Monday, March 24, 2014

A Red Wall, a Pie Safe and a Chicken

My sister has a home 
in the country that I love.

The walls and ceilings are beautiful
and are made of the good stuff,
real solid wood.

In the kitchen renovation. they
painted the dining room red.

Have you ever tried to paint red over white???

I can't tell you how many coats 
of paint they tried before 
getting the right color.

It turned out GREAT
and went well with the black and white floors. 

My sister loves primitives.

They found the pie safe beside the road.
I would have painted it!
She wouldn't dare.

Some of the pieces have been added,
but the wood is old and original.

The chicken print and frame are over 100 years old.
It was my BIL's great grandmother's.

My sister is crazy about throwing things away.
She agreed that the chicken stays.

I just added some of her old pieces.
As I say, a little of this and little of that.

This is one of our mama's pitcher and bowls
from her collection.
I love it against the red.
I think we found the perfect spot.

These photos have been in my camera since Christmas. 
I'm glad I found them.

These make me so very happy!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. What a great family picture. Your sister's love of primitive shines through. I love the bravery of red paint-xo Diana

  2. I like the pie safe as is. I have a findness for primatives too...but I don't own a lot. xoxo,Susie

  3. Charming!
    I am in awe my friend.
    Primitives warm my heart, my friend!
    Love the photo, too! : $

  4. That was supposed to be a : )!!!

  5. OH how I love red:) Beautiful backdrop for that gorgeous bowl and pitcher:) Enjoy your day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  6. I can't believe she found that Pie Safe by the road, that is amazing. I am just loving that chicken print!

  7. I can't believe she found that Pie Safe by the road, that is amazing. I am just loving that chicken print!

  8. Love the red wall. My husband came home from work one day and found that I had painted the kitchen wall a pumpkin color. He about had a cow. (giggling over that one)--I love color!! ANYWAYS--she is one lucky girl to have found that cabinet! Blessings

  9. My hairdresser did her kitchen in red. She has good design sense. I might like a small accent wall in it but blues and greens are more my color. I like your pics and their wall looks great!

  10. My daughter painted her kitchen red. She had white cabinets and it looked really cute.
    I love that pie safe - what a great thing to find!

  11. I just love the red wall, so pretty! And the family photo is too precious!

  12. Wow Bonnie! I have to agree I loe the red walls and the white pitcher.. Of course, I love anything red.... My laptop has been on the fritz.. so I have been mia.. I miss all my blog sisters.. Your Sisters home is just lovely and she is blessed to have you.. Hope all is well. Blessings!

  13. Bonnie...I love red walls in a kitchen or dining room...I have red walls too but not cool bead board like that. And the pie safe is to die it! However, I do feel a little sorry for that poor chicken in the!

  14. Your sister has good tastes. The walls in my hallway are red with bright white trim. The living room / dining room is hunter green also with bright white trim. It's quite festive. I like color too. I decorated with LOTS of bird statues, bird houses, sunflowers, etc. I like nature.
    Great family photo. Such sweet smiles and happy faces. ~:)

  15. Your sisters pie safe and red wall are gorgeous. I KNOW how many coats of red paint it takes. We painted my daughter's room red years ago. Great photo!

  16. I love your Sisters primitive collections. That pie safe was a great find!!


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