Thursday, October 31, 2013

Refunked Junk Christmas

I'm always 
Dreamin' of a White Christmas.

I walk the aisles
and the white pops out at me!

Of course, you need a backdrop of
wood and burlap and evergreen!

Evergreen, evergreen ever-where!

Wire brush trees, new or old, 
look so vintage.

I really wish I had snagged this bob-wire tree.
It would look great filled with vintage ornaments.

A galvanized bucket is always great for a tree stand.

Easy-to-do project:

1.  Fill bottles or clear vases with Epson Salts.

2.  Decorate with ornamental-sweet-nothings,
buttons, twine, knob, earring, face of an old clock,
anything will do!
Hot glue!

3.  Top with a brush tree or even a twig of live evergreen
for the scent of Christmas.

Did I say, I never learned to sew???

Thanks, Refunked Junk
for allowing to me to photographs and share.

The set-up was GREAT!

Have a Happy Junkin' Weekend,


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  1. I love those shaker bottles with the cute. xoxo,Susie


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