Thursday, October 31, 2013

Refunked Junk Christmas

I'm always 
Dreamin' of a White Christmas.

I walk the aisles
and the white pops out at me!

Of course, you need a backdrop of
wood and burlap and evergreen!

Evergreen, evergreen ever-where!

Wire brush trees, new or old, 
look so vintage.

I really wish I had snagged this bob-wire tree.
It would look great filled with vintage ornaments.

A galvanized bucket is always great for a tree stand.

Easy-to-do project:

1.  Fill bottles or clear vases with Epson Salts.

2.  Decorate with ornamental-sweet-nothings,
buttons, twine, knob, earring, face of an old clock,
anything will do!
Hot glue!

3.  Top with a brush tree or even a twig of live evergreen
for the scent of Christmas.

Did I say, I never learned to sew???

Thanks, Refunked Junk
for allowing to me to photographs and share.

The set-up was GREAT!

Have a Happy Junkin' Weekend,


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Refunked Junk at the Nasvhille Flea Market

RustY old farm equipment
A metal bed frame
A bent iron gate door
Twisted barbed wire
A well-used ladder
 Paint droppings
Well-worn fabrics
 Soft and luxurious
 Buttons and bows
Lace and twine
Put them all together 


This was by far
The Nashville Flea Market

A little chippy, 
a lot of shabby chiccy,
I was in hog-heaven!

I'd very much like to have taken 
this whole vignette home
and planted it 
right, smack, dab in the middle 
of my front porch!

Natural elements 
and elements of nature, 

Tool boxes and ladders, 
galvanized or wooden, 
just can't have enough of!

(I'm getting excited just thinking about 
what I'm gonna do with my next project!)

This primitive wooden tool box filled 
with pumpkins, potatoes, and gourds
will make a perfect centerpiece for 
some one's Thanksgiving table.

There's nothing that a few rings
and a roll of twine 
can't make beautiful!

And now my heart is doing flips!

THIS I will make!

Can you believe that this is all I came away with???

All my money went into
the trip to Nasvhille
to see my children and 
making this little fellow
happy on 
Birthday #2.

Who could ask for anything more???

Oh, yeah.  
I was so impressed and excited 
while chatting with a refunked junkie
that I didn't even get her name. 

I did find out that she is from 
Charlotte, NC.

Follow her on Facebook.
She is fabulous!

Happy Day to 
all you junkies out there, 


Sharing Refunked Junk Christmas ideas on my next post.  
Stay Tuned...

Monday, October 28, 2013

NASHVILLE at the Flea Market

It was a GREAT weekend
at the Nashville Flea Market!

It was the biggest and the best!

So much white, distressed furniture.
The 1920 hat added a nice touch of class.

So many nice vendors 
were delighted to have me photograph.
I got lots of good ideas. 

I fell in love with the buffet!

I was looking for a child's wooden, vintage kitchenette
when I found these.
Perfect pieces for a playroom.

Aren't these the cutest!

Guess who I ran into when leaving???
You guessed it, 
STARS from the smash hit, NASHVILLE!
What a fun find!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Peek of Coolness and A Boo of Color

Fall keeps teasing us.

A peek of morning coolness

(I found this compote among last weekend's pickin's.
It's staying with me!)

a boo of autumn color.

I just finished the chalkboard.
It's going to the shop tomorrow.

Mirrors, vintage frames, vintage pictures 
I find from 25 cents to $5.

Such an easy project.
I snag 2 or 3 on every hunt.
Fast and easy money!

My booth is almost empty.
Several projects on the wings.
Tomorrow will be a busy day!

Can't part with my heavy restaurant 

Ironstone and coffee-
always a staple in my home.

Happy Fall Ya'll, 


Monday, October 7, 2013

Craft Idea: Magnetic Board (less than $5)

Yard Sale Extravaganza
this weekend.

They were evveeeeryyyyy where!

A crafty genius had a yard sale.

She had made the most fabulous magnetic board.

I think it would be fairly easy to do. 

Step 1:

Paint a Dollar Tree silver tray.

Step 2:

Trace to fit and decoupage scrapbook paper 
on the tray.

Step 3:

Glue or Mod Podge paper and magnet 
to any clear button, or the thingies 
that go in the bottom of a flower vase
would work just fine.

While you're at it, 
make a few for your frig reminders.
(A whole bag at The Dollar Tree for $1)

Step 4:

Hot Glue a hanger on the back.

Tray, $1
Paint (Anything you have on hand or cheap spray paint) $1

Paper (I have scrapbook paper on hand at all times) 
4 for $1 at The Dollar Tree= 25 cents

Bag of Clear Rocks $1= 25 cents

Mod Podge (unlimited projects with one bottle) less than $1 per project
Magnets ???

A Great Project for less than $5!
I can do this!

More to Come


Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Fall: Not Exactly a Tablescape

Believe it or not,
my Fall post is not White!

I decided to do a centerpiece.
Since my accent colors are brown, 
I couldn't resist the brown, glittered pumpkin.

I put it atop my favorite cake plate.

Added placemats...

And old mismatched forks and knives.
Not exactly a tablescape, 
but fun and pretty nevertheless.

Have a fun, fall day!


Friday, October 4, 2013

A Passion for Rust

I have a passion for RUST.

Yes, rust, the crusty, flakes
 of reddish brown erosion.

You can find it anywhere. 
It only takes water and air
and time to produce rust naturally.

I like rust on metal furniture, 
galvanized buckets and metal watering cans-
pieces that remind me of playtime in 
my granny's yard and on her front porch.

We may find rust on household items, 
like this metal oil lamp. 

I always wonder about the history of such an item.
Did it live in an old house
with a leaky roof?

I like to imagine 
a girl writing the last 
few lines in her diary 
by the light of a lamp,
before turning in for the night.

I like rusty old toys.

I like to imagine little boys playing 
in the sand with their Tonka trucks
and bulldozers--

and little feet running in from the rain
leaving behind remnants of a childhood
gone too swiftly--

the remains of a tiny metal car 
found in a playground or under a sand pile,
with blades of grass grown up all around--

rusty farm equipment
beside a cotton field 
or behind a barn
and memories of a hardworking 
man who provided for his family.

Today, the rusty and crusty 
when paired with 
other objects of years gone by, 
adorn my faux mantle.

Does anyone else share my love 
for the rusty and crusty
and the memories that abide with each?

Happy Friday!
Anyone up for a good find?
Tomorrow is yard sale day!