Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Love White Lace and Ironstone Pitchers

I collect ironstone-especially pitchers.  I don't know what my fascination wth pitchers is.  At one time, I collected any kind-aluminum, enamel, porcelain, glass...all kinds, all colors.  Of course, I've found my true love...WHITE!

Don't you just love the detail?  I'm not sure about the floral design.  I don't have a green thumb like so many of you, but I do enjoy them-especially on white ironstone:) 
I don't really care if they are the real "McCoy" or not.  I just love the look that has passed the test of time-some with cracked glaze...some discolored...some slightly imperfect or doesn't matter.  I'll snag an ironstone bargain anyday!
The bottom is marked "Real.Ironstone.China" by Wm. Adams & Sons England.  Can anyone tell me about this?

This is a little creamer that I picked up at the flea market last weekend for $1.  I would have paid $5:)

Love, love these crocheted doilies, a find from an estate that we bought out.  I worry that the beautiful talent was lost with my granny.  She loved color.  Of course, I prefer white!  As a young adult, I thought she was "tacky."  Now, I treasure every piece I inherited-just knowing that those stiff, arthritic hands created such beauty is beyond me!  My daughter has tried knitting.  Maybe we didn't lose it all!
A lace tablecloth that my mama made-not crocheted, but nonetheless beautiful!

I'll share my newest ironstone pieces in the near future.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Love Vintage Shops

I visit every shop in every town I pass on my way to Nashville. Well, when my husband is not with me.  This was from a darling little shop in Nashville, TN.  Most of the pieces in this shop were distressed by the owner.  Each booth had a different color scheme.  It was absolutely precious!

Of course, my favorite little shop is the one that I manage, my very own Cornerstone Treasures.  The building is an old hotel from the turn of the century. Don't you just love the brick? 
 The little railroad town was my hometown.  I can remember catching the Nancy Hank to Gordon for a field trip when I was in the 3rd grade.  Most of the railroad towns have become "ghost towns" so to speak.

This is my favorite corner!

However, the local  restoration committee is working on a grant with hope to restore some life to my hometown.  Plans are underway to reconstruct the depot to its original splendor.  A museum would promote business.  Our small town is home to a flea market, two resale shops (including Cornerstone), a darling, children's consignment shop (The Mouse House), a fresh seafood hole-in-the wall, and a ladies and men dress shop.

This was built by my husband's great, grandfather.  It needs some work, but it's great for display.  No, it is NOT for sale:)  Everyone asks!

With so many shops like ours closing all over the country, we are thankful for a great 6 months in business.  It would be wonderful to have every building in in the town filled with good junk, don't you agree?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Wild, Wild West

I grew up on Bonanza and Gunsmoke.  I'm not a wild, wild west kind of gal, but I do love me some cowboy boots (although I don't own a pair of my own!) and I have a fetish for stars.  This star has a western kind of look, don't you agree?

I found these boots at a local flea market crammed in a corner (my kind of hunt).  They were filled with old newspaper and not suitable for wear.  So I did what I always do, I painted them white!  I intend to use them as a pair of bookends for children's books in my shop or maybe even for planters.  Of course, in this photo,  I had to show off one of my favorite decorating books.  I have much to learn!

The white star belongs in my kitchen along with the old milk bottles and my favorite Ball Jar that I use for flowers!  The basket is a very old basket, an estate-find.  The blue patina wood came from my sister's barn.  It is my favorite.  You will see it again when I decide what I am going to do with it.  Any ideas?

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Valentine's Day is fast approaching.  I'm not a touchy-huggy-feely kind of person, but tonight I feel a bit sentimental.  I guess I'm missing my mom and dad who were the epitomy of love. Everything in their lives was a reflection of for God, for each for their for others.

We define love in many different ways...

As a child of the 70's and "Love Story," LOVE meant "never having to say you're sorry."  Anyone else remember watching that movie over and over again knowing that it was going to make you cry over and over again???

Love ALWAYS says, "I'm sorry.  I was wrong.  Will you forgive me."

The greatest definition of love is found in 1 Corinthians 13, the LOVE chapter.  My paraphrase is a combination of several translations...

