Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Today I Saw the Face of God in His Creation

Ever looked at the clouds
and found images that
you felt came straight from the hand of God,
pinned or painted just for you?

This photo was taken by a friend of mine
who lost her brother a few months
ago in a tragic accident.

Cles was a godly man who walked with God.
A youth director, a coach,
he made a difference in the lives
of those he touched.

Searching for answers
and needing God to speak
and make himself known,
she asked for a sign.

Don't we all need that sometimes?

She snapped this awesome and powerful
picture of God's perfect creation.

She found her brother's name
written in the clouds.

God put it there just for her.

God spoke to me through His art.

I found the sparrow,
reminding me once again
that if He so loves and cares
for the little birds,
He will take care of me.

I also see a man, kneeling
with his face to the Father.

Oh, how amazing it is to
come before Him in the power of His presence!

I also see the watchful eye of God.

"You discern my going out
and my lying down;
you are familiar with all my ways."
Psalm 139:3

I feel like today
I saw the face of God.

What do you see?
How does God speak to you?



  1. Love the new look here, my friend...
    And I too find God and messages from my loved ones around me.
    I think one must be open to them.
    It is as if they are reaching across all space and time to reassure us that all is well. : )

  2. I talked with God plenty today, as I was in the dentist chair...I hope no one thinks that's wrong, but I pray that God guides the dentist hands, and makes his mind sharp. I think God heard me too. Because the dentist found the tooth that was bothering me and did a root canal. I am not hurting...just sore from the shots and holding my mouth open so long. sorry for your friend's loss of her brother. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. God writes His loving messages in so many ways. The scroll in the sky has always been a message board for me. And the ocean...when we lived near the ocean, it roar spoke to me of my God Almighty who could calm a sea with a word.

    In the still of the night...I hear his sweet voice.

    Music is always a source of Hearing his Voice.

    Been gone with my brother's passing Feb. 27th...back now and getting into normal routines.

    Loved the comfort your friend had from the sky for her brother.

  4. Bonnie, this is such a beautiful post. I see His beauty and love in so many things but especially in the sky and at the ocean. I truly believe He speaks to us in these ways...each on of us individually.

  5. That is a magnificent photo. I, too, feel His presence in the quiet perfection of nature. I've had Him "talk" to me through friends, TV shows, nature, music, whatever it takes to make my hard head listen. The Lord moves in mysterious ways. HE mostly reaches out to us through His Word. That is true perfection. And I need to read that perfection more so I may please Him.
    Thanks for the inspiration. You are also a treasure.
    God bless. ~:)

  6. That is beautiful! I also see God in the world around me. I'm so often amazed by his handiwork!

  7. I also have seen many things in the sky whatever i think in my mind.I also has felt the experience of this wonder.
    God is a wonderful person. He answers for all of them.

  8. Very pretty. When we moved here, the boy & I were sitting on the front stoop and I asked him what was he looking at, he goes, "The clouds, don't you see it?" Sure did, looked like Gods hands and angel wings. He replied,"I see Gods hands, silly, isn't it?" No..not silly..I think one has to be open to hear God and his wonders. We have family who are so closed and don't want to hear anything about God..how sad is that? Blessings

  9. I love looking into the Heavens for answers, for peace for help in all areas of my life. I also find images in the skies when I need them:) Enjoy your day dear friend, BIG HUGS coming your way!

  10. Good Morning Bonnie. Like many others here, I gaze at the sky and am reminded of how great our God is. Saying a prayer for you that you will have a blessed day. With love, Mildred

  11. Thank you for your comments and prayers. It mean so much to have Christian blogger's to follow.

  12. That is a gorgeous photo. When my daughter passed away I turned to photography. Many times I would (and sometimes still do) stand and stare at the sky, waiting for that perfect moment to snap a picture. God's handiwork is uplifting, inspiring, and healing to my grief stricken soul.


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