Friday, March 28, 2014


I live in a small town 
in a BIG county,
Washington County,
Sandersville, GA.

Washington County was established 
on February 25, 1784.

Our county was named after 
George Washington before he became President.
We are the only county in 
the United States named after Washington as a general.

Washington County consists of 8 rural towns.
The 2010 census showed a 
population of 21,187
of which Sandersville is the largest seat.

Washington County Historical 
Pewter Plates were designed by Patsye Lord 
with artwork by Sterling Everett.

Sterling, a native of Washington County,
is an acclaimed artist who captures the
beauty of the heart of Georgia.

The pewter looks great against 
the blue-gray walls in my kitchen.

On November 25, 1864, William T. Sherman, 
General of the Union army and his troops
came through Washington County 
on their "March to the Sea."

The Brown House was their headquarters.

The Paris House is one of the homes 
that I often pass on my walks around town.

It is one of the homes built in the early 1900's
by the famous architect, Charles E. Choate.

The original Washington County courthouse 
was burned by General Sherman
on his "March to the Seas."

My four plates hang on each side of my kitchen window.

Thanks to my friend, 
Olive at OliveOut, 
I added a few more pieces
of pewter.

Originally, I had planned to have
a beach-themed kitchen
however the pewter stuck.

The bowl is practical and used 
to hold my bread or chips
when entertaining.

My sister was about to sell this
at a yard-sale price.

I snatched it up before she 
could get it out of the car!

I'm always looking for more pewter
or silver accents for my kitchen.

Happy Weekend,


  1. Bonnie, I love the plates hanging on those walls.. very pretty. Good information about your county. Our town is Tipton and our county is Tipton also. They were named for two term Indiana senator General John Tipton. xo,Susie

  2. I love the pewter plates. It is your town/county that brought you to my attention in the first place because of the Hartley family. So thankful that the Lord brought us together!
    The pewter is gorgeous with your kitchen wall color. I love your other pewter accents, as well.
    Blessings to you and yours this weekend.

  3. Those pewter plates are handsome and I like how your county was named after Washington when he was a general.

  4. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I love looking at your photos, Blessings

  5. I'm a pewter fan, too. So enjoyed the history and learning about your area. Wishes for a great weekend!

  6. How very interesting, Bonnie. I really LOVE history and reading about it in other parts of the country. I really like your pewter plates, your bowl and your "rescue" piece, too. xo Diana

  7. Pewter is beautiful and timeless! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  8. The pewter pieces are beautiful I especially like the plates!

  9. I've always liked pewter. Your plates are really special!

  10. not sure if you would call it a backsplash or what? just wall title? but i love that aqua tile ... so pretty & beachy looking. ( :

  11. I like the historical plates. We are selling a bunch of silver colored items right now. They are kitchen items which are hammered aluminum from the 1950s. Hollar is you want pictures of any of it. I'll give you first pick (and cheap too!). :)

    Hubby and I are related to SO many people in / around Washington County. Hudsonia (then also a Post Office and now called Grange) in Jefferson County was also the mass murder Sherman's headquarters. They burnt Hudsonia to the ground, stole all their worldly goods and did other heinous things. The family has never really recovered. Needless to say, we are not Lincoln fans. ~:)

  12. Hi Bonnie, Your Pewter plates are beautiful.. What great history from your area of GA... Love it!!!!

    Thanks for coming back to my blog. We love the North GA mountains--and go there often.


  13. I love all your pewter in your pretty kitchen! Thank you for sharing the history of your area with us.

  14. How interesting to hear the history behind your pewter.

    Looks very lovely in your kitchen.

    I have two pieces. A pair of pewter salt/pepper shakers the shape of the Magic Castle at Disneyland. My Aunt gave them to my mother with they visit Disneyland when it opened in the 50's. When mom passed, I got the salt/pepper.
    The other I found by accident at a Thrift's a fish soap dish.

    Thanks for sharing your treasures.

  15. I like how you began with your location and brought it to the pewter in your kitchen. It does look good there. You live about an hour from my sister. She is in the Hephzibah area - - - works in Augusta as an office manager for a private company.


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