wash and sold lemonade 
to raise money for activities. 
They hosted parties and assisted with events.

I enjoyed all the students, 
but grew quite fond of Emily and her family.
I am glad to be able to share their joy 
with my readers.

The experience of having a baby
is the EVENT of a lifetime.

Congratulations John and Emily, 



I live in a small town 
in a BIG county,
Washington County,
Sandersville, GA.

Washington County was established 
on February 25, 1784.

Our county was named after 
George Washington before he became President.
We are the only county in 
the United States named after Washington as a general.

Washington County consists of 8 rural towns.
The 2010 census showed a 
population of 21,187
of which Sandersville is the largest seat.

Washington County Historical 
Pewter Plates were designed by Patsye Lord 
with artwork by Sterling Everett.

Sterling, a native of Washington County,
is an acclaimed artist who captures the
beauty of the heart of Georgia.

The pewter looks great against 
the blue-gray walls in my kitchen.

On November 25, 1864, William T. Sherman, 
General of the Union army and his troops
came through Washington County 
on their "March to the Sea."

The Brown House was their headquarters.

The Paris House is one of the homes 
that I often pass on my walks around town.

It is one of the homes built in the early 1900's
by the famous architect, Charles E. Choate.

The original Washington County courthouse 
was burned by General Sherman
on his "March to the Seas."

My four plates hang on each side of my kitchen window.

Thanks to my friend, 
Olive at OliveOut, 
I added a few more pieces
of pewter.

Originally, I had planned to have
a beach-themed kitchen
however the pewter stuck.

The bowl is practical and used 
to hold my bread or chips
when entertaining.

My sister was about to sell this
at a yard-sale price.

I snatched it up before she 
could get it out of the car!

I'm always looking for more pewter
or silver accents for my kitchen.

Happy Weekend,

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Let the Sun Shine In

I'm sitting her, as my mama would say, 
"like a knot on a log."  

I should be cleaning.
My excuse of 
"Rainy Days and Mondays
always get me down,"
is done.

The sun is absolutely gorgeous 
and I am without excuse.  

I'd rather enjoy sun from inside
unless I'm on a walk or at the beach,
better yet, a walk on the beach.

I'm sorry, if you do,
but I don't dig in dirt.

All the shades are open and
I'm bringing the sunshine in.

I made one stop on Saturday to
a flea market and found this rustic
basket for $2.
Love, love, love!

Isn't the color beautiful!

I needed something to cover the plastic planter.
The 50 cents bread cover was a pretty!

I just can't get enough of this basket!

"Let the Son Shine In"


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Repost of the 3 year old Kitchen Renovation

I feel your pain if you are
in the middle of a renovation.

It took us 24 years of living 
in the same house to get
a new kitchen.

I had never in 32 years of marriage 
had ever had a dishwasher.

So you can imagine how 
excited we were to 
have a new kitchen that 
included a dishwasher.

Three years ago
we did this...

My older blogging friends have seen the transformation.
Thank you for indulging me again.

This is before...

 Red cabinets and yellow walls.

Original brown sink.

 Original counter tops.  


Can't believe we lived like this for so long!

Half the kitchen was in our living room
including kitchen cabinets.

I was NUTS!

In 35 years, every room in our house 
has been painted a different color
at least three different times. 

I think I'm done!

Or maybe I'm just getting started:)


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Today I Am...

I got my blog inspiration today from
Patty at Reasons for Chocolate.

Her post was uplifting
 with a promise and a rainbow.

1.  Today I am reading the newest
novel by Doretha Benton Frank,
Porch Lights.

Her novels are set in the Low Country
of South Carolina.
They are filled with romance, humor
and a little mystery.

2.  I am praying for my children.
I pray daily that God will build a
hedge of protection around them,
my sister's family,
and my brother's family.

My daughter Christy and her husband Troy
have decided that now is the time
to proceed with IVF. 

There seems to always
be some sort of delay for them, so
today I ask you to pray specifically
for perfect timing.

Thank you for your prayers already!

3.  Today I am listening to
Charles Billingsly LIVE album
from Thomas Road Baptist Church.

Praise and Worship is my heartsong.

4.  Around the house I am doing no
cleaning or decluttering.

As usual, I'm just adding a little
of this and  little of that.

5.  I am thankful for so many things.

My son was appointed to run a new clinic
at St. Thomas Heart at Midtown
in Nashville, TN.
His work is to assist with diagnosis
and treatment of Atrial Fibrillation.

Chad has such a giving heart.
The wife of one of his patients who was upset
about her husband's diagnosis
said, "Thank you for being so kind."

Chad told her,
"You know how some people are called to
be preachers or missionaries?  I feel that
God called me to help sick people."

My daddy had the same diagnosis
and Chad was his granddaddy's heart.

He said that one day a man came in
who looked very much like his granddaddy,
had all the same medical conditions,
and who had lost his wife recently.
He said, "I started to cry and I had to turn away."

I said to him,
"Don't turn away."
As the saying goes,
"People don't care how much you know.
They want to know how much you care."

I adore my family.
They are my joy and my delight.

6.  The Thing I Fear the Most 
is that I will miss God's calling for my life.
In 1987, he called me to "teach women."
I am still waiting for open doors.

Share who you are!
I'd like to hear:)