Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Small Space Living

Okay, I think this blogging is becoming addictive.  It's even better than facebook....

....ummmmm....maybe that's not a good thing???

Actually I've had to fast a couple of time from facebook because it became such an obsession.  My Magnificent Obsession can be only One!  So when I lie in bed and think about what I want my next blog, I think I'm obssessed with this blogging obsession. 

Whew, that was a mouthful.

So for now I just want to show you one den/living room.  Because I live in a 1050 sq ft house, I have both in one.  I think I've made it work just fine.  I'll tell you how.

My kids grew up in this house.  We thought about selling it when my parents died a few months ago, but who can sell 27 years of memories at our age when most people are downsizing anyway.  I got to thinking about the benefits of my kids growing up in a small house...

1.  We could hear between the walls-that meant that I could eavesdrop on my kids and their friends' conversations.  Not that I tried!  You couldn't help it.  So, you know what that meant...Nothing gets past mama!

2.  There was no place to hide when you got mad at each other except to the bedroom or the bathroom and who wanted to stay there when you knew mama was on the other side of the door.  So, we worked out our problems.  We talked.

3.  There was no sneaking in the door at night because I didn't sleep well.  It wasn't that I was waiting up for them.  I couldn't sleep, and there was no where else to sit except in the den/living room.  So they knew that when they got home, I would be up.  So that meant, no alcohol or smoke filled breath or clothes because mama would know! 

4.  When I think about it, the small space was actually a good thing.  We were always together, friends or no friends.  There usually were many friends and other kids because we were youth directors at our church.  We couldn't afford TVs for every bedroom so we all watched the same things.

5.  Since the walls were close and thin, I could hear them, but they could also hear me.  The conversation every night when my son was young went something like this..."Mama?"  "Yes, Chad?"  He could hear noises.  "Are you praying?" He wanted to make sure those noises were me! "Yes, Chad."  With a sigh of relief that it wasn't the booger man (That's what we called monsters) ,"Okay, I thought so." 

So while their friends lived in 2-story homes with big rooms and large petitions, I'm kinda thankful that my kids grew up in a small home.  Small space created large room in our hearts for each other.
My only white pillow that makes me somehow feel like I'm in a cottage.  This is the only room, my husband will not let me touch.  I guess I can give him one room, right?  He's a good man.  But I can try, can't I?  I bought this pillow for $2 at an auction.  Wanted more and they had more, but I wasn't the top bidder so I had to wait my turn and this is all I got:(

This is my small little space where I have my morning quiet time and a cup of coffee out of my favorite mug.  Simple I know, but it flows in well with my new kitchen.  (see other posts)

I bought the drop leaf side table from my sister.  It's an old table she painted antique white and glazed.  I love it.  I can't show you the entertainment center that my husband won't let me sell or paint because it's filled with the books that I hid away so I could take this photo.  Don't laugh.  Don't we all do it?


  1. I think blogging is way better than FB. Kindred spirits are definitely found here. I remember that table and I like it. You are so cute about being able to hear through the walls.

  2. I like the brown and blue combo. Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse porch!



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