Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Repost of the 3 year old Kitchen Renovation

I feel your pain if you are
in the middle of a renovation.

It took us 24 years of living 
in the same house to get
a new kitchen.

I had never in 32 years of marriage 
had ever had a dishwasher.

So you can imagine how 
excited we were to 
have a new kitchen that 
included a dishwasher.

Three years ago
we did this...

My older blogging friends have seen the transformation.
Thank you for indulging me again.

This is before...

 Red cabinets and yellow walls.

Original brown sink.

 Original counter tops.  


Can't believe we lived like this for so long!

Half the kitchen was in our living room
including kitchen cabinets.

I was NUTS!

In 35 years, every room in our house 
has been painted a different color
at least three different times. 

I think I'm done!

Or maybe I'm just getting started:)



  1. LOL, Bonnie. You did a lot of work there! I was just counting with my kids the other day and I have moved 32 times in my life...and the first 17 years were in one spot. lol I guess one kitchen didn't work the next one did. lol xo Diana

  2. Beautiful kitchen, Bonnie. I have always enjoyed painting room different colors but these days, I just go with beige and use colorful accessories. My old body can't handle painting any more!!!!!

  3. You have a lovely kitchen. What a difference. Thanks for giving us the "before".

    We have lived in parsonages until this cottage we rent now. some were really old and weird colors.
    The worst was a kitchen with bright red rooster wall paper and pink metal cabinets. I think they must of hired someone who decided to have a drunken party and then do the kitchen. HaHa

    I have never lived in a home with a dishwasher. Really don't mind, I don't mind doing dishes..sorta like ironing. HaHa

  4. Your kitchen is beautiful!
    We did our kitchen about 3 years ago too. We also have white cabinets and until it was done, I'd never had a dishwasher either. I love having one now!
    I'm afraid we're never really done painting. :)

  5. Oh my goodness what a beautiful transformation:) I LOVE the new kitchen! Enjoy your day dear Bonnie, I know you will! HUGS!

  6. Love your kitchen. You prob. would walk in mine and walk right back out. But, since we rent, I will not being doing any fixing up nowhere. If he isn't willing to put in some money, then nor am I. (and he gripes when I turn in receipts for this or that) ANYWAYS--LOVE the transformation. Blessings

  7. What a great transformation! Im living that way kinda sorta now with our kitchen project. Not fun but worth it.

  8. Wow! That's a lot of work!!! We live in a state of perpetual renovation. Our home is old and constantly in need of some major repair being done. I love paint too. It's an easy fix for a new look. Love your colors.

  9. Oh Wow! What a transformation. I bet you have loved cooking and cleaning up afterward these past three years.

  10. I love your 'after'....such a bright and inviting kitchen.
    We had our floors tore out and replaced a few years lasted for 3.5 weeks; I thought I would lose my mind.
    Of course, you survived 35 years with no dishwasher....I commend you for that !

  11. Y'all went from Yuck to Yum! Very pretty. Congratulations on the fantastic reno.
    Our home (built for us on our property) is now 21 years old. Things are starting to get a bit worn and dated. I dread having to do a renovation. *sigh* ~:)
    PS: Our sunshine is M.I.A. Please send it further south when you're done with it? *lol*

  12. You think you're done?? Never! (hehe)
    What a transformation. I always love it when the project is finished. Living through it is....frustrating, maddening, stressful; with pieces of delightful thrown in =)

  13. It is sooooo very pretty! Our kitchen needs a renovation so badly. Little by little we are working on it.

  14. Hi Bonnie, What a pretty transformation! I know you are happy this is finished.


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