Friday, March 28, 2014

Making the Experience an Event

At an annual convention for Activity Directors, 
we had an incredible speaker who was 
an event planner for NBC.
His motto was, "Every event is an experience.  
In our business, we need to make every experience an EVENT!"

A shower is no longer just cake and punch.
It is an event to remember.

I asked this sweet girl if I could share her big event.

Anne Brantley, Emily's mom
Elizabeth, Emily's sister
Emily Brantley Taylor is having a baby girl.   

She and her husband John are expecting 
Mary Elizabeth 
on June 17, 2014.

Come in and celebrate,


Doesn't this look like 
"Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice?"

Everything was so pretty and pink.

I love getting new ideas. 

Emily's grandmother was a resident
at the nursing home where I worked. 

Her dad, the pastor of Mt. Gilead Baptist Church,
volunteered to preach one Sunday out of each month.

As an active member of the Anchor Club, 
Emily and several of her classmates
volunteered to give back to the community
by serving the local nursing home.

The students had a car wash and sold lemonade 
to raise money for activities. 
They hosted parties and assisted with events.

I enjoyed all the students, 
but grew quite fond of Emily and her family.
I am glad to be able to share their joy 
with my readers.

The experience of having a baby
is the EVENT of a lifetime.

Congratulations John and Emily, 



  1. This is a very nice post. I like the story of Emily. That is the cutest welcoming sign. xoxo,Susie

  2. Everything so pretty in PINK>

    What a nice write up, and pictures..Thanks for the EVENT.

  3. Oh what a fun shower:) I am planning an "Event" at my house in May! I am so excited! Congratulations to John and Emily on THEIR BIG EVENT:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. God bless Emily and John! What sweet and creative decorations.

  5. How beautiful! Congrats to Emily & John. Thank you for sharing & the smiles.Blessings

  6. Emily and her family sound wonderful! The shower was so cute!

  7. Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Taylor. The shower was pretty. God bless. ~:)

  8. LOVE the decorations. Baby showers are such, such fun! So glad you all could celebrate together.

  9. What a beautiful shower! And Miss Emily doesn't even look pregnant!!! I had to keep looking at that picture and still could not see a little bump :)


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