Love bears with the faults of others.  Love speaks gently and offers a kind word.  Love does not desire what someone else has, instead love rejoices in the success of others.  Love does not brag, it is not puffed up.  Love is not rude.  Love always speaks the truth... in love.  Love does not always have to be right.  Love overlooks the faults of others and will hardly even notice when others get it wrong. If we love someone we will faithful to them no matter what the cost.  We will always protect them and always stand our ground in defending them. Love will go the extra mile.  Love never gives up.   We must have faith, hope and love.  Faith is can move mountains.  Hope is necessary...without it we are miserable.  But the greatest of these is is the most excellent way!

I'll be sharing with you a few of my loves from time to time in the next few weeks.

This was the pew bouquets for my cousins' wedding.  I love pink roses and pink daisies:)
I love Pink...

I love PINK candies.

I love PINK and black together!  Of course, LOVE me some CAKE!

Love is best friends forever wearing PINK bows and carrying PINK flowers. (That's my girl on the right! I LOVE her!)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Happy Place

Okay...Just wondering...

Where is your happy place???

The place you go in your mind when all about you is screaming for attention

...The place of peace and tranquility

    ...The place where all your worries are washed away and replaced with perfect contentment

        ...The place where you pause and and reminisce...giggle within...and laugh outloud

My happy place is a real place...the place that brings my family together...for just a short while.

Come share my happy place...

I love the smell of honeysuckle...the salt-sea air...the cool walk in the morning as the mists from the waves tickle my ankles...the wind in my hair

For weeks before I anticipate the early morning time with my Creator. 

Like Father, Like Son (Can't imagine what these two are talking about)
In those quiet moments, I say nothing.  I am in awe of the vastness of God's incredible creation.  The fact that the tide is consistent-always the same-in a world that is constantly changing, gives me hope in the existence of Someone bigger than you and I.  Someone who like the tide is always the same, yesterday, today, and forever.  That is my hope.  That, too, is my happy place.

I can't believe this is the only photo that I got this year.  This was riverfront, not oceanfront.  Somehow all my beach photos got wiped out.  I had pictures of the ocean in the late evening.  Beautiful!
(My son and daughter-in-love, my precious husband, the most consistent man I have even known, Vintagegirl901, my beautiful daughter and son-in-love- They are MY HAPPY PLACE!)

I hope you'll visit and share your happy place!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Small Space Living

Okay, I think this blogging is becoming addictive.  It's even better than facebook....

....ummmmm....maybe that's not a good thing???

Actually I've had to fast a couple of time from facebook because it became such an obsession.  My Magnificent Obsession can be only One!  So when I lie in bed and think about what I want my next blog, I think I'm obssessed with this blogging obsession. 

Whew, that was a mouthful.

So for now I just want to show you one den/living room.  Because I live in a 1050 sq ft house, I have both in one.  I think I've made it work just fine.  I'll tell you how.

My kids grew up in this house.  We thought about selling it when my parents died a few months ago, but who can sell 27 years of memories at our age when most people are downsizing anyway.  I got to thinking about the benefits of my kids growing up in a small house...

1.  We could hear between the walls-that meant that I could eavesdrop on my kids and their friends' conversations.  Not that I tried!  You couldn't help it.  So, you know what that meant...Nothing gets past mama!

2.  There was no place to hide when you got mad at each other except to the bedroom or the bathroom and who wanted to stay there when you knew mama was on the other side of the door.  So, we worked out our problems.  We talked.

3.  There was no sneaking in the door at night because I didn't sleep well.  It wasn't that I was waiting up for them.  I couldn't sleep, and there was no where else to sit except in the den/living room.  So they knew that when they got home, I would be up.  So that meant, no alcohol or smoke filled breath or clothes because mama would know! 

4.  When I think about it, the small space was actually a good thing.  We were always together, friends or no friends.  There usually were many friends and other kids because we were youth directors at our church.  We couldn't afford TVs for every bedroom so we all watched the same things.

