Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rainy Day in Georgia

Rainy days in Georgia...used to get me down. 

As I've gotten older (not old!) I've leanred to appreciate the rainy reason to rush out or reason to do anything except
... snuggle up in th corner of my sofa...
     ...enjoy extra quiet time a good book
             ...doze off and on
                ...catch up on a few favorite blogs
                    ...look at photos of my grandchild
                        ...snuggle up in the corner of my sofa
                              ...reflect on precious moments when my children interrupted my every quiet    moment...and smile
          ...take an unhurried phone call from a friends that I may have ignored in times past
               ...snuggle up in the corner of my sofa   
                     ...drink an extra cup of coffee
                          ...listen to a favorite song...listen to the quiet hum of the fan (because I live in middle Georgia and baby, it's not cold out)

..Yes, I still snuggle up in the corner of my sofa.  I turn on the AC, the fan, and pretend it's winter outside.  It looks like winter even though it's 60 degrees outside.  The clouds hang low and full like snow clouds...the sun refuses to peak through.

Rainy days, get me down?  No way!

For now, I'll appreciate the opportunity that the rainy day brings, relax, reflect, and regroup.

This is as good as it gets in Middle Georgia!
Will share a glimpse of what it looked like this time last year...

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