Friday, March 14, 2014

The Mouse House

The Mouse House,
a children's consignment,
is moving.
She expanding!

I'm begging for a job!
What fun would that be!

Today I rambled a little, while my lady
was at the beauty shop next door. 

I found some incredible 
pieces for my sweet, little Cora.
She has all she needs for now
so I'm looking ahead. 

A hooded sweater
that will be the perfect size this Fall.

Yes, Ralph Lauren.

A dress for next year. 


Brand new Crocs that she can wear this summer.

Three or four pair of jeans.

Next year's summer frock.

The Children's Place

Another sweet, summer dress 
for next year.

Old Navy

I paid no more than $3 for each piece.

Labels do not matter to me, 
but it sure is exciting when
the near perfect pieces are big-name brands.

The bag is mine:)
No big label, but
$3 Perfect!

A Happy Hunting Day,



  1. You hit the jackpot today. Cora will be adorable in these sweet outfits. It would be hard to choose a favorite!
    God bless your weekend.

  2. Bonnie, Looking at those sweet little clothes, makes me long for my four daughters to be little again. My youngest granddaughter will be ten in a month...growing way too fast. Blessings for a great weekend, xoxo,Susie

  3. I love the little crocs. They're so cute! You did good today little mouse. Hope you get the job. God bless. ~:)

  4. Cora will look darling in all of them. Love little girls dresses. I made all of my girls years ago...sweet memories.

    Name brands are great because you know they are made well.

    I had my own find today. A SagHarbor long skirt (I live in skirts) and a cute top to match. Will share that soon.

  5. I just love all your finds. I love the purse/bag. Have I not mentioned, I once owned over 60+? I got rid of approx. half to move here. I am slowly re building my empire (lol)--just don't tell hubby, he already thinks I am nuts, LOLOL. Blessings

  6. $3.00 perfect for each piece:) Love getting a bargain that someone we love can really use! Enjoy your weekend dear friend, HUGS!

  7. You did great! Such adorable clothes and for an amazing price!

  8. What fun little pieces. It is scary how crazy we can get buying. xo Diana

  9. what great finds-they are all adorable and not more 3 dollars each piece WOW! Cora will be too cute.

  10. what great finds-they are all adorable and not more 3 dollars each piece WOW! Cora will be too cute.

  11. You found some wonderful things today. They are so cute!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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