5.  Since the walls were close and thin, I could hear them, but they could also hear me.  The conversation every night when my son was young went something like this..."Mama?"  "Yes, Chad?"  He could hear noises.  "Are you praying?" He wanted to make sure those noises were me! "Yes, Chad."  With a sigh of relief that it wasn't the booger man (That's what we called monsters) ,"Okay, I thought so." 

So while their friends lived in 2-story homes with big rooms and large petitions, I'm kinda thankful that my kids grew up in a small home.  Small space created large room in our hearts for each other.
My only white pillow that makes me somehow feel like I'm in a cottage.  This is the only room, my husband will not let me touch.  I guess I can give him one room, right?  He's a good man.  But I can try, can't I?  I bought this pillow for $2 at an auction.  Wanted more and they had more, but I wasn't the top bidder so I had to wait my turn and this is all I got:(

This is my small little space where I have my morning quiet time and a cup of coffee out of my favorite mug.  Simple I know, but it flows in well with my new kitchen.  (see other posts)

I bought the drop leaf side table from my sister.  It's an old table she painted antique white and glazed.  I love it.  I can't show you the entertainment center that my husband won't let me sell or paint because it's filled with the books that I hid away so I could take this photo.  Don't laugh.  Don't we all do it?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vintagegirl901 goes Etsy

Now, I am really get out of my comfort zone.  First blogging and now etsy.  Reading all these blogs and items in a shop that won't sell have gotten me to thinking.

This is the first time I have not worked in 33 years.  I have been a little bit of everything... teller (8 years)
   ...bookkeeper (5 years)
       ...medical receptionist and insurance clerk (10 years)
          ...activity director for nursing home (10 years)

A little bit of school here and there.  Most importantly a wife and mother and daughter.

In August, I quit my job as an activity director.  I was burnt out!  I enjoy the elderly and enjoyed making each day a celebration and full of promise.  My mother came to live in the facility in which I worked.  I am gratful for two precious years with her with me every single day.  I missed her when she was gone and going back was the most difficult thing I have ever done.  I managed to hang on a while longer because my dad taught the weekly Bible class and he wanted me there.  When he died 6 months later, I just didn't have it in me.

I went back to school with the intention of becoming a nurse. LOL!  I figured, "Hey, I've been doing it for 10 years, why not get paid."  I started to school immediately following my "retirement."  I completed 2 semesters and knew after 2 weeks in nursing that it wasn't for me.  I celebrated 3 A's and a lot of hard work and rejoiced when I saw my name in print under "Dean's List."  However, I'm thankful for this time of rest that God has given me however long it may be. 

For now, it's my sweet little resale shop and NOW  ETSY. 

This is the neatest little rack I found at a flea market on Saturday.  Would be great for holding anything from nuts and bolts to cosmetic items.  Of course, I'd paint it white!
Here is my newly listed items...Happy Shopping:) 

A small 5 and 10 cent small porcelain vase (makred Japan).
Shabby Chic, by all mean!  I'd leave it just as it is!


I said I would share the finished project...the kitchen.

I'm a little frustrated today.  After so many months of waiting and getting it done, I find that the faucet is loose, several cabinets are coming unhinged and my new kitchen door will not lock.

I mean, really?

Has this happened to anyone else.  My daddy always told me, "You get what you pay for!"  Well, I sure wish I had!  Wish I had...paid the same BIG dollars and got quality.  Ugh! 

So...there you go...finished...unfinshed.  What's a girl to do?  I wonder, do we ever finish???

New light fixture, painted cabinet (remember it was black), new dishes for Christmas (thanks to my duagher and son-in-law).  Finished, but unfinished...have to add window treatments.  Any suggestions?
Love my new dishes-a new pattern of Pfaltzgraff, Clipper Blue-Brown.  My oak table, covered by the tablecloth, is painted antique white, the color of my cabinet.  Oh yeah, the cabinet was made from old windows and old wood.  Don't you just love the smell of old wood?  One of those simple pleasure:)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Did I say I like white???
   Did I say I like blue???
     Did I say I loooove pink???

