Monday, January 16, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Did I say I like white???
   Did I say I like blue???
     Did I say I loooove pink???

Of course, my favorite of all colors is white.  If you've read anything about me, that is no surprise.  I hop from blues to pinks to add to white. 

When my daughter left for school almost 12 years ago (I can't believe that!), I thought I had lost my best friend.  She and I enjoyed movies and the theatre and music.  It took a few years to adjust.  Oh, how I missed my little girl...still do.

Back then, sonograms were kinda fuzzy.  "We think you're gonna have a boy"..."No, we think it's a girl"..."Well, maybe it's a boy."  We'll something must have happened to my intuition because I was all prepared for a boy.  I was utterly amazed.  It didn't take me long to get excited.  Sugar and spice and everything nice...yelp.  And pink lace, pink bows, pink laced socks, pink shoes, pink, pink, pink.

So, after a few years of missing my girl, I decided to claim her room for my place of own personal space. 

I had visited a little cottage/shabby chic shop hidden from the road.  Passing by one day I saw a white painted wagon and a white painted rabbit with a sign that read, "The White Rabbit."  I whirled my car around on two wheels.  "The White Rabbit" became my little dream abode.  Later "The White Rabbit" closed its shop and I was so sad.  However, I started noticing white "things" showing up in a booth beside mine in a local antique shop.  "The White Rabbit" was selling out and I furnished my dream abode with items from the little shop hidden from the road. 

The kids call it "The Pink Room."  I call it "Pretty in Pink."  Hope you like.  Next time I'll make sure the room is all tidy and I'll share the bed and dresser.  Until then, enjoy!

Part of my collection of Fenton hobnail milkglass!

Okay, I love mirrors, but they do reveal the junk!  I'll have to share the milk glass in the cabinet at another time!

Just love the pretty picture of the lady and her dog.  This is one of the two I have above the shelf with my collection.

Don't you just adore the phone!  The owner of the shop that I manage likes my pink room and let me borrow it.  I think I'll keep it:)

My 8 year old niece couldn't believe that something so old could still work.  OLD?

The mirror over my dresser refects the mirror on the other wall.  It came from a local vendor as did everything else.

Sweet milk glass plates.  The lace patterns are hard to find now. My daughter has looked everywhere.

The latest addition to the pink room.  I think pillows will be on the top of my list for the next hunt!


  1. Nothing like having a little space of your own! Yours is sure sweet!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I'm just getting started and I'm so excited! I follow you daily. I will feel honored if you will add me to your list. You are incredible.

  2. I love your post...White lace and promise's, a kiss for luck and we're on our way,
    we've only just begun (Carpenter's song in the 70's) was my wedding theme song.
    Love the milk glass.

  3. It was the theme song for my wedding too in 1978. I think it was everyone's in the 70's. Loved the Carpenter's. They were my favorite. I still keep their Christmas album on all during the Christmas season. Thanks for dropping by. Hope you'll join me as I will follow you.


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