Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pickin' and Grinin'

Remember those Hee Haw days?

Roy, "I'm a pickin."
Glenn, "And I'm a grinin'"

Well today I've been a pickin' and I'm a grinin'.

Got a call from a friend, "Care to come look at a house with me?" 
"Sure!"...always ready for a treasure hunt!

Can't begin to show you all that we found...a real gold mine!  Will take you there in few days.  Below are some goodies from my trip to Nashville.

These I'll keep for myself and do a display with when the inspiration hits me!  I love old bottles and white planters, well of course, white anything.  The large basket planter is marked "USA" and I've never seen one like it before.
For now, my teasures are small, but will be new projects that I will take pride in sharing with you later.

Had a guy come by the shop the other day.  He said, "I've got these here antique chairs that I want to sell-$10 each."  I go, "I'm not the shop owner and I have to work to get paid."  He acted like he was in real need of some money for reasons I didnt care to know.  He said, "What about $5."  "Sold!"  I almost feel guilty.  Poor guy.  Needed the money. For what??  I didn't ask any questions.  I would have probably paid $10.  The partially spray-painted white chairs are unusally sturdy.  Can't decide if I want to keep them white or spray them red or black to go with my GA Bulldog stuff.

Can't wait to display the lovely, blue hat in my white room.  I do love a hat!

Happy Blogging.  Visit again some time!


Got this child's rocker (sitting on top a plant stand that someone gave me to sale) for 1/2 price, $6.  Great find!  Will sand and paint and recover the seat.  Not sure if I'll keep for my little one or resale.  Either way, absolutely adorable!

Old Windows, Yey!!!  I love them!

Okay, so my carport looks like a junk yard.  Hey, I'm a junk yard dawg anyway.  Can't you tell from the red and black:)


  1. Hi there!
    Thanks so much for comin' on over to visit me...I enjoyed popping in to meet you, too.
    I can see the love you have for your family...God is good!

  2. Thank you so much. As you know, I absolutely love your blog, your love for family and for God. You have taught your children well. Thanks so much for stopping by.


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