Of course, my favorite of all colors is white.  If you've read anything about me, that is no surprise.  I hop from blues to pinks to add to white. 

When my daughter left for school almost 12 years ago (I can't believe that!), I thought I had lost my best friend.  She and I enjoyed movies and the theatre and music.  It took a few years to adjust.  Oh, how I missed my little girl...still do.

Back then, sonograms were kinda fuzzy.  "We think you're gonna have a boy"..."No, we think it's a girl"..."Well, maybe it's a boy."  We'll something must have happened to my intuition because I was all prepared for a boy.  I was utterly amazed.  It didn't take me long to get excited.  Sugar and spice and everything nice...yelp.  And pink lace, pink bows, pink laced socks, pink shoes, pink, pink, pink.

So, after a few years of missing my girl, I decided to claim her room for my place of own personal space. 

I had visited a little cottage/shabby chic shop hidden from the road.  Passing by one day I saw a white painted wagon and a white painted rabbit with a sign that read, "The White Rabbit."  I whirled my car around on two wheels.  "The White Rabbit" became my little dream abode.  Later "The White Rabbit" closed its shop and I was so sad.  However, I started noticing white "things" showing up in a booth beside mine in a local antique shop.  "The White Rabbit" was selling out and I furnished my dream abode with items from the little shop hidden from the road. 

The kids call it "The Pink Room."  I call it "Pretty in Pink."  Hope you like.  Next time I'll make sure the room is all tidy and I'll share the bed and dresser.  Until then, enjoy!

Part of my collection of Fenton hobnail milkglass!

Okay, I love mirrors, but they do reveal the junk!  I'll have to share the milk glass in the cabinet at another time!

Just love the pretty picture of the lady and her dog.  This is one of the two I have above the shelf with my collection.

Don't you just adore the phone!  The owner of the shop that I manage likes my pink room and let me borrow it.  I think I'll keep it:)

My 8 year old niece couldn't believe that something so old could still work.  OLD?

The mirror over my dresser refects the mirror on the other wall.  It came from a local vendor as did everything else.

Sweet milk glass plates.  The lace patterns are hard to find now. My daughter has looked everywhere.

The latest addition to the pink room.  I think pillows will be on the top of my list for the next hunt!

Kitchen Renovation: A Waiting Process

Several have asked to see the progression of my kitchen renovation including before and after. 

Whew!  What a long journey it was! 

Tearing out, tearing down.. What a process.  Multiple calls to the contractor.  We actually got an estimate from the contract a year before we started.  Couldn't get a loan for the amount money for a down payment...bad economy...blah, blah, blah...and we wait.

Dave Ramsey and a year later...we are ready.  We call the contractor and wait.  We meet with the designer and wait.  We receive a quote and plan, but adjustments need to be made and we wait.  Adjustments are made and we wait for delivery.  All the time, the contractors are finishing the doors, windows, and siding, now they are waiting for the windows to go in.  Delivery is made and one of the cabinets is damaged and we wait.  A week more of waiting (cabinets out, everything piled in the dining room and den of my little house).  The contractor has other "priority" jobs and we wait.  A very unhappy camper, I am.  "Wait, I say, on the Lord,"  has never been an easy commandment for me.

Waiting...5 months later...the finished project!  Enjoy the process.

Old Hood will be replaced with Microwave with carcoal filter.  The exhaust pipe will be torn out.
How does one accumulate so much junk in one small kitchen space!
What a Mess!
Damadged Goods!
No Kitchen water, cabinets, stove or frig for 4 more weeks!

AFTER!  I feel like I'm in my beach kitchen!

Not finished yet, I spray painted my star brown so that it would flow into the color scheme of my den. (Pictures later)  I also painted the black cabinet and dining room table antique white.  Still a work in progress,'s worth the wait.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Big Day at Cornerstone Treasures

    Sure was hard to get out of bed on this cooold GA morn.  Could not believe that it did not get above 30 until 12 noon.
    If I remember correctly, it was only a few days ago that it was 60+ and I was snuggled in the corner of my sofa with the AC on.
    Well, today I was up and at 'em waiting for customers or should I say, waiting ON customers!  I think we were the only warm spot in town.
     Enjoy our latest creations....Thanks for stoppin' by!
SOLD!  In and out the same day thanks to Facebook customers!  It works!

Yes, after photographing it for my  blog, I had to take it to the shop. Gotta make some money off of it now!

I'm lovin' me some mod podge!  Great stuff!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blue Vintage

So I'm really not just doing nothing on this rainy day. Sitting here reading blogs inspires me.

Found this shabby chic chest from a local vendor.  We let each other have items at cost!

Found this adorable vintage blue hat in Nasvhille last weekend for $2.  I buy anything blue, pink, and of course, white!  I found an adorable turquoise/tan dolie on yesterday's adventure.  I LOVE my blue glass, especially fenton.  I also got a shabby chic little shelf, turned upside down makes a great, little dresser box.  Put it all together ad Viola!

Didn't have a hat box so used this chic little candle holder that I will use with later posts!

Hey, I finally did it.  See the reflection of the glass in the vintage mirror! Love it!

Love my milk glass and more vintage lace from yesterday's find.

Rainy Day in Georgia

Rainy days in Georgia...used to get me down. 

As I've gotten older (not old!) I've leanred to appreciate the rainy reason to rush out or reason to do anything except
... snuggle up in th corner of my sofa...
     ...enjoy extra quiet time a good book
             ...doze off and on
                ...catch up on a few favorite blogs
                    ...look at photos of my grandchild
                        ...snuggle up in the corner of my sofa
                              ...reflect on precious moments when my children interrupted my every quiet    moment...and smile
          ...take an unhurried phone call from a friends that I may have ignored in times past
               ...snuggle up in the corner of my sofa   
                     ...drink an extra cup of coffee
                          ...listen to a favorite song...listen to the quiet hum of the fan (because I live in middle Georgia and baby, it's not cold out)

..Yes, I still snuggle up in the corner of my sofa.  I turn on the AC, the fan, and pretend it's winter outside.  It looks like winter even though it's 60 degrees outside.  The clouds hang low and full like snow clouds...the sun refuses to peak through.

Rainy days, get me down?  No way!

For now, I'll appreciate the opportunity that the rainy day brings, relax, reflect, and regroup.

This is as good as it gets in Middle Georgia!
Will share a glimpse of what it looked like this time last year...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pickin' and Grinin'

Remember those Hee Haw days?

Roy, "I'm a pickin."
Glenn, "And I'm a grinin'"

Well today I've been a pickin' and I'm a grinin'.

Got a call from a friend, "Care to come look at a house with me?" 
"Sure!"...always ready for a treasure hunt!

Can't begin to show you all that we found...a real gold mine!  Will take you there in few days.  Below are some goodies from my trip to Nashville.

These I'll keep for myself and do a display with when the inspiration hits me!  I love old bottles and white planters, well of course, white anything.  The large basket planter is marked "USA" and I've never seen one like it before.
For now, my teasures are small, but will be new projects that I will take pride in sharing with you later.

Had a guy come by the shop the other day.  He said, "I've got these here antique chairs that I want to sell-$10 each."  I go, "I'm not the shop owner and I have to work to get paid."  He acted like he was in real need of some money for reasons I didnt care to know.  He said, "What about $5."  "Sold!"  I almost feel guilty.  Poor guy.  Needed the money. For what??  I didn't ask any questions.  I would have probably paid $10.  The partially spray-painted white chairs are unusally sturdy.  Can't decide if I want to keep them white or spray them red or black to go with my GA Bulldog stuff.

Can't wait to display the lovely, blue hat in my white room.  I do love a hat!

Happy Blogging.  Visit again some time!


Got this child's rocker (sitting on top a plant stand that someone gave me to sale) for 1/2 price, $6.  Great find!  Will sand and paint and recover the seat.  Not sure if I'll keep for my little one or resale.  Either way, absolutely adorable!

Old Windows, Yey!!!  I love them!

Okay, so my carport looks like a junk yard.  Hey, I'm a junk yard dawg anyway.  Can't you tell from the red and